We know some of you don’t need it, but here’s your chance to queer up your Valentine’s Day AND help out CZF. We’re having a great reading, featuring:

Mar Curran
Jail Flanagan
Jamie Royce
Jacob Sabolo
Clare Stuber
Talie Zrihen
Ellie Navidson

Plus, you can bring your own little piece to win the hearts of the crowd! We’ll give you 3 minutes to spill your guts – read a poem, sing a quick song, stage an impromptu 3-minute play. (We retain the right to deny you your 3 minutes as well.)

$3 – $5 suggested donation
5847 N. Kenmore, #3
Chicago, IL

(The venue is an apartment and we regret to inform you that there are stairs that may make the event inaccessible to someone who has trouble with stairs.)