Well, do we have the deal for you! Here’s some info from one of our wonderful sponsors, Spudnik Press Cooperative!

spudnik01Spudnik Press is pleased to be a sponsor of this year’s Zine Fest. The goals of our new studio space, The Annex, align perfectly with Zine Fest’s mission to create an outlet for small press and independent publishers to showcase their work, swap skills, sell books, and build a wholesome community.

The Annex has been accruing tools and resources to help artists and small publishers since last fall. We’ve got a photocopier, long-range staplers, sewing machine, stamps, craft supplies, and more. We even have a hot foil press and a typewriter that types in cursive!

From February 15 to March 8, anyone participating in Zine Fest can use Open Studio at a reduced rate – just $5 per session!

Here’s all the info!

  • The $12 Base Fee for Open Studio will be reduced to $5 for all Zine Fest Participants.
  • Artists new to Spudnik should first come to Orientation (Mondays at 6pm; Fridays at 12pm).
  • Annex Open Studio Hours are Mondays 6:30-11pm and Fridays 12:30-5pm.
  • Anyone who also wants to use The Printshop (for screenprinting, letterpress, etc.) can do so. There is a $10 material fee for use of presses and printmaking materials.
  • Don’t want to use plain old copy paper? We have Paper Resale stocked with a variety of weights, colors, and sizes, plus a large selection of swatch books.
  • B&W Photocopies are $0.05; Color Copies are $0.50.
  • Much more information about utilizing our studio can be found at spudnikpress.com/studio-use