Read all about the rad people who tabled at the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest. Listings are in alphabetical order by first name.

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2D Cloud – 179
Yule Log, Out of Hollow Water, Aybss, Zone Rover, etc.

3rd Language – 132
Queer Lineage & Archive (II), Queer Lineage & Archive, Queer Utopias and Nihilism, The Shape of Uncertainty
We are a Chicago-based collective of artists and thinkers exploring and embracing difference, otherness and transgression. We name this difference, otherness and transgression, Queer. Through creation, publication and curation we reflect our community – a community defined outside fixed categories of identity. Our mission is to foster inclusive spaces for Queer discourse, action and change. We support the development, sharing, and critique of contemporary work by emerging artists. We do not seek consensus, but a community composed of multiplicities and differences as amorphous as Queer identity itself.
3rd Language is an invited organization of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

826CHI & The Boring Store – 3
An Elevator with Different Floors, A Bubble With a Password, A World of Duct Tape Underwater
826CHI is a nonprofit creative writing center in Wicker Park that annually offers free tutoring support and creative writing programs to upwards of 3,500 students. With a project-based curricular model, most programs are publishing focused and encourage students to write, revise, publish and circulate their work.
826 CHI is a sponsor of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.


Aaron Poliwoda – 56
Low Blow Comics

AaronBSam – 18
Squamous / Home for the Holidays with Squamous
Squamous, the Tumor Baby

Abbie Heath / Peachy Press – 92
Peachy Keen, David Lynch Smoke American Spirits, What’s Left Behind, Home
Peachy Press is an independent publication shop in Lansing, MI that publishes works that highlight voices on the margins, focusing on everyday radicalism and the DIY spirit.

Adam Gnade / Pioneers Press – 135
Hard Fifty Farm, Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad
Pioneers Press is a publishing house and small-press distro focusing on survival and sustainability on the farm and in the city, in addition to health, gender, sexuality, social justice and food movements, and a cruelty-free lifestyle. We release titles seasonally and work with domestic printers to use low-impact and sustainable production.

Alex Dahm – 159
STUPID, I’m Sorry if That Was Weird, Happy Birthday, Please Forgive Me, I’m Working On It, Nose Petals, Brighter and More Lucid Than Before, Just a Dream
Hi! I’m Alex Dahm, a queer comics creator living in Chicago. I’m interested in making comics that explore abstract storytelling, mental health, and physical manifestations of memory. I also love drawing noses, underwear, and silly comics about my partner, David, and I running amok in our tiny apartment.

Alex K – 165
Cutting Corners
smells everything

Alex Nall – 120
Morbid Dork #1, 2, 3, Selected Mini-comics
Alex Nall is a cartoonist and teaching artist. His comics have been published in Newcity, Gaper’s Block, Quark Magazine, and featured online at He is the ‘Resident Artist’ at Chicago Bagel Authority and a regular contributor to Two Cookie Minimum.

Alex Wrekk / Portland Button Works and Zine Distro – 150
Brainscan, Stolen Sharpie Revolution, The Copy Scams, and hundreds of zines in the distro!
Alex Wrekk has been creating the zine Brainscan since 1997, publishing the book Stolen Sharpie Revolution since 2002, sings in the zine themed band The Copy Scams, and runs the online and brick and mortar shop Portland Button Works and Zine Distro.
Alex Wrekk is an invited guest of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Alexis Spanos – 172
eating disorders, sexual abuse, anxiety, recovery

Alisha Rae – 182
I am going to be awesome, I am totally in love with you

Allison Harris – 126
Five Years of Updates

Amber Dearest / Fight Boredom Distro – 145
Pals; Rot; Broke A$$; Imaginary Windows; Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes…
Zines by queers, feminists, anarchists. Focusing on addiction and recovery, gender, friendship, and more. Perzines to make you feel hopeful.

Amelia Hruby – 13
Grad student wanderer writing about philosophy, literature, music, travel and being a ‘lady’

Amos Leager / KC Zine Collective – 117
Infoduct; THINGSWAMP; God Dammit; Nurtured Nod
The KC Zine Collective is a group of zine creators and enthusiasts working together to foster self-publishing projects, support zine and DIY culture, and increase access to zines (and awareness of them) throughout Kansas City. Amos Leager is a Kansas City cartoonist and newspaperman. He, together with Drew Roth, publishes the semi-monthly KC newspaper Infoduct, and a twice-a-year KC comics anthology, THINGSWAMP.

Amy Gooch – C3
1,000 Times Over, You Are Not A Loan, Queers and Beers

Amy Leigh / twelveohtwo zine distro – 66
Nailbiter, Echo Echo, Q For Treason, Kimiwan, Toothworm, Secret Bully, Feline Linguistic Development
twelveohtwo is a tabling-mostly distro that has been around since 2004.

Ana Cristina Valles – 89

Anissa Espinosa – 7
The Fresh Prince Project (working title), Carry On Wayward Losers
Anissa is a Chicago-based freelance illustrator and comic artist.

Anya Liao / bff Locusts – 21
Gimme Pizza 1&2, Letters 1&2
Amy Burek is the founder and sole member of the Awkward Ladies Club, although she is constantly attempting to recruit new members.

Ashley Elander – 94
this is the worst, Big + White, The Considerate Roommate/Coworker, Things I Inherited From My Grandma
Ashley’s a Chicago-based illustrator with an obsession with clean lines, coffee and screen printing.

Ashley Zielinski – 58
Art is Dead Productions


The BellaVie – 37
the diy guide to travel hacking
traveler, eduhacktivist, diy lady

Ben Blount – 104
Make Association
Exploring identity, cultural slang, secret handshakes, and unaired dirty laundry since 2002.

Ben Larson / Red Mountain Publishing – 101
Dragon Slutz, Oscillation, Unicorn Whores
Minneapolis based art and design, music, cyber culture and mythical beings.

Bernie McGovern – 64
DemonDust, the Cosmouse
Bernie McGovern is a cartoonist, puppet designer, animator, and teacher living in his native Chicago. Current efforts include the self published, terribly long, epic series “An Army of Lovers will be Beaten” and the mini-comic series, “the Cosmouse.” His real-life adventures are documented in the 2012 comic “DemonTears,” released by Hic & Hoc Publications, alongside the mini-comics “DemonGunz” and “DemonDust.” He loves demons. By day, Bernie is an Artist in Residence with the nonprofit Snow City Arts Foundation, bringing school credit and art education to children while staying in Chicago hospitals.

Beth Hetland – 48
Hooray for Comics, Half Asleep, Fugue
Alumni of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (’09) and The Center for Cartoon Studies (’11), Beth has been self publishing since 2006. Current faculty at SAIC teaching comics to young minds. Some of her favorite things are sharks, Harry Potter and John Cusack movies. Check out her work at her website and blog.

The Blacklist – 107
The Blacklist, Let’s
Kristy Black is a graphic designer & blogger powered by passion [& coffee]. She loves lists, lettering & delicious food.

Boggy – 183
Boswell Opera, Hippo Comics, Wesslingsaung
Boggy’s comics and writing.

Book and Paper – 4
Book and Paper is a sponsor of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Brian J. Solem – 16
Graze is a semi-annual literary magazine that focuses on what’s on the table as much as the folks sitting around it. We’re interested in the stories that food tells about us–after all, our collective and individual human histories were nourished by the food that we made, smelled, ate, threw up, fucked up, and loved.

Brianna Dearest – 146
Motor City Kitty
Brianna has been writing her perzine, Motor City Kitty, since 2004. Recent issues of the zine focus on her life adventures- such as touring the east coast alone via Megabus, and striving to live an ideal life, despite having to navigate her way through complicated relationships and struggling with mental illness. The zine is made cut and paste style, with typewritten text juxtaposed alongside Brianna’s own illustrations.

Brigid Somodji Landis – 40
Sick Sunny: My Journey to a Gluten Free Lifestyle
Brigid Somodji Landis, aka Sunny Cyprus, is a lifelong citizen of Illinois and, along with her husband and young daughter, a proud resident of Chicago. She maintains a daily webcomic that pokes fun and gathers insight from her daily life and experiences, ranging from kids, gluten intolerance, table top role playing, and hilarious friends and family. Despite common belief, her comics are NOT historical documents.

Brown & Proud Press – 136
On Struggling Identity, On Struggling Self-Care, On Struggling Bodies, Support Zine for Marissa Alexander
Brown and Proud Press is a writing collective of people of color based out of Chicago, IL. We believe in the necessity of self-preservation and creating visibility around our struggles and histories through the medium of zines. Our main project, the “On Struggling” zine series, brings together personal narratives on topics such as identity, assimilation, racism, mental health, modes of self-care and more from people of color across the country.
Brown & Proud Press is an invited guest of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.


Caitlin Constantine – 149
All I Want is Everything
Caitlin is a Florida-based writer who spends part of her time writing and reading and the other part of her time running, cycling and swimming long distances. She also edits and writes the blog Fit and Feminist, and sometimes her work shows up in other places that actually pay her money. She looks forward to establishing her own feminist fitness media empire someday.
Caitlin Constantine is an invited guest of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) – 49
CAKE Anthologies
Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE)
CAKE is an invited organization of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Caroline Caswell / Peachy Press – 92
Peachy Keen, Relic, Ode To, Tiny Pockets of Knowledge

Carrie Colpitts – 169
Gender Matters
Educational zines, perzines, random one offs…I just like making zines.

Cassie Tompkins – 30
Regional is an examination of American cuisine. Each issue focuses on a type of food that has distinct regional varieties, such as sausage, pie, and chili (or chilli, or even chile, depending on where you’re from). Regional explores the history and derivations of one food item, includes a recipe, and a poster celebrating the subject on the back. Creator Cassie Tompkins is a Chicago-based designer and artist.

Casualiving / BLACKTANEXOTIC – 108
BTE, Flâneur
BlackTanExotic debuts Flâneur

Cathy Hannah – 194
Cathy Hannah hails from Michigan. Went to SCAD, went to SAIC. Draws sad bastard, black and white comics of the indy persuasion.

Celia Perez – 43
I Dreamed I Was Assertive; The Shortest Day; Atlas of Childhood; Sherman Sez
Mama, writer, librarian, zine-maker, thing finder, book sniffer, coffee drinker, pie eater.

Chicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC) – 2
The Chicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC) strives to build community and foster creativity by providing access to the space, education, and resources necessary to create and self-publish literary and visual work.
CHIPRC is an sponsor of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

CHIRP – Chicago Independent Radio Project – 5
The Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP) is a volunteer driven, online radio station that focuses on music, arts and cultures. We are dedicated to providing Chicago residents with a radio station focused on the representation of local people, events and issues alongside a wide array of independent music.
CHIRP is an sponsor of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Chris Thornton – 172
Relative Shapes
Connect Force program is one of Chicago’s pioneering youth centers in Uptown, providing the community with quality Hip-Hop Arts youth development and creative art opportunities!

Christopher Allman – 133
the people of Ieya series
Christopher is a recent grad from SAIC ceramics department and makes a sci fi religion cult called the people of Ieya.

cindy crabb / doris distro – 129
doris zine, support zine, filling the void, learning good consent
cindy crabb is the author of the long running, feminist zine Doris. She is the editor of the zines Learning Good Consent and Support.
Cindy Crabb is an invited guest of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Collin Brennan – 59
Continental Interlude
Collin Brennan self-publishes a literary zine called Continental Interlude and runs workshops for creative writers at CHI*PRC.

Corey Plagiarist – 12
Corner Store, Teach These Kids A Lesson, My Grandpa The Jazz Drummer, Now Yer Cookin
I’m a teacher in Milwaukee, I play drums in punk bands, and I’m really into cooking.

Crucial Changes Printing Press – 14
Crucial Changes
Punk zine from Omaha Nebraska.

Curbside Splendor – 90
Crucial Changes
We publish literary fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and art that celebrate the delicate point where gritty urban life and art intersect. The work we publish ranges from highly experimental to ‘in-your-face’ realism.
Curbside Splendor is an invited organization of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Curiouser Jane – 130
Curioddity, Apple Pickers Union, Welcome to the Madhouse

Cyndi Fecher – 16
Graze is a semi-annual literary magazine that focuses on what’s on the table as much as the folks sitting around it. We’re interested in the stories that food tells about us–after all, our collective and individual human histories were nourished by the food that we made, smelled, ate, threw up, fucked up, and loved.

Cynthia Ann Schemmer – 82
Secret Bully, Habits of Being
Cynthia Ann is a writer and teacher currently living in Philadelphia. She writes Habits of Being, an oral history zine, and has also released an audio version. She also writes Secret Bully, a creative nonfiction zine. She recently released a collection of her hand-drawn, narrative postcards for 31 Postcards in 31 Days. She has co-authored a chapter in Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind, a collection of tips and narratives on ways non-parents can support parents and children. She is a co-founder of For the Birds Feminist Collective and is a true bull Taurus.


Daisy Noemi – 152
I’ll Kind Of Miss You, Haletant, Crush Crush, Don’t be so hard on yourself, mmkay. Sew What.
Daisy Noemi loves pretty things, and finds weird things to be charmingly pretty too. She works out of Los Angeles & sometimes San Diego. She is a photographer, painter/illustrator, and overall lover of creative expression in any medium. Find her on Facebook under Daisy Noemi or email her a good word [or two] at

Damien Fosse – 105
Kick off into the inter-urban and country crossed adventure of kickscooter travel.

Dave Dugan – 17
Zen Comix, Skunkball, The Boy With The Spiyrograph Eyes

Dave Roche – 91
If Nothing Else the Sky; It’s Fuchi, No?
I’m still here, still making zines.

David Alvarado – 98
Dirty Hands, who remembers anyway, professor walton
Illustrator and cartoonist, intrests in zines and printmaking.

Dirk – 33
OCD Throws Bows
A zine about ocd, my personal experiences with it, and what that means for the conversation around radical mental health.

Downfall Arts – 157
Rena Rouge

Drew Brockington – 188
Cannibal Rainbow, beacon, error error, love song, cat-stronauts:in space

Drew Damron – 140
Hellenistic Philosophers, Comics for Something
Minicomics regarding the philosophical and the everyday.


ed blair – 71
Black Metal of the Americas, A Guide to 1980’s Lucha Libre
Zines about black metal and wrestling.

ellie davidson – 176
Spider Teeth
ellie navidson is a radical tranny faggot. She lives in Chicago and does written explorations of gender, normativity, and radical visibility. She works to incorporate vulnerability and non-violence into her life while she strives for social justice. She’s all about empowerment, brave honesty, and growth.

Em – 180
ghost lungs, flesh memories, three crushes
spectral projection.

Emily Schulert – 133
Emily&Christopher Everyday Sci Fi, sequin vacation, postcards from my mother, soul body party
Emily is a queer artist and stud Emily makes everyday life into symbols and rituals.

Eric Bartholomew – 96
Junk Drawer, Junk Drawer Landscape
Eric grew up going to garage sales, finding stuff in alleys, and collecting odds and ends of various sorts. He tries not to save too much and writes about it instead, in a zine called “Junk Drawer.”

Erik Schneider – 147
Midwest Vibe, Autobiographic Fanfiction, Sand Dune
Erik Schneider is an illustrator and developer slowly destroying his posture and wrists sitting at a computer all day.

Erin K Wilson – 181
Snowbird: Book One

Eryca – 151
My Little Friend, Dear High School Boy, Mezzanine Metazine, Guide to LA #1
Eryca has been making zines since she was in middle school. She mostly makes perzines about current life situations/failures in dating/living in cities. She is a founder and past organizer of the LA Zine Fest. She enjoys grilled cheese sandwiches and kittens. Also, puppies.

Ethan Krause / Lemon o Books – 72
The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music, Bodies of Water, Flowers Every Day, etc
Handmade zines, mail art projects and audio-visual explorations. Est. 2009


Fiona Avocado – 191
Fiona Avocado Comics, Jade, The Fika Diaries, Pedagogy as Dissent


Gabriela Cracraft – 20
Yuki Onna, Batu, At Arms Length
Gabriela Cracraft is a cartoonista, illustrator, and printmaker based in Chicago. She has an interest in everything spooky and unusual, and has self published three comics so far, you can find out more about them and her at:

Gas Mask Horse – 123
Start Your Own Haunted House

Georgia McCandlish / bff Locusts – 21
Gimme Pizza 1&2, Letters 1&2
bffLocusts is the collaborations of georgia mccandlish and anya liao, two best friends and queer printmakers based out of st. louis missouri.

Gerbera – 112
The Hallway Closet
Gerbera likes rolling down hills, confusion, and interesting commercials.

Ghetto P – 114
Grime Time Magazine
A Chicago-based graffiti magazine featuring raw photos, interviews, and more!

Gina Wynbrandt – 36
One Less Lonely Girl, Tiger Beat Exclusive
A native Chicagoan who draws autobiographical comics about humiliation and cute boys.

Grace Culloton – 153
Spikes, Yellow Comics, The Balland of the Nameless Bandida
Grace is an art student from Chicago who loves video games and annoying her cat.

Gregg K – 162
Bots Is Bots


Henry Guerra – 89
The beast, ham hook, hell hook
Henry guerra is a animation and comic student developing his art practice in Chicago. “The visionary Henry Guerra first achieved fame in 1874 as one of four unicorns to appear in northeastern Vermont. From his tri-layered nest, he has sent out enough love to steal my heart. Creating things exclusively using his horn, Henry has truly redefined what it means to be an artist and mythical creature. Henry has had showings in places as varied as Las Vegas and Sovngarde. He also night lights as a blossoming young lady with a glorious bust. I am infatuated with all aspects of Henry and his sparkly career. -Ryan Grady


Irene Setchfield – 123
Left Handed Drawings by Right Handed People

Isabel Ochoa Gold – 112
Unwieldy Paws, Cold Animals, Duck a L’Orange
When she was twelve, Isabel dressed up as Krazy Kat for halloween. Only two bricks were thrown at her.

Isabella Rotman – 87
Animal Sex, You’re So Sexy When You Aren’t Transmitting STDs, DIG, Eyes Shut, I Have No Friends
Isabella Rotman is a cartoonist and printmaker from Maine living and drawing in Chicago. Her art is usually about the ocean, mermaids, crushing loneliness, people in the woods, or sex. Isabella’s Comic’s are self published and available at Quimby’s, Chicago Comics, Woolly Mammoth Antiques and Oddities, and by e-mail request. Recent titles include Animal Sex, DIG, I Have No Friends and You’re So Sexy When You Aren’t Transmitting STDs.

Issue Press – 28
Cabin-Time, Gather, When it Happened, Lest the Wild Beasts Outnumber You, Olympic Fencing, True Art
Issue Press is an independent publisher of artist publications, multiples, and other printed matter based in Grand Rapids, MI.


J Thomas Pallas – 177
Institute for Encyclopedic Amalgamation; Crowd & Source; Hands On Learning, etc

Jaclyn Miller – 83
Rememberies, The Grimes Sisters Murders, Oh Tiny I Love you: A Tiny Tim Minicomic and Fanzine
Jaclyn Miller is a cartoonist and second year Chicago Zine Fest Organizer.
Jaclyn Miller is an organizer of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Jake Austen – 23
Jake Austen is a writer, puppeteer, cartoonist, and editor of Roctober magazine, co-producer of the cable access children’s dance show Chic-A-Go-Go, author of TV-A-Go-Go: Rock Music on Television from American Bandstand to American Idol, co-author of Playground: Growing Up in the New York Underground and Darkest America: Black Minstrelsy from Slavery to Hip Hop, and editor of A Friendly Game of Poker and Flying Saucers Rock n Roll.

James Payne – 125
The Best of All Possible Worlds
James Payne is a writer.

Jane Huh – 124
Delia Awesome

Jason Ludtke – 38
Jason Ludtke is the author behind the series, COLOSSAL and the humongous accordion folded, A Night Sky. His stories usually involve technology, robots and space. He definitely drinks too much coffee and probably spent/spends too much time watching old Godzilla movies and listening to punk rock for his own good.

Jason Waz – 190
Jason Walz – self-published comic book creator and published.

Jay Hancock – 53
Geometry of Murder
A zine dedicated to death gods, revolutionaries, and cults.

JC – 35
Tributaries, Collide
“Tributaries” is a perzine about growing up with rheumatoid arthritis, and the impact of physical disability on daily life. JC also compiles the zine “Collide,” a submission-based zine on the intersection of physical disability and mental illness.

Jen Rickert – 142
Miley Zine, Into the Fray
(b.1984) Hi, I’m an artist from Philadelphia, currently working & living in Chicago.

Jen T – 80
Tongueswell, Jen(ny) Ambular, Duel Citizenship, Roethlisberger Castration Society
Jen writes zines about family secrets, playing in bands, and being a feminist football fan. She lives and loves in Philly.

Jennifer Anne Buckley – 97
KILTER magazine
Underground magazine about music and art of the darker persuasion.

Jessica Bublitz Baumann – 11
Bottle On The Sill

Jessica Hogan / KC Zine Collective – 117
Stink Eye; Hate Zine; PS; Dreams, Memories, Solitude
Jessica Hogan is a Kansas City native, and has been making zines since 2010.

Jessica Lewis – 148
Static Zine, The Pressure to be Happy, Spinning Stories, Pocket Knife, Hello Goodbye and more.
Static Cloud is a distro run out of Toronto by Static Zine, featuring zines made by Static contributors and friends on an array of topics.

Jessica Oleson – 102
Choral Reefr, A Famous Sword, Through Time with Money, All Night Forever, When I was a Child
Minneapolis based illustrator and musician bringing 2 new comics to this years 2014 focused around the history of psychic cats influenced by history and myth.

Jillian Barthold – 95
monster songs, a house is not a home, notes that might be love notes
monster songs is a collection of strange, delicious, and magical things by jillian barthold.

Jillian Lamberson – 52
I am a kindergarten teacher and enjoy drawing in my free time!

Jillian Schroeder – 101

Jim Donaldson – 186
Jim makes Peehole, a comic full of weird stories, silly drawings, and the misadventures of the horror punk star Danziggy.

Jim Joyce – 69
Let It Sink
High school teacher with occasional zine: includes nonfiction stories, collage essays, Dee Dee Ramone, tigers & spiders.

Joe Mochove – 55
Dirt Worst, Full Sanction
Joe is a real life giant who enjoys making the zine “Dirt Worst” with his buddy, Rusty. They also make a minicomic called “Full Sanction”. Both books are pretty much about them and they’re learning to accept that.

joedelucajohngarrisonmarycostanza – C4
Brown Line Experience, LIFE SUX LOL

John Bailey / American Dirtbag Comics – 75
Bathsalts, Drug War
American Dirtbag Comics is a comic collective originating from Grand Rapids, Michigan, formed in 2012. Currently the collective consists of artists Scott Wygmans, Peregrine Angthius, and John Bailey. Together their comic themes include daily interactions, work, drugs, religion, sexuality, poverty, and the general feeling of humanity’s impending doom.

John Porcellino / Spit and a Half Distro – 24
King-Cat Comics, misc distro titles
John Porcellino was born in Chicago, in 1968, and has been writing, drawing, and publishing minicomics, comics, and graphic novels for over twenty-five years. His celebrated self-published series King-Cat Comics, begun in 1989, has inspired a generation of cartoonists. According to artist Chris Ware, “John Porcellino’s comics distill, in just a few lines and words, the feeling of simply being alive.”

Johnny Misfit – 83
The Muse, The News, The Noose; Field Manual for the Human Body
Misfit curates the reading series Two Cookie Minimum and is a contributing writer for Gapers Block. He is the Executive Director of the non-for-profit Chicago Publishers Resource Center.
Johnny Misfit is an organizer of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Jonas – 46
Cheer the Eff Up
Jonas writes Cheer the Eff Up, a zine about punx, cake, depression & fatherhood.

Joseph Wilcox – 41
Power Places, Getting to Know My Neighbors, Permanent Record
Joseph Wilcox is an artist, educator, and self-publisher based in Chicago, IL.

Joshua Allen – 184
Thadius Finn’s Book of Nonsense

Joyce Hatton – 137
Think About the Bubbles
Transforming My Mouth into a Strident Airhorn of Truth and Love.

Julia Arredondo / Vice Versa Press – 115
Guide to Dating Gangsters Vol. 1, Moving Back Home Part 1, Guide to Being Alone, I am so Goddamn Lonely, Guide to Dating Gangsters 2, Guide to Being Broke and Fabulous
Vice Versa Press is an independently run publishing and printmaking entity specializing in fine art prints, show flyers, zines, and traveling dance parties. Through solid communication with the great warrior spirits, Vice Versa Press promotes working-class artists and musicians. Respecting the idea that print is indeed a form of fine art; Vice Versa Press also believes in reclaiming the print medium as a radical form of communication rising in its most authentic form from the streets.

Julia Von De Bur – 29
Life in Bodies of Water, The Answer to Your Question, I love you I love you I love you / but the earth will not stand still for us
Julia Von De Bur is a visual artist and cartoonist from San Jose, CA, who currently lives in Chicago. She makes comics about dragons, difficult feelings, or sometimes both.

Julie Wilmore – C5
Talons, Tails and Tusks
Julie’s love of the wild and sense of adventure started early; she grew up taking hiking and camping trips every summer to national parks all over the US. Beyond art, she likes to challenge herself in the outdoors and hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2007. She puts a little of her outdoors experiences into all her drawings and paintings.

juliekyay – 84
Fuck Small Talk//Both/And/Always/Never
julie kyay writes the self split perzine fuck small talk//both/and/always/never about death and coping with loss.
Julie is a coordinator of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Justin Bostian – C14
Justin Bostian is a writer and editor with a passion for fiction and an inherent distrust of reality. Find his work at Find him in the gutter.


K – 67
Lake Effect, A Million Birthdays
For the last ten years, K has written clumsy perzines about growing up in the industrial midwest. Hobbies include eating pierogies and crying in her car.
K is an invited guest of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Kady Dennell – 95
Pink & Blue, Ours/Ours
Kady Dennell is a designer living and producing art in Chicago. Her art zines explore color, candy, life, and gender through photography, collage, and illustration.

Kaitlin Kostus – 158
Koshka Zine
Koshka Zine publishes the best from the former Eastern Bloc and beyond.

Karen Heeringa – 51
Crable Zines, Mixtapers Do It Better, Jesse Owens, Haunted Grounds
Karen likes writing about punk music and funny stories from her life.

kate larson – 25
no better than apples
kate larson thinks you should go make something, right now.

Kawai Shen – 166
Cute Juice Comics, Kawai’s Guide to Cat Calling; Kawai’s Guide to Falling in Love with Inappropriate Persons and more

Keiler Roberts – 32
Powdered Milk
Keiler Roberts studied art at the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University. She teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and DePaul University and lives in Evanston, Illinois with her husband, daughter, and dog. Her autobiographical comic, Powdered Milk can be seen at She has been a contributor to Mutha Magazine and her minicomic “The Man Who Could Not Read” was nominated for an Ignatz in 2013.
Keiler Roberts is an invited guest of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Kelly Dessaint – 63
Piltdownlad is a typewritten, hand-scrawled personal narrative zine.

Kelsey Choo – 20
Muse, Hawaiian Honeycreepers, Bambzy
Kelsey Choo is a Hawaii girl who likes comics, cartoons, toys, sunshine, and all kinds of animals. A recent grad of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she currently devotes her time to drawing and making comics.

Kevin Czap / Czap Books – 111
PUPPYTEETH, Birthday Surprise, Cyanide Milkshake, Flocks, I Want to Eat Everything
Czap Books is a one-person publisher/distro operating out of Cleveland, OH. The goal is to expand the scope of Kevin Czap’s self-publishing to serve as a vehicle for comics work that teases the boundaries of the form. The work itself tends toward the design and poetic side of comics. Described as “the Comics Mom,” Kevin sees Czap Books as a growing family of artists to be supported and nurtured.

Khristina Acosta / No Shame Distro – 144
Birthday Party; What To Keep, What To Give Away
Khristina Acosta is the co-founder of No Shame Distro, a people of color collective that promotes zine writers and artists of color. She is the author of the zines Birthday Party and What to Keep / What to Give Away. These zines explore the topics of healthy relationships with other’s and one’s own sexualities, assimilation and the loss of language, and being a person of color in the punk world. She was additionally an organizer of Clitfest New Brunswick in 2012. Khristina currently resides in Philadephia, although she can be found traveling to multiple cities throughout the East Coast and Canada.
Khristina Acosta is an invited guest of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Kisston Gorgeous – 127
Gorgeous Attitude
Kisston writes about mental illness and keeps on truckin’.

Korye Champion / Art is Dead Productions – 58
little zine of horrors, american robotic
art & horror movie reviews.

Krystal DiFronzo – 85
Bittersweet, Heavy, Under Ice
Krystal DiFronzo is a cold weather baby from the Midwest. She creates dreamy quilts, weavings, prints and comics. Her work has been printed in anthologies such as Happiness, Believed Behavior and in self-published minis. She is a chrysalis waiting to happen.


L.A. Zine Fest & Friends – 42
Guide to L.A, Avocado Spaceship, You Can Trust Me, Problem? Solution!, Post Care
L.A. Zine Fest and Friends is a chance to see the work of local artists, collectives and distros.

Ladies’ Night Anthology – 8
Ladies’ Night Anthology Volume 1, Chicago and All Channels, All Frequencies: A Star Trek Fanzine
Ladies’ Night is an ongoing anthology that features the amazing talents of women who love comics in every form they come in, and the much-needed diversity that they have to offer to the industry.

lb – 79
LB is a tenured Chicago Public School teacher, singing drummer, proud union member, artist, and award-winning dancer at weddings. She has been writing zines with embarrassing details since the age of 13. Each zine documents one year of teaching high school with all the mistakes, failures and tiny successes.
LB is an invited guest of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Leander Johnson – 161
12 ‘Zines, 31900 Gratiot, True Russians, We’ll Miss The Dream, Nowhere, Cold Pool All Summers, Meatcutters, Cornerstore

Leslie Perrine – 83
Under the Sea, bananaslug!
Leslie writes sad stories about talking animals. She lives in Chicago with her cat and boo. She has been organizing the Chicago Zine Fest for five years!
Leslie Perrine is an organizer of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Lisa Dinkley Gatsby – 163
Absent Dissent
ab·sent: not present in a place, at an occasion, or as part of something. dis·sent: hold or express opinions that are at variance with those previously, commonly, or officially expressed.

Lisa Quintero – 164
Rip It Up & Start Again
Perzine by a vegan, straightedge feminist.

Liza – 139
Creative Evolution
Liza is a teenage zinester who writes about angst, first times, feminism, dancing, crushing, and sleepovers. She writes a perzine called Creative Evolution and is on her school’s slam poetry team.

Luke Pelletier – 109
Dead Dirt, Lonely Bones, Kill Flip, Can’t Grow Up!
I make a lot of art and music. I’m living in Chicago right now.

Lyra Hill / Brain Frame – 178
Possession Scenes, Copulate, Banana Glove Game
Lyra Hill is a filmmaker, comics artist, and the founder and organizer of Brain Frame, a performative comix reading series. Her comics have been printed in many alternative publications and her films have screened internationally. Her work often concerns sex, dreams, humor, and the avant-garde.
Lyra Hill is an invited guest of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Lynne Monsoon – 130
Butch nor Femme, with an e
White, cis, poly, queer knitter. They cannot be found on Facebook


Mack Attack – 146
Heart Pulp
Mack is a (trying to be) posi person who has been writing about their feelings in journals, margins of notebooks, backs of receipts, and on their arm for as long as they can remember. Only recently have those things been put together into zine format. Mack talks a lot about their struggles with mental health, their politics, relationships, and their experiences as an AFAB non-binary, queer person.

Macklin Brundage – 9
Kill Yr. Parent’s Garden, Welcome to the Midwest

Marc Parker – 175
Tell It Like It Tiz

Marian Runk – 61
The Magic Hedge, Not a Horse Girl, The Fish and the Monkey
Marian Runk is a Texas-born, Chicago-based, Ignatz-nominated cartoonist and illustrator who loves birds, cats, and country music. Her pastimes include singing the blues, writing country songs, and watching birds along the shore of Lake Michigan.

Marisa Overton – 84
Warning Signs
perzines about navigating dating and feeling feelings as a vegan queer feminist.

Marissa Falco – 44
Miss Sequential, Parcel Ghost
Marissa Falco has been making perzines and other things since 1995. Her most recent zines chronicle her adventures and occasionaly those of a mail-loving ghost.

mark sahagian – 141
Shmuck Comix

Marnie Galloway / Monkey-Rope Press – 50
In The Sounds and Seas
Marnie Galloway is a Chicago comic artist whose first book, In the Sounds and Seas, won a 2012 Xeric award and was nominated for the LA Times Book Prize for Best Graphic Novel. She co-organizes CAKE and loves Chicago Zine Fest fiercely.
Marnie Galloway is the creator of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest artwork.

Marta Lapczynski / Elation Press – 171
Purge, Abraxas
Tender words for everyone, especially survivors of abuse.

Marx Aviano – 118
Operations Manual
Operations Manual is Proper Propoganda, filled with stick figure comix, images, essays, and rants that are political, personal, and sometimes flippant. Marx Aviano is also part of the KC Zine Collective, Zine creators and enthusiasts working together to foster zine making projects, support zine culture, and increase access to zines (and awareness of them) throughout Kansas City.

Matt Davis – 22
Davis Annual, Daisy Spots A Comma Splice, Eg: Sasusage Delivery Man, Davis Davis Davis Davis
Matt Davis is an artist living in Chicago, IL.

Matt Whispers – 59
Effigy; Tenth Muse
Matt Whispers self-publishes a poetry zine called Effigy. He participated in the Cyberpunk Apocalypse Visiting Writers Program in 2012.

Mckenzie Mullen – 143
Emtothethird, Swearing In Cursive
Swearing In Cursive is a perzine by Mckenzie Mullen about a phobia, being a fat, queer, light-skinned latina femme, and knitting.

Meghan Ansbach – 52
Everything is Better in Chicago, September Stories
Meghan makes mini comics in an attempt to spend less time on the internet.

Melissa Mariko Kieselburg – 27
Comic artist and illustrator. I have a webcomic called The Bright Side.

Mia Beatrice – 91

Michael Heck / Pity Party – 122
Of the Sun, Detective Goops, Nite Cap, A Place to Rest My Head
Pity Party is an artist collective based out of Seattle, WA (formerly Chicago). Specializing in artist zines, minicomics, silkscreened t shirts and various other handmade goods.

Michael Schneider – 124
Delia Awesome

Michelle LaPlante – 156
Don’t Eat My Pie, The Story of the Universe, The Creation of the Universe, Wooden Nickels, Red and The Wolf, Not so Poignant Yet Immensely Quoatable Quotes
Michelle LaPlante is a Chicago-based comics artist and illustrator.

Mira Humbert / Love Bunni Press- 110
Clear Obstacles, Ghosts of Ready Reference, Blister Packs
Mira has been tabling at zine fests since they were 15. They’ve probably made awkward conversation with you while trying not to think about how cute you are.

Molly Berkson – 131
Healer, Huntress; Dreamt This Was A Castle, My Week in Catcalls, Parts of My Body
Molly Berkson is a chicago-based artist. Her work explores fantasy, utopia, remembering, and useful anger. Text-based gestures and pared-down illustrations form the foundation of her artistic process. She investigates identity and opposition through a multi-layered practice, employing underground media and subversive uses of craft practices.

Monica Long – 70
Crushing Loneliness, Crushing Everything
Only has two cats. Crushing Loneliness forever but also Crushing Everything now.


Nicholas Kostas Kratsas – 173
Snakes In The Basement, Limn The Beloved, Interrupted Fern, A Means and an End
A Cleveland native, late 20-something, lyricist, and active member in the local music scene, Nicholas Kratsas is a newcomer to the world of small press. In the past few months he has self-published multiple zines: A Means And An End, a tour journal that reveals the highs and lows inherent to being in a touring punk band; Interrupted Fern, a photography book released as a way of reconciling with a violent assault; and Limn The Beloved, a series of short biographical poems. Emboldened by the creative freedom provided by zines, Nicholas looks forward to continuing to create and becoming steeped in the small press community.

Nicholas Straight / Nonagon Press – 189
In care of the glass Pumpkin. Sketchbook 2013 selected works.
Toy designer by day, and Cartoonist by night.

Nichole – 128
Pieces, A Visitor in Myself
Nichole writes perzines that snapshot various points in life. She has written about mental health, therapy, lucid dreaming, a 50 mile work commute, acne, relationships, and thriving instead of just surviving.

Nick Burgess – 160


Osa Atoe – 192
Shotgun Seamstress: A Zine By & For Black Punks
Shotgun Seamstress Blog: Old MRR Columns, New Black Punk Thoughts

Oscar Arriola/Fotoflow Press – 113
25 Chicagoans, Ghost
Fotoflow Press is dedicated to publishing and distributing art, photo, and graffiti zines featuring work from around the world.


Pamela – 121
Ice Cream Girl and Cupcake Boy, The Planet & The Star
Loves making short comics about nothing in particular. When she is not studying or drawing she is usually crying over fictional characters, or gushing over cats and art.

Patience – 184
Creep, Talking to my known self

Patrick Loy – 71
Black Metal of the Americas

Peanut Gallery – 88
Various titles by the artists and zinesters involved with the gallery and collective.

The People’s Library – C17
DIY Guide to the People’s Library

Peregrine Angthius – 75

Peter Wartman – 187
Over the Wall and Other Work

Pranas T. Naujokaitis / Ghost Car Press – 76
Monster Town, Beard, Ghost
Pranas T. Naujokaitis is a Chicago-based cartoonist who creates handmade minicomics under the Ghost Car Press banner.


The Queer Zine Archive Project – 103
QZAP:Meta; Rumpy Pumpy; 5th Grade Atelier; Big Zine, Little Zine; Is Your Washroom Breeding?
The Queer Zine Archive Project is an on-line archive of past and present queer zines available for free download at

Quimby’s Bookstore – 1
Quimby’s specializes in independently published zines, comics, books and other abberant periodicals.
Quimby’s is a sponsor of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.
Liz Mason (Quimby’s Bookstore manager) is an invited guest of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.


rachel – 60
hoax, not queer as in radical but lesbian as in fuck you, reimagining queer community
rachel is a queer feminist social worker from NYC.

Rachel Foss – 193
Empty Bed, Haiku Revue, The Wandering Fox, Sad Girls Club
Rachel Foss is a very happy full-time cartoonist and illustrator who draws relatable stories for the dazed and confused. Originally from Michigan, she moved to Chicago after spending a year with the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. When she is not in her room drawing, she is riding her bike around the city or blissfully stuffing herself with amazing food.

Rachel Swanson – 174
The Curse of the Mer-Were, Lindy Cole, The Hammer is My Penis and Other Dick Metaphors, ThunderSnow, It’s All Fine, 222 North Hillcrest
They are a nerdy, crafty, comic artist based in Chicagoland. Their work focuses on Queer thems, gender identity, fantasy/sci-fi, zombies, and tentacles.

Raf Miastkowski – 119
Alley Connoisseur
Alley Connoisseur showcases the underutilized voids that are tucked between the frequently traversed parts of the urban landscape.

Ramsey Everydaypants – 81
Everydaypants, Year One, Little Fish
Ramsey is a comic artist and nanny living in Philadelphia. She makes zines and comics about diy, punk, and the personal.

Read/Write Library Chicago – C18
Read/Write Library 2013 Annual Report
The Read/Write Library is a new model for open, location-specific archiving of independent and small press media. We are always seeking books, magazines, zines, journals, broadsides, newspapers, and art books of all types, genres, and print runs from the Chicago area.

Rebecca Mir – 62
Rebecca Mir Grady is a Chicago based artist, by way of Alaska and Maine. When she was too little to walk, she was pulled around on a sled by a german shepherd called Namer. Her work is primarily concerned with the perplexing character of interactions with nature. Her ongoing zine project SHE IS RESTLESS deals with the perils of earthly phenomena and climate change. Her work can be found online at

Rebecca M. Zec – 40
Sick Sunny: My Journey to a Gluten Free Lifestyle
Rebecca M. Zec was born and raised in Chicago. Since then, she moved to the country, got married and had children. She spends most of her free time caring for her family and homeschooling her boys. In recent years, she has rediscovered her interest in producing art and along with Brigid Somodji Landis, operates a daily webcomic as well as a wide variety of larger projects. Much of her work revolves around what she knows best: raising children, married life, tabletop roleplaying, and the everyday frustrations of a nonconformist.

River Rat Distro / Richmond Zine Fest – 116
River Rat Distro will have zines produced by Richmonders available for sale and/or possibly for trade if the creator is present for the sale. This new distro intended to facilitate in the distribution of locally produced zines in safe spaces in Richmond, VA, throughout the year was founded by the organizers of Richmond Zine Fest, which will have its 8th annual festival on October 4th, 2014.

Robert Hendricks – 106
Stranger Two Stranger

Robert Kelsey – 10
September, Acknowledgements, Cooking with Friends
Robert is an aspiring cartoonist and animator. He is currently a student at DePaul, and while not doing coursework that he cares too little about, he can be found working on comics that he cares too much about.

Rusty Rowley – 55
Dirt Worst, Full Sanction
Rusty is a suave gentleman filled with an alarming love of squirrels. He enjoys making the zine \”Dirt Worst\” with his buddy, Joe. They also make a minicomic called \”Full Sanction\”. Both books are pretty much about them and they’re learning to accept that.

Ryan Ehresman – 86
Backed up comics, Arrival, Old Bosses


Sage Adderley / Sweet Candy Distro & Press – 47
Marked For Life, FAT-TASTIC!
Sage Adderley is a single mama of three humans and one cat. She is passionate about kindness, coffee, mental health, fat activism, and the DIY lifestyle. Sage is the owner of Sweet Candy Distro & Press, Sage’s Blog Tours, and writes the personal zine, Marked For Life. She is also the creator of the body positive zine, FAT-TASTIC! Sage currently resides in the magical land of Olympia, Washington where she swoons over the breathtaking view of Mount Rainier. Invoking Nonna is her first novel.

Sam Sharpe – 138
Sam Sharpe’s self-published comic series, Viewotron, is a book that aspires to put all the great things comics can do (Autobiography, Gags, Metafiction, Essays) in one book. Some of the work succeeds, some doesn’t but every issue is guaranteed to be interesting.

Sanzimat International / Sanzimat Press – 185
Women, Doctors and Misters, QSL Coded, Bartlett’s Open Letter To Lott
Sanzimat International is a new company based in Chicago, IL, with cultural outposts in Buenos Aires & Brooklyn. What we aim to do can best be described as “psychedelic anthropology,” with an agenda that includes zine publishing, archival musical collections, new musical productions, cultural programming, radio shows and video production.

Sara Chittenden – 140
Tigers Sniffing Catnip, Angry Confetti
Perzines about feminism, queerness, and anxiety.

sarah ayton – 26
sarah ayton plays music, makes things, and glows by the light of the moon in montreal, quebec.

Sarah MacDonald – 160
Thrifty Times, Seriously? Yes.

Sarah Sawyers-Lovett – 34
Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric, Everybody Else’s Girl
Sarah Sawyers-Lovett was born in Tazewell, Virginia. She isn’t offended if you haven’t heard of it. Everybody Else’s Girl is Sarah’s first long-form memoir. She lives in Philadelphia with her wife and their hedgehog, where she makes balloon animals for money. Sarah enjoys pickles, punks and coffee. She writes zines and blogs and you can find more of her work at .

sari – 60
hoax, you’ve got a friend in pennsylvania, thou shalt not talk about the white boy’s club, neiter doll houses nor tree houses
sari is a quizard (queer wizard).

Scott Roberts – 31
The Star Spangled Angel, RIP, Parfrey’s Glen, The Hound & the Musch
Scott Roberts lives in Evanston, IL. He makes self-published comics. The past he has made animations, sculptures, and video installations. He is the chair of the Animation program at DePaul University in Chicago.

Scraped Knees & Dirty Fingers – 73
Scraped Knees & Dirty Fingers
adventurist travel stories

Sean Mac – C16
Hail Kelly, Land of Odd, Holy Heck, Ted, Oh My Honey

Self-Publishers of Chicago (SPOC) – 15
SPOC is a community organization for zinesters, artists, writers and any who publish. We gather to share work, collaborate, create workshops/skillshares and hang out.
SPOC is an invited organization of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Sema Graham – C15
Origin, Chin Up, Coping

Sheika Lugtu – 134
Hello! I’m Sheika Lugtu. I make comics and tell stories.

Shimer Student Zine Collective – C2
Shimer College Working Student Material, Beneath the Office Desk

Shira Mario – 77
Shira Mario, Poop Matters

Sprout / KC Zine Collective – 118
Sprouted Ink, Undercurrent
Sprouted Ink is a collaborative personal and art zine about mental health, self empowerment, and DIY learning/sharing. Curated by Sprout with submissions by Sprout, her friends, and strangers met on the internet. Sprout is also part of the KC Zine Collective, Zine creators and enthusiasts working together to foster zine making projects, support zine culture, and increase access to zines (and awareness of them) throughout Kansas City.

Sprout Distro – 19
anarchist theory to primitive tooth care; diy and beyond!

Spudnik Press Cooperative – 6
Founded on the premise that art should be a democratic and empowering medium, Spudnik Press Cooperative is committed to being an approachable and affordable print shop; a space where professional printmakers merge with aspiring students; a space that encourages collaboration and the sharing of ideas.
Spudnik Press Cooperative is an invited organization of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Steve Rab – 100
rabcity, Beat Down, Homesick, Murphy
My name is Steve and I like to draw. From I live in Rabcity with my wife, son, and two cats.

Stranger Danger Zine Distro – 79
Dig Deep, Slander, Nashville Transit, Alex, International Girl Gang Underground, and a million more.
Stranger Danger is a zine distro based out of Chicago that carries feminist, queer, trans (& more!) zines.
Heather is an organizer of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Students from Near North Montessori & Co. – 170
Different zines from students at Near North Montessori students and alumni.

Suzy X. – 68
Malcriada, The Mallgoth Chronicles


Take Out – 39
Take Out #1, Take Out #2, Examining the Ex-Gay Community, Called Wilson
Take Out is the divide-and-conquer approach to life as a twenty-something.

Tara Jay – 65
Stunned Lungs, Blackout
Tara Jay writes the poetry zine Stunned Lungs and perzine titled Blackout. They tend to write about depression and anxiety, poverty and class, gender, abuse, memory, animals. They live in Columbus, OH.

Taryn Hipp – 47
Lady Teeth
Lady Teeth is about falling down & getting back up, again & again.

Temporary Services / Half Letter Press – 57
Self-Reliance Library, Temporary Conversations, Public Phenomena
Half Letter Press is a publishing imprint and an online store initiated by Temporary Services. Temporary Services is a group of three people (Brett Bloom, Salem Collo-Julin and Marc Fischer). We have published booklets as an element of our collaborative work since 1998. We created Half Letter Press to publish and distribute book and booklet length works by ourselves and others. We are interested in using this endeavor to build long-term support and expanded audiences for people that work creatively in experimental ways. We are particularly interested in supporting people and projects that have had difficulty finding financial and promotional assistance through mainstream commercial channels.

Tif Harrison – 93
The Neo Futurists, The Considerate Co-Worker, Phil at the Pier, Process Book, My Friend Kurt
Ashland & Foster

Tina Cz – 165
two girls one brain, zauber
“it was a dish of ice cream/tasting like an operating table/with the patient staring/up at the ceiling”

Tom Dewing – 74
Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot!, A Cathers HandWhen I’m not searching for Animal Chin, I draw comics for my perzine Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot! Zombie Soy Bot! is a collection of comics from everyday life that goes on between friends, family, pets, strangers, etc. I like to take typical dialog and point out the humor within it.

Tomas Moniz – 45
Rad Dad, The Body is a Wild Wild Thing, Dirty
Tomas Moniz is an invited guest of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Tony Rabit – 99
I Heart Cereal, Beer In Blood Out, Freaks, Winter Faces
I make cute things for cute people.

The Trans Oral History Project – 168
Trans Oral History
The Transgender Oral History Project is a community-driven effort to collect, preserve and share a diversity range of stories from within the transgender and gender variant communities. We accomplish this by promoting grassroots media projects, documenting trans people’s experiences, and teaching media production skills.

Tyrell Cannon – 54
Simon, Victus, Gary
Tyrell is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Art. Following graduation, Tyrell moved to Los Angeles and worked on various television, film, and video game productions. As a comics artist, he’s created work in many genres and formats; true crime (Gary, based on the Green River Killer), experimental mini comics (Simon), and most recently, science fiction (Victus). Tyrell continues to explore comics as his primary focus, with an emphasis on variety of theme, mode of presentation, and technique.


University of Chicago Library – C1
Zines & Comics at the University of Chicago Library
We’re actively and eagerly collecting zines from the Chicago community. Everyone is welcome to come and use the collection in the Special Collections Research Center.


Vanessa Capshaw- 78
BATS: Cry Crystal Castle, BATS: Life in the So-Called Space Age, BATS: OMG BFFS!
Vanessa Capshaw is a Chicago based sequential artist that concentrates in queer art.

Vicky Lim – 69
Abstract Door
A serialization of feelings written under the title of a Clarice Lispector chronicle. Issue 1 is trying to find a job. Issue 2 is trying to move out. Issue 3 is trying to make eye contact with you.

Violet Rush – 53
Prophecy Factory, SHEGOD
Violet S. Rush is an illustrator and writer living in Tulsa, OK.Her illustrations are minimalist in execution and design. They are an effort in deprogramming. As such, all non-essential forms are eliminated.




Yeon Kyung (Charlotte) Cha – 155
Voyage Minicomics, In Front of Blossoms, The Prince, Untitled

YOUMedia – 167
YOUMedia is an invited organization of the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest.

Yuj Lee – 154
Before, After, & In Between: Comic Anthology, Carry on Wayward Losers, Ag City Sketchbook
My hair is a giant mess all the time, but maybe it’s because it’s filled with my love for comics.


Zachary – 128
DSM-IV the Game, WFMU: a Primer, Oktel and Lacl
A satirist living along the banks of the Wabash. Zachary writes theatrical, political, and satirical zines.


Table Floor Plans

Click on the table layouts for the first and eighth floor to enlarge them. These are cropped maps so that you can easily read the table numbers! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS INFORMATION IS FOR REFERENCE ONLY. EXHIBITORS WILL STILL NEED TO CHECK IN AT AN INFO TABLE ON THE DAY OF ZINE FEST IN ORDER TO TABLE!

First Floor: Tables 1 – 82, and C1 – C18

Eighth Floor: Tables 83 – 192
8th Floor