Have you ever thought that CZF would make a pretty rad best friend? Are you too busy to volunteer, but want to contribute some cash? Are you an out-of-towner who would like to give CZF a bit of help? Do you just want some cool stuff?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then do we have the fundraiser for you!

December is the month CZF asks for online donations.  This year, we decided to class it up with a video and some excellent thank-you prizes including tote bags, prints from our gracious friends, exclusive buttons, and zines. We are also including some extra special thank you gifts such as a half table among our sponsors at Saturday’s exhibition, a package of goodies from the artists who have created CZF’s distinctive art each year, and a tattoo from the talented Alana Robbie when she makes her yearly pilgrimage to Chicago Zine Fest!

Mosey on over over to our fundraising campaign to watch the video made by Jaclyn Miller, Leslie Perrine, and Heather Colby which features this year’s artwork designed by Laura Berger.

Thanks in advance, possible future best friend!