A list of the fabulous exhibitors and invited guests who had tables at the 2015 Chicago Zine Fest. Click a column header to sort.

Table #Exhibitor NameZine or Distro TitleBioURL
S053rd Language3rd LanguageWe are a Chicago-based collective of artists and thinkers interested in exploring and embracing difference, otherness and transgression. Our mission is to foster inclusive spaces for Queer discourse. We support the development, sharing, and critique of contemporary work by emerging artists.

3rd Language is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

S10826CHI826CHI826CHI is a nonprofit creative writing center in Wicker Park that annually offers free tutoring support and creative writing programs to upwards of 3,500 students. With a project-based curricular model, most programs are publishing focused and encourage students to write, revise, publish and circulate their work.

826CHI is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

E20Aaron SamuelsSquamous, the Tumor Babysquamous.smackjeeves.com
D19Abbie HeathFevered Press, Fevered CertaintyFevered Press, Fevered Certainty strives to publish works that highlight voices on the margins, focusing on everyday radicalism and the DIY spirit. Works published include zines, books, and assorted printed goods, with an emphasis placed on alternative binding and 3D printed goods.
C02alan d. caesardownfall artssheep dogs that print thingsdownfallarts.com
C01Alex DahmAlex DahmHi! I’m Alex Dahm, a queer comics creator living in Chicago. I’m interested in making comics that explore abstract storytelling, mental health, and physical manifestations of memory. I also love drawing noses, underwear, and silly comics about my partner, David, and I running amok in our tiny apartment. I could also really use a haircut.alexdahm.com
F13Alex NallAlex NallAlex Nall is a cartoonist and teaching artist. His series 'Teaching Comics' is a regular feature on Chicago Literati.alexnall.tumblr.com
B18Alex WrekkPortland Button Works and zine distroAlex's life revolves around making things; primarily zines, custom pinback buttons (badges), vegan food, travel plans, and space for a cat in her bed. Alex Wrekk moved from Salt Lake City, Utah to Portland, Oregon in 1999 and has been creating the zine Brainscan since 1997. Alex is also the author of the seminal book about zines, Stolen Sharpie Revolution: a DIY Resource for Zines and Zine Culture which was first printed in 2002 and is now in its 5th edition. Read more at about.me/alexwrekkportlandbuttonworks.com
D09Alex XIII Skeleton Key Animator, painter and sound artist based in Chicago.xiiiart13.tumblr.com
D17Alexandra EnsignCocktails for CinephilesAlexandra Ensign is a bartender by night and a freelance illustrator by day. In addition to her personal work, she works as a film programmer and graphic designer for Reeling: The Chicago LGBT International Film Festival. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Cinema and Media Studies and loves movies almost as much as she loves comics and cocktails, which is why her film-themed cocktail book, Cocktails for Cinephiles, is growing faster than her graphic novel! She will nonetheless be debuting the first chapter of her graphic novel at Zine Fest this year.alexandraensign.com
E16Ali CantarellaWet StainAli Cantarella is a Michigan transplant turned Chicago artist, working and playing with a BFA in illustration from Columbia College. She is the sole creator and distributer of her debut comic, The Hasty Pastry, and also creates paper craft objects, coloring books, and hand-bound sketchbooks. When she's not sketching, Ali enjoys creating food as colorful as it is tasty, biking around her beautiful city, and leaving half-drank cups of tea on various surfaces around her apartment.thewetstain.com
A17alicia obermeyerSmells FingersPersonaliciaobermeyer.tumblr.com
D04Amara LeipzigRuinsAmara Leipzig is a Chicago-based artist from Los Angeles known for their experimental comics and printmaking. Amara's work explores time, iconography, identity, and seeks to use the comics language in a transformative way.amaraleipzig.tumblr.com
C20Amber Solemn BurgerF.E.M.M.E.Pigeon Loverthefemmezine.wordpress.com
E19Amy BurekAwkward Ladies ClubLet's hang out on the internet!awkwardladiesclub.com
D01Amy PeltzEverything Is Hard to DoAmy Peltz is an artist, writer, and editor based in Chicago. She mostly makes comics.amypeltz.tumblr.com
D07Ana Kris VallesAna Kris Valleshongkology.tumblr.com
G06Analeah RosenUncharted BooksA used bookstore, event space, and writer's haven in Chicago's Logan Square.unchartedbooks.com
H06Andrea BellAndrea BellAndrea is an illustrator and comic artist living in Chicago throughout the best and worse seasons. She is graduate of Columbia College Chicago majoring in Art and Design with a concentration in Illustration. Currently she is producing the webcomic, “Fair Voyage”. Andrea’s super powers include the ability to destroy napkins and Styrofoam cups within seconds. andreabelldraws.com
K01Andres L. Hernandez & Frankie M. BrownConfederation Affair
A18Andrew PeñaStaff MealMy name is Andrew Peña. I like to introduce myself as Peña to people because I like its peculiarity. I’m an illustrator born and raised in the Bronx, NY along with an older sister by two loving parents. I grew up in the same apartment that my mother and her parents lived in before us. I enjoy making comics and graphic illustrations and have ever since I was little.penaillustrations.com
E07Anna Jo BeckBiff Boff Bam SockAnna Jo Beck is an illustrator and printmaker who uses Biff Boff Bam Sock to share on subjects such as her recent nuptials and the basics of personal finance through doodles and sassy prose annajobeck.com
G17Annie MokWorst BehaviorAnnie Mok is an illustrator, cartoonist, writer, & singer in the band See-Through Girls.

Annie Mok is an invited guest of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

E09Aus BahadurWheelhousea queer, brown, intersectional feminist born and raised in the region of Mississauga land known as Toronto, who tries to make art about survival, mental health, and the encroaching doom that awaits us all... but mostly (just barely) makes rent.the-wheelhouse.org
D20Back to Printdeadline.
E24Bandit ZineBandit ZineWe are The Bandit: a submission-based, social justice-focused zine located in Grand Rapids, MI. We are committed to fighting: sizeism, ableism, cissexism & transphobia, sexism, heteronormativity & homophobia/biphobia, classism, and racism.thebanditzine.com
G22Ben LarsonRed Mountain Publishingbenlarson.us
H10Ben MillerCool Sports Stories For Kids (not suitable for children)pizzachurch.tumblr.com
B17Ben SpiesNo More Coffee, Tape HissBen Spies is a Chicago writer and founding co-organizer of the Wasted Pages Writers' Workshop at CHI PRC. You can find him on his porch with a beer.
G15Beth HetlandHooray for ComicsBeth Hetland is an SAIC and CCS alumna. Current faculty at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.beth-hetland.com
D23Bethy SquiresFinal GirlBethy Squires is a writer and teacher from Bloomington, IN. She co-helms FINAL GIRL, a feminist horror anthology. bsqu.tumblr.com
J12Big Man PressJustice Under God
C21BoggyBoggy ComicsBoggy makes comics that walk a delicate line between junky entertainment and the loftiest of high literature. With a dedication to storytelling as a craft, Boggy Comics are accessible yet challenging, and always fun to read. babybeebooks.com
B06Bradley AditaDay In The AirBrad is usually dining from the pizza trash bin behind the Total Assault Cantina, should you care to drop on by for a visit.adita.org
H15Brendan WellsPest House PublishingThrough Pest House Publishing, Brendan Wells distributes his own zines as well as a select number of zines by other talented creative types. sometimesthings.tumblr.com
C05Brett ManningBrett Manning makes a lot of stuff all the time.brettisagirl.com
H08Brian BaynesRichmond Zine FestThe Richmond Zine Fest is an annual event at which local and national (and perhaps even international if we’re so lucky) zine-makers can gather to sell and trade their zines and network with other people in the zine community. brianbaynes.tumblr.com
D16Brian BossBrian Bossbrian-boss.squarespace.com
F17Brianna DearestMotor City KittyMotor City Kitty is a long-running perzine from Ohio that discusses trauma, recovery, sobriety & more.facebook.com/MCKzine
G02Brianna Van Schoyck & Alejandra VargasPussy PunchersPussy Punchers is a feminist zine collective that inspires young women to be their most radical selves.
--Busy Beaver Button Co.Busy Beaver Button Co.Since its beginnings in 1995, Busy Beaver Button Co. has gone from a one-woman operation in Christen Carter’s college apartment to a company with fifteen employees. Over the last 17 years, the Busy Beaver crew has overseen over 60,000 designs and produced millions upon millions of custom buttons for clients like Brooklyn Brewery, NBC Entertainment, The Art Institute of Chicago, Threadless, WordPress as well as thousands of bands, non-profits, small businesses and other great folks.

Busy Beaver is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

S09CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo)CAKE AnthologyChicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) is a weekend-long celebration of independent comics, inspired by Chicago’s rich legacy as home to many of underground and alternative comics’ most talented artists– past, present and future. Featuring comics for sale, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and more, CAKE is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue amongst independent artists, small presses, publishers and readers.

CAKE is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

E03Caro GriffinTake Outtakeoutzine.com
C07Cassie TompkinsRegionalRegional is an examination of American cuisine. Each issue focuses on a type of food that has distinct regional varieties, such as sausage, pie, and chili (or chilli, or even chile, depending on where you’re from). Regional explores the history and derivations of one food item, includes a recipe, and a poster celebrating the subject on the back. Creator Cassie Tompkins is a Chicago-based designer and artist.regionalzine.com
E01Cathy HannahAlasCathy Hannah lives in Chicago. She draws sad bastard, black and white, autobiographical and non-fiction comics of the indy persuasion. She went to college for sequential art and graduate school for art history. She likes cats, period dramas, and Morrissey. She hates the patriarchy, wage slavery, and writing biossayrabbitrabbit.com
A13Celia Pérez I Dreamed I Was Assertive, Ofrenda: A Zine AnthologyCelia Pérez is a librarian and writer living in Chicago. She has been making zines for more then twenty years.

Celia Pérez is an invited guest of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

C06Chicago Anarchist Black CrossABC Zine DistroChicago ABC provides prisoners with free zines and pen pals upon request. We believe that the prison industrial complex needs to be destroyed and that all prisoners are inherently political prisoners.facebook.com/pages/Chicago-Anarchist-Black-Cross/134464533411261
S11CHIPRCCHIPRCThe Chicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC) strives to build community and foster creativity by providing access to the space, education, and resources necessary to create and self-publish literary and visual work.

CHIPRC is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

S12CHIRP RadioCHIRP RadioThe Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP) is a volunteer driven, online radio station that focuses on music, arts and cultures. We are dedicated to providing Chicago residents with a radio station focused on the representation of local people, events and issues alongside a wide array of independent music.

CHIRP Radio is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

C10Chris RichardsonOne Pagers 'N SuchChris Richardson is a Cartoonist and Freelance Illustrator originally from Madison, Wisconsin. Chris graduated in the Fall of 2014 from the University of Wisconsin – Stout with a BFA in Comics and Sequential Art, and has recently finished his first book, titled Diddley-Bow Blues. Chris' book is a 60-Page graphic novella, and written in an autobiographical style. It is about the events that lead up to a teenage boy, unwillingly named "Rockin" Rob, building his own instrument called a "Diddley Bow." (or more commonly referred to as a Cigar Box Guitar)chrisrichardsoncomics.com
D23Colin JenkinsCanidaecanid.bandcamp.com
B17Collin BrennanContinental InterludeCollin is a writer and self-publisher from Chicago. He is a founder and co-organizer of the Wasted Pages Writers' Workshop at CHI PRC.collintbrennan.wordpress.com
S03Convergence AcademiesConvergence AcademiesConvergence Academies is collaborating with Chicago Public Schools to implement a whole school model that supports 21st Century learning by integrating digital media and technology into curriculum, instruction, and culture across an entire school.

Convergence Academies is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

G13Corrine Mucha & Sarah BecanCorinne Mucha & Sarah BecanCorinne Mucha is a Chicago based cartoonist, illustrator, and teaching artist.

Corinne Mucha is the creator of the Chicago Zine Fest 2015 artwork.

G09COWBOY HOUSECowboy House Correspondence ClubCOWBOY HOUSE is a three-member art collective made up of artists/illustrators/designers/multi-hyphenates Fred Frances, Jeff Gibbons, & Mike Madsen.cowboyhouseinternet.com
H04Craig John BarrCordially YoursI am an Illustrator, Curator and Educator living in Chicago, Illinois, having recently relocated from Manchester, England.craigjohnbarr.co.uk -and- salfordzinelibrary.blogspot.com
S01Curbside SplendorCurbside SplendorCurbside Splendor publishes work that celebrates diverse and extraordinary voices.

Curbside Splendor is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

J01daimon hampton coolmonkeyd um i draw comics i hooe people like.coolmonkeyd.tumblr.com
H11Dakota LoeschYou Are An IdiotDakota Loesch could really use a day off. He is the creator behind the web series KISS LIKE BIG DOGS, a founding member of Chicago rock outfit Animal City, a contributor to a number of lit mags and poetry zines, and the writer of a new chapbook available through Sophomore Lounge. He is also currently working on a PBR Tallboy.dakotaloesch.bigcartel.com
E21Dale Zine Dale ZineDale Zine is a Miami based art project started by Steve Saiz. It features very talented artist like Jen Stark, FreeGums, FriendsWithYou, Ryan De Grand, Cosmic Chronic, Little Flags, Dyami O'Brien, Laz Rodriguez, Jack Teagle, Philipp Dornbierer, Rosie Eisor, Jay Cover, Ice Sak (DFW), Benton G, Katrina Toimil, Jason Jaworski, Guava and many more. If you have any questions or want to submit, write us at dalezine305@gmail.comdalezine.com
H07Daniel WykeWykeryDaniel Wyke hails from Pittsburgh and draws comics, and sometimes even prints them into books.wykery.com
A03Danielle WordelmanHigh Priestess PublishingTwo queer librarians perform autopsies on books upon their death before burying them.
D24Dave DuganZencomixI've been posting comix online for over ten years at Zencomix on Blogspot, and for the past several years at Tumblr. I'm also a contributor to the Altcomix Tumblr.zencomix.blogspot.com
F24Dave RocheAbout My DisappearanceI've been making zines since 2000. Some of them have been ok.
K10David AlvaradoDirty HandsDavid Alvarado is an illustrator and cartoonist. He comes from the Chicagoland area. His interests are zines, printmaking, packaging, and comics. He enjoys the months of summer, playing records, ice cream, and pens.hello-david.com
G03ed.Black Metal of the Americas/Holy Demon Army DistroBlack Metal of the Americas is a zine covering black metal from North and South America. Holy Demon Army Distro is the only zine distro in the world devoted to professional wrestling.blackmetaloftheamericas.com
A08Elaine ShortFunny GirlFunny Girl, Let's Be Awkward Together elaineshort.com
C08Eleanor SchichtelPizza Rolls, Cool Knight Baby, Neo-Medieval TrendforecastingEleanor is an artist and comedian attending SAIC. She is a part of Pizza Rolls, a zine-making and movie-watching collective.claudybanks.tumblr.com
G01Eli AdamsBummy Zinesnonukesstore.etsy.com
D08Elliott JunkyardAdventures of Vampire Kitty & Space BatElliott Junkyard is a comic artist and writer living in Chicago. By day he works for Adagio Teas, where he educates the masses about the wonders of tea. By night he makes art and spends too much time taking pictures of his cat.elliottjunkyard.tumblr.com
F11Emil FerrisHoly Pond, Dark Brothel, Severus and MeEmil Ferris is a graphic novelist, comic-creator based out of Chicago, ILemilferris.com
A01Emilie KarlChili Dog PressI'm a Godd@mn Grubkillkarlart.tumblr.com
G07Emily OrnbergUnsung Femmesunsungfemmes.com
F15Emma Karin ErikssonPretty Dirty PressZines about DIY Collective House Keeping and Personal Sexual Liberation/Frustration.PrettyDirtyPress.etsy.com
F16Emmy RamoneCretins of DistortionCretins of Distortion is a Midwest punk fanzine from Columbus, OH, offering the best coverage of the worst music. Cretins of Distortion is for Hardcore Punks (c) not for fake punks who read vice and watch mtv. Cretins of Distortion is written by Emmy Ramone (Maximum Rock And Roll, Who Makes The Chaos?, and Stinkos).emmyeatsbutts.tumblr.com
G19Eric BartholomewJunk DrawerEric Bartholomew grew up going to garage sales, finding stuff in alleys, and collecting odds and ends of various sorts. He tries not to save too much, and writes about it instead, in a zine called Junk Drawer. He enjoys all things ephemeral.junkdrawer.wix.com/junkdrawer
J05Erica FriscioniButtercunt ComixButtercunt Comix is a duo of hard-workin' women who are here for honest art and stories, reprinted and lovingly made for you! After paying for production costs, all of our profits are donated to charity.ButtercntComix.etsy.com
A05Erik SchneiderEasy PressErik is a illustrator and web developer slowly destroying his wrists and posture in Chicago, Illinoisschneiderik.com
F18ErycaMy Little Friend Eryca makes zines, likes cats, and loves Rollerskating mylittlefriendshop.etsy.com
C14Ethan KrauseLemon o BooksHandmade zines, mail art projects and audio-visual explorations. Est. 2009lemenobooks.com
B11Fiona AvocadoFiona Avocado ComicsFiona Avocado is a cartoonist and zinester who is interested in everyday life, current events, alternate universes, and glittery daydreams. She lives in Minneapolis.fionavocado.com -or- fionavocado.tumblr.com
C13Flat Mountain PressListenOn the leeward side of Flat Mountain there is a leaky shack with lots of windows and a woodstove. This cozy dump is Flat Mountain Press, which houses all the craft and storytelling projects of Trevor Grabill, including comics, woodcut prints, bookbinding, ink-brewing, illustration, short-story writing, graphic and type design, and even occasional event coordination. flatmtnpress.com
F07Frances Herrera-LimPortaits
H13Friends with PunefitsFriends with Punefitspunefits.tumblr.com
D06gabi cracraft gabi cracraftgabi cracraft is a cartoonist with an interest in everything spooky and weirdgooeyghoul.tumblr.com
C08Gabi MendezPizza RollsGabi is a comic artist studying at SAIC. She likes graphic novels and long walks on the beach.erasive-maneuvers.com
C09Gas Mask HorseStart Your OWN Haunted House - IN 3-D!!Things related to Gas Mask Horsegasmaskhorse.tumblr.com
F03Girl PainsGirl PainsGirl Pains cares about caring. girlpains.bigcartel.com
B21Giz MediumCheaptoys
F09Glenna FitchSymbols of American OpulenceSAO is a collage art zine. Each issue features a different guest artist as well.twitter.com/glorbis
B05Gregg KBots Is 'BotsGregg K is a Chicagoan that draws comics about robots.botsisbots.blogspot.com
H18Grime TimeGrime TimeChicago street art/graffiti zinegrimetimemagazine.tumblr.com
E04H. MeltSecond to None: Queer and Trans Chicago Voices, Straight Talk, SIRvival in the Second City: Transqueer Chicago PoemsH. Melt is a poet and artist who was born in Chicago. Their work proudly documents Chicago's queer and trans communities. Their writing has been published by Chicago Artist Writers, Lambda Literary, and THEM, the first trans literary journal in the United States. They are the author of SIRvival in the Second City: Transqueer Chicago Poems and currently work at the Poetry Foundation.hmeltchicago.com
C11Haan LeeTiny Face IndustriesHaan likes stories about the barely surreal, the vaguely weird, and the quietly absurd. He likes stories where small picture people wander big picture worlds. He likes stories that have roots in science, science fiction, and speculation. Haan strives to create what he likes. Haan lives in New York with his superior half and their vastly inferior cat.behance.net/leezusconleche
H04Heather BarrThe Monsters of MonstersvilleMy husband has been involved in the international zine world for many years as the founder and curator of the Salford Zine Library and is a successful illustrator. I am a new mom and very much enjoying making zines for my son and other children!
D06Henry Guerrablack mountainhenry guerra is a cartoonist in chicago who draws weird animals and childrens comicsprimeslime.com
G12International School of ComicsInternational School of ComicsThe International School of Comics is a digital and figurative arts academy offering students a unique art-based curriculum. The International School of Comics provides students with the tools and professional guidance to achieve their dreams of being featured in the international comics and design market.schoolofcomics.us
C09Irene SetchfieldLeft Handed Drawings by Right Handed People
K04IsabellaFed Up FestFED UP FEST is a three day, all ages, DIY music and workshop festival showcasing and celebrating queer and transgender voices in punk communities. We are a collectively run group that actively opposes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, capitalism, and all other fucked up isms and phobias at macro and micro levels. FED UP FEST is inspired from the short lived direct action coalition FED UP QUEERS (FUQ) that existed in New York city from 1989-1990 that grew out of the AIDS Coalition.fedupfestchicago.com
K07Isis NicoleIsis Nicole MagazineCute & made with lovetheisisnicolemagazine.com
F07Izzy RaeHysteriaI'm a gemini from Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood, and I make zines about what it's like being a grandma in the body of a teenager.saintjerome.tumblr.com
D03Jacob HaltonBoké ExpresswayJacob Halton is a writer and illustrator from Chicago who makes morally questionable comics and annoys his neighbors by blasting loud techno music. When he's not scribbling furiously and throwing india ink around his studio, he works as an interactive designer in an ad agency. Jacob’s work has been featured in the Chicago Reader’s Comics Issue, and you can find his comics at shops all around Chicago. He’s illustrated a series of breakfast icons for The Noun Project and does cover art for The Future Beats Show out of London and the podcast, Our Fair City, out of Chicago.bokeexpressway.tumblr.com
H09JB ROESuplex SuperstarsOriginally from central Florida and now living in Chicago, JB Roe has tabled at C2E2 and Heroes Con. His work has appeared in Black Metal of Americas, SIX: A Horror Anthology by Fabian Rangel Jr., Cankor issue #1 by Matthew Allison, Wage Slaves by John Bailey, Metalheads by Scott Wygmans, Fun House by Applesauce Industries, and Warlords of Wor by Brandon Barker.jbroe.com
C21Jean CochraneHard Femme ComicsJean Cochrane is a musician, artist, and comics journalist born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Through their documentary comics work for Hard Femme Comics and the South Side Weekly, they seek to highlight queer voices in neighborhoods that are stereotypically positioned as anti-queer or desolate. This is their first Zinefest, and they are so excited! jeancochrane.tumblr.com
F23Jen TtongueswellJen lives in west philly and writes about playing punk music, family secrets, and lady stuff.jendilemma.tumblr.com
D13Jenn EndlessZASSHI ZineArt & subculture zine from Chicago.
A14Jenna FreedmanLower East Side Librarian / Barnard Zine LibraryJenna Freedman founded the Barnard Zine Library and curates and catalogs the collection there. She is also the author of Lower East Side Librarian Winter Solstice Shout-Out & Reading Log, which is now in it's 15th year. She's also edited comp zines about things like menstruation and menopause.

Jenna Freedman is an invited guest of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

lowereastsidelibrarian.info -also- zines.barnard.edu
C03Jeremy KreuschMarcel, Marcel, Marceljeremykreusch.com
J08Jessica DiazPages Per ContentPages Per Content exists to inspire. We provide angsty ventilation and infinite questions with the hope of opening minds. facebook.com/pagespercontent
B24Jessica LukacSomebunny SpecialI live in Chicago and I love Art and video games. I write/draw my interests and about chronic depressive disorder
G24jessica olesonTEALMPLS based illustrator and musician has created a future fantasy universe in the watery depths of space in new comic Odyssey TEAL, along with countless mini zines filled with Friends and Foes.jessoleson.com
D21Jessica SpeerRelaxing Ladies NightJessica Speer is a librarian, artist and Relaxing Lady. Her work, including field recordings, puppet shows, collections of items, and zines, touches on questions of ecology, community, history, mortality and archival practices.jessicaspeer.info
B12Jessie DukePioneers PressPioneers Press is a publishing house and small-press distro focusing on survival and sustainability on the farm and in the city, in addition to health, gender, sexuality, social justice and food movements, and a cruelty-free lifestyle. We release titles seasonally and work with domestic printers to use low-impact and sustainable production.pioneerspress.com
G21Jillian SchroederDream rug riderDrawings and stories traveling through time and space, saluting museums and finding paradise.
H11Jim Frankskosher franks/sophmore loungeKosher Franks & Viewers like you is a self publishing effort by Jim Franks and Levi Yastrow to preserve all the cool shit that their friends keep making, and Sophomore lounge while an older and bigger organization is more or less the same. While Sophomore Lounge is a record label that produces a number of zines its primary focus is music, kosher franks & viewers like you is focused on zines photo books, poetry, chap book, zines and comic books. Between the two of them they represent a great many artists across the country.sophomoreloungerecords.com -and- jimfranks.bigcartel.com
E08Jim JoyceLet It SinkI’ve seen a dog get on the bus by himself. I’ve watched a cat throw up into a bread machine. I lesson plans, spilling coffee, and taking notes that turn into almost essays. dearmagicdiary.blogspot.com
H15Joe BurnesMystery Team NetworkAvant-garde saxophonist and creator of beaitufil DIY sketchbooks and journalstengaku.net
K02Joe DeLuca & John GarrisonLIFE SUX LOLGlorified doodler.joedelucaart.com
E22Joe WallaceThings I Wrote While DrinkingStudioLab is run by Joe Wallace, who began his career in the late 1980s working in broadcast media, while simultaneously developing a portfolio of experimental audio art and electronic music. Today he is a multi-disciplinary artist working in visual art, audio, and installation art incorporating all of the above.thestudiolab.net
B04Joelle Ballam-SchwanChildren of the Stairs Wet Met at Starbuckswemetatstarbucks.com
H09John BaileyWAGE SLAVESJohn Bailey is a graphic designer, freelance illustrator and comic book artist living in Chicago, IL. He is a contributor to KILL PRETTY MAGAZINE based out of LA, he has been commissioned Black Bell Records a distributor of Warner Brothers Records, as well as Quite Scientific and Vice Records. His work as been in Vice Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine and Juxtapoz.com. John Bailey has tabled at C2E2, CAKE, Los Angeles Zine Fest 2015, Chicago Zine Fest 2014 & Ghengis Con.radtodeath.com
B03John VestevichA. AfarensisCartoonist, Illustrator, Designersmellyhippiecomics.tumblr.com
H02Johnny MurdocQueer Young CowboysQueer Young Cowboys is a St. Louis-based micropress dedicated to honest and intimate explorations of gay sexuality.queeryoungcowboys.com
H19Jon DrawdoerDrawdoer ComicsJon Drawdoer (Drawdoer Jones) is a cartoonist living in Chicago, IL. He has written, drawn, and self-published the print comics Jesse Jackson, Donda, Buck, Infinite Jest Tijuana Bible, Be the Comics, Beach Tumble 1-2, Be the Love 1-2, Guy Gardners, Apple Orchard, and Mindfulness Comics. drawdower5000.tumblr.com
B15JonasCheer the Eff UpI write the zine Cheer the Eff Up, which I've been writing since 2011. It's a part perzine, part fiction about fatherhood, punk, depression and cake.

Jonas is an invited guest of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

K08Joseph WilcoxPhoto Zinesjoseph-wilcox.com
B14Julia EffEvery Thug Is A Lady, Read Once & Destroy, and moreJulia Eff has been writing all sorts of zines for over 10 years. They’re mostly known for their zines about gender issues, “Every Thug Is A Lady” and “Whatstheirname”, but they also like writing about myspace bands and the people that love them. They’ve been straightedge for longer than they’ve been making zines and enjoy riding their scooter and drinking tea. This is their first panel!

Julia Eff is an invited guest of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

A22Julian C. M.PatozComics about ducks.
A08Julie SaboKraft Dinnerjuliesabo.com
F14juliekyayjuliekyayjuliekyay writes the self split perzine fuck small talk//both/and/always/never about death and coping with loss.
C16June LefflerI'm not dumbI am a zinester from Louisville Kentucky. I am a Kentucky Fountain for Women Artist Enrichment grant for my community zine, Goodwill Zine. Now I make perzines and comics.louisvillezinester.omeka.net
H21Kaitlin KostusKoshkaKoshka Zine is a submissions-based zine exploring Eastern European culture and beyond.kohkazine.tumblr.com
B21Kara ComegysClumsyKara has a lot of feelings and likes to bake.clumsy.etsy.com
D18Karla BetancourtRandomA random collections of art inspired by my anxiety.karlab_art.instgram.com
E13kate larsonno better than applespersonal zine about living with chronic illness & making sense of this weird world along the wayteamkate.com
D15Katie ShlonKatie ShlonKatie Shlon is a multidisciplinary artist living in Chicago, IL.kshlon.com
G23Katrina KubeczkoTwin Cities Doodle ClubLearning new things everyday is my goal. Weird knowledge is my favorite. I try to share that in my zines. pendingmending.blogspot.com
F02Keiler RobertsPowdered MilkKeiler Roberts teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and DePaul University. Her autobiographical comic, Powdered Milk has received three Ignatz Award nominations and was included in The Best American Comics 2014 Notables List. Her work has been published in The Chicago Reader, Mutha Magazine and Newcity. She will be a special guest at CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Festival) in 2015, and was special guest at Chicago Zine Fest 2013, a panelist at CAKE 2011, and a performer at Brainframe.keilerroberts.com
D22Kelsey ChooKelsey's ComicsKelsey Choo is a Hawaii girl making comics in Chicago.kelseychoo.com
F20Kerri RadleyDeafulaKerri Radley writes the zine Deafula, a sassy, informative, and comical exploration of what it’s like to be deaf. Deafula covers a wide range of topics, including identity, ableism, and relationships. deafulazine.com
A09Khristina AcostaNO SHAME DistroWe are a people of color collective who are interested in promoting zine writers and artists of color. Coming from an anti-oppression frame work we acknowledge that poc identify in a myriad of ways and work towards our distro reflecting this. We encourage like minded folks to get in touch about distributing their work.facebook.com/NoShamedistro
B23Kimberly Bowen PURRsonal Space
F04KisstonGorgeous AttitudeKisston blogs about female/queer/trans musicians & keeps on truckin'.kisston.tumblr.com
E23Kristy BlackJelly Legs ZineKristy Black is a cheerful graphic designer who loves delicious food and speedy bike rides!jellylegszine.com
G18Krystal DiFronzoSaint's Love, Birthed From The MouthMidwestern cartoonist, crybaby dreamboat. Her comics have been published in The Lifted Brow, Believed Behavior and Happiness Comix.krystaldifronzo.com
E10L.A. Zine Fest & FriendsL.A. Zine Fest & FriendsL.A. Zine Fest & friends showcases the organization and zines from local L.A. authors/comix creators, poets, makers.lazinefest.com
J02Laura GrothausWitchy Dream HouseLaura Grothaus is an artist, writer, and designer from Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been published in Scintilla, So to Speak, Plentitude Magazine, ROAR, Kenning Journal, and Attention: People with Body Parts, among others. Her work has been displayed in New York City, San Diego, and Cincinnati. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.lauragrothaus.snack.ws
G06Laura RogalskyOpaqueopaquequarterly.com
J07Lauren BurkeLadies' Night AnthologyIndependently published comic anthologies by the members of Ladies' Night at Graham Crackers Comics Loop location.ladiesnightanthology.com
E09Lauren MelissaWheelhousea queer, fat, intersectional fem(me)inist with a fondness for black liquid eyeliner and geriatric cats. She is an actor/activist/academic who makes art about madness, vulnerability, fat antagonism, bi-visibility, and butts. She is committed to holding herself (and others) accountable for the ways in which white settlers benefit from systems that oppress marginalized communities.the-wheelhouse.org
K09Lauren Seibel & Tara Seibel#dogmommyTara Seibel is an American cartoonist, graphic designer and illustrator from Cleveland. Lauren Seibel is a student at Ballard Brady Middle School.plus.google.com... -and- taraseibel.blogspot.com
A24Lazlo VillageMitsuwaI am a freelance sequential artist who loves to create surreal work.lazlovillage.tumblr.com
F19lbtruckface lb has been writing and drawing zines since the tender age of 13. for the past nine years, lb has written about their rage, sadness and laughter as a chicago public high school teacher in truckface. theovens.tumblr.com
F22Leslie PerrineUnder the SeaLeslie Perrine is an writer and illustrator living in Chicago, IL. She loves all ages art and vegan ice cream.leslieperrine.blogspot.com
G20Lieberman Write For You Group, Katharine HouptAnti-Memoir: Tales from the Literary ShipyardLieberman Centercje.net/skilled-nursing/lieberman-center-health-rehabilitation
J10Lindsay Matherslindsaymathers.com
F08LizaCreative Evolution ZineLiza Edwards-Levin is a high school aged zinester. A member of Rebirth Poetry Ensemble, she loves to run, eat, sing and meet new people.
A23Luz Magdaleno & Alvaro Zavala¿Serio? Zine"¿Serio?" was co-founded by Luz Magdaleno and Alvaro Zavala. Luz likes to write and Alvaro loves art so they decided to combine their passions and produce this Zine. We aim to bring you real issues and thoughts that go through socially aware individuals. The authors/artists working on the zine come from different racial backgrounds, sexual identities, and experiences but we all believe in the power of the story. We hope you enjoy it!facebook.com/pages/Serio/1503642046591976
D15Lyla ShlonLyla ShlonLyla Shlon is a collaborative printmaker living in Baltimore, MD.lylashlon.com
A03Maddie BorthHigh Priestess Publishing, Barbie WorldTwo queer librarians perform autopsies on books upon their death before burying them.
D12Maria CruzAnything That Can Go WrongBFA Art and Design-Indie comic creator.Anything that can go wrong is a collection of memoir, poetry, and comics focusing primarily on the life and random adventures of creator Maria Cruz anythingthatcangowrong.wordpress.com
G14Marnie GallowayIn the Sounds and SeasMarnie Galloway is a comic artist and illustrator working in Chicago.monkeyropepress.com
C19Marria NakhodaMarria Marria is a graphic designer and artist currently living in Philadelphia with good friends and food. marrianakhoda.com
B20Martha GroverSomnambulistMartha Grover is the author of One More for the People and has been publishing her zine, Somnambulist, for over ten years.

Martha Grover is an invited guest of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

E18Mary ClimesMurry Klumpzmurryklumpz.tumblr.com
H03Mary Lee CostanzaEAT THIS NEVER DIET AGAINChicago based illustrator and designer. maryleeconstanza.com
G04Matt DavisPerfectly Acceptable PressPerfectly Acceptable Press is a small Risograph print studio in Chicago, IL offering affordable print services for zinesters and cartoonists worldwide. We publish a bimonthly artist print as well as artist books and minicomics when the mood strikes.

Perfectly Acceptable Press is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

E06Maureen FoodyMaureen FoodyMaureen Foody works and lives in Chicago writing illustrated poetic essays about travel, culinary issues, senses, and desire.
A20Max BareSour MilkMax started producing comics and self-publishing 4 years ago with his book ,"Mystery Afoot", co-created by Zoran Gvojic and Dave Schneider, published by Lowcarbcomedy.com Most recently Max has produced Sour Milk independently with Vol. 2 releasing spring 2015, Mystery Afoot mini comics and unadventures, and collaborative minis with Melissa Sue Stanley that mostly involve hobbits, ghost busting, dinosaurs and other material created during their DrawUntilYouPuke art social marathons. maxbareart.com
C18Meghann AltomareMeghann AltomareMeghann Altomare is a Maryland Institute College of Art graduate living in Philadelphia. mhmmzine.etsy.com
A04Melissa Mariko KieselburgArt by MarikoFemale gaze, female gays, and sometimes robots.marikodraws.tumblr.com
C12Melissa SayenLet's Make Comics!Let's Make Comics! is a Chicago-based comics group dedicated to helping cool people make cool stuff.meetup.com/Lets-Make-Comics
A20Melissa Sue StanleyHobbit (ThisMapisBullshit), Doug Hates GhostbustersMelissa Sue Stanley produces a wide variety of mixed media work including narrative and slightly surreal portraits of friends, colleagues and strangers either nicked from social media or secretly shot from the hip on Melissa's phone. Melissa also creates soft sculptures that have been collected internationally and exhibited throughout the US for many years. Melissa is co creator of Chicago's "DrawUntilYouPuke" social art group, the outcome of these get togethers result in some minis she produces with Max Bare.melissasuestanley.net
B02Mellissa BrosiusSMDempsey ComicsTraitor, various
B22Melody Chang SnyderChangMelody Chang Snyder lives and works in a small but mostly mold-free basement in Chicago. Her zines use visual and textual material from her family including photos from her uncle's Facebook paired with Bing's poetically mistranslated captions and bits of text messages from an unnamed family member next to snapshots of her childhood home in Dayton, OH. She celebrates her sister's drawing of a giant genital-less peanut shaped man with a bowl cut and the haunting beauty of moldy Kodachrome slides found in her grandfather's soggy trailer in North Carolina.melodychangsnyder.com
C24Michelle LaPlanteWooden NickelsMichelle LaPlante is an illustrator and comic artist. She is the creator of the urban fantasy series Wooden Nickels and a lover of pulp noir.malaplante.com
F12MiloQZAPQZAP is a digital archive of queerzinesqzap.org
A11Mimi Thi NguyenSlander, Pander Zine DistroMimi Thi Nguyen has made zines since 1991, including Slander (formerly known by other titles) and the compilation zine Race Riot. She is a former Punk Planet columnist and Maximumrocknroll volunteer.

Mimi Thi Nguyen is an invited guest of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

E12Molly BerksonHealer, HuntressMolly Berkson is a chicago-based artist and zinester.mollyberkson.com
E06Monica LongCats Don't Care CollectiveCat stuff. Stefan Coisson's stuff (you'll like it). Loneliness forever.
K04MonikaBlack'N'Brown Punk ShowBlack and Brown Punk Show is an annual festival highlighting the black and brown, queer and trans DIY punk scene in Chicago. We envision a successful integrated punk scene that thrives on its diversity, autonomy and unique communities. We believe that both black and brown communities have a shared sense of struggle within the city, and we work to educate and unify both demographics. We also acknowledge the need for safer spaces for queer and trans folks of color in both the punk community and our own (respectively). facebook.com/blkandbrwncollective
A06MonstrochikaGODZILLA GRRRL!My work is inspired by Japanese animation and the Superflat movement, independent comics, nature and growing up in the Windy City . Mediums include traditional illustration, painting, D.I.Y. comics and zines, doll-making and spray-painted mural work.monstrochika.com
J03Myke FlahertyWunga Wunga County School BoardI am (+_M)yke Flaherty. Sometimes I do things. My mission right now is to keep making my own amazing music & artwork. While I hope to reach the lofty ears & eyes of my heroes & influences, I would be satisfied with a mere nod from my peers. Until then, we’ll say that I’ve lived in and traveled to many U.S. cities. I make music & art with the people I meet. While I am thrilled to work with very talented people, I enjoy working with regular people even more. No one else makes the art that I make.mykeflaherty.wordpress.com
C15Myth and ArrowApricot Screen printed art zinesmythandarrow.com
A06Naomi MartinezMUTANTES!Mujeres Mutantes is a Women’s Artist Collective. Our group intention is to create social change through art and provoke insightful thought self-reflection.mujeresmutantes.wix.com/mutantes
H05Nathan PearceSame Coin PressSame Coin Press is a publishing project by Claire Cushing and Nathan Pearce. We make zines and photobooks.samecoinpress.tumblr.com
E14NicholePieces, A Visitor in MyselfNichole writes the perzines Pieces and A Visitor in Myself. She has written on various topics since 2010, such as mental health, lucid dreaming, a 50 mile commute, breakups, medication, friendships, moving beyond diagnosis, desexualizing touch, and more.
H01Nick KuntzAny Other TimeSometimes cartoon and zinemaker, Nick has an undeserved reputation as a killer DM.nick-kay.tumblr.com
S08Nicki YowellSelf-Publishers of Chicago (SPOC)Self-Publishers of Chicago (SPOC) is a zinester collective that provides community, publishing opportunities and creates workshops and skillshares. Nicki Yowell is the founder of SPOC. Her zines include 'Za the Pizza Zine, A Font By Any Other Name and Flush. selfpublishersofchicago.wordpress.com
B08Nicky MartinMECHANICAL YAMMERINGDynamic Com-Tent Producers for a Digital Ageelectrograph.net
A15Nicole JennellePeople Make PlansA perzine about partying, grieving, mental illness and social justice in educationpeoplemakeplans.tumblr.com
E18Noelle PouzarNO MASTURBATINGNO MASTURBATING, Color Book, Pints of Tea
A12Nyky GomezBrown Recluse Zine DistroBrown Recluse Zine Distro was created to support and center zines written predominantly by POC folks of all identities. This project was born out of passion for zines and frustration at the lack of representation and meaningful zine material for People of Color.

Nyky Gomez is an invited guest of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

B07Nyxia GreyEverything.is.Fine.I am a zinester, collage artist, research librarian from Salem, MA. zinesbynyxia.etsy.com
B13Ocean CapewellHigh On Burning PhotographsOcean Capewell has been making zines for over half her life. She has been publishing under the title "High On Burning Photographs," where she writes hilariously sad--or perhaps sadly hilarious--stories of being a young, weird, slightly magical queer. Ocean also wrote the queer punkhouse novel "The Most Beautiful Rot." She lives in the Bay Area and does social work for money.

Ocean Capewell is an invited guest of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

F05Olivia RogersOlivia Rogers Artoliviarogersart.com
D09Onee Kim Skeleton Key Synth, Dumb Doodles, /// Magical Reference Book
A10Osa AtoeShotgun Seamstress ZineShotgun Seamstress: Old MRR Columns, New Black Punk Thoughtsshotgunseamstress.blogspot.com
H17Oscar ArriolaFotoflow PressGraffiti and photo zines from Chicago and beyond. fotoflowpress.blogspot.com
B23Oscar Contreras Dog Daze oscar.caricaturas.tumblr.com
D10Palpable ArtsPalpable ArtsOver the past ten years, Palpable has been a concept, a philosophy, a chapbook, a guild of artists, a writer’s group, and now the imprint for series of zines by Chicago writer Billy P. Gee.palpablearts.org
G03Patrick LoyBlack Metal of the AmericasBlack Metal of the Americas is a zine covering black metal from North and South America.blackmetaloftheamericas.com
B04Paul Reilly Your Horrible Familyyourhorriblefamily.com
B10Peregrine AngthiusCuentitos: a collection of short comics, Thank You For NothingPeregrine was born near the end of the eighties to a pair of weirdos who decided to move to the woods; she is the eldest of three daughters. She currently resides in Chicago with her ween friend, Ogden. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with an illustration focus from Kendall College of Art and Design in 2011.peregrineangthius.com
D21Peter SpeerDiode RingPeter Speer is an interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago, IL.diode-ring.com
S02Poetry Center of ChicagoPoetry Center of ChicagoWe’re passionate about poetry in the community. Our primary missions are to: provide free and public poetry readings in Chicago (see a list of our 40 years of poetry readings below), to provide paid teaching opportunities to Chicago poets, and to provide creative literacy in the form of the Hands On Stanzas program to Chicago Public School students.poetrycenter.org
D14Political/AnarchismWarzone DistroA vegan, straight-edge anarchist, collective space for revolutionary information, organizing, and community activism. Located in Elgin, Illinoistheferalspacecollectivexvx.blogspot.com
S06Pure JoyPure JoyPure Joy is a nonprofit all-ages accessible music venue and community event/workshop/meeting space in Chicago.

Pure Joy is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

S07Quimby'sQuimby'sQuimby’s specializes in independently published zines, comics, books and other abberant periodicals.

Quimby's is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

A19R. HendricksStranger Two StrangerR. Hendricks is a Michigan-based visual storyteller captivated by comics about the bizarre, eccentric and troubled lives of human beings.strangertwostranger.tumblr.com
E02Rachel FossHaiku Revue and Other Lonely StoriesRachel Foss is a happy young woman sharing her sad stories for the world to humans who just want to relate. Originally from Michigan, Rachel interned a year at the Center for Cartoon Studies. She has since been happily residing in Chicago with her two cats, thermal snowboats, incredible friends, and enjoying many many ramen shops. thingsiveseenandheard.wordpress.com
J06Rachel McKayFawn and Fablemosscarpet.tumblr.com -or- fawnandfable.etsy.com
D11Rae Bees and Piya WillwerthFor Your Consideration FYC ZineFYC zine spotlights women and multicultural musicians and visual artists within Chicago. issuu.com/fyczine
B01Rae SwansonChicago Art NerdThey are a Non-binary, Nerdy, Queer, fat, white artist in Chicagoland. What could possibly go wrong...?landofallart.tumblr.com
A02Rae WhitlockRae Whitlockrachelpwhitlock.com
D02Raf MiastkowskiAlley Connoisseur At Alley Connoisseur, we are captivated by the underutilized voids that are tucked between the frequently traversed parts of the urban landscape. We believe that alleys remain integral to improving ultra-local transportation and decreasing the environmental footprint of high-density urban areas. alleyconnoisseur.com
G10Randy GuthmillerSHAPE ZINESSHAPE ZINES publishes zines by artists.
B16Repel IndustriesRepel Industriesrepelindustries.com
D05Robert KelseyAcknowledgementsRob is a Chicago native cartoonist and illustrator. His work most often deals with food, pop culture, classic literature, giant monsters, or some combination of all four. cookingwithfriendscomics.tumblr.com
J09Robin WhatleyMorgie Presstwitter.com/morganucodon
E05RubyTabula RasaA peaceful mom delves into her son's poetic and sensitive fourth year of life. Not quite five and no longer three. What does four exactly mean?
G05Ryan BurnsRUN ComicsThe zines I make are in the genre of auto bio - punk/alternative comics. They are all done in black and white, with color silkscreen covers. I deal with the subjects of alienation, depression, and angst. While these sound very serious, depressing, and cringeworthy, my aim is to "take the piss" out of these subjects with humor and wit. run-comics.tumblr.com
B06Ryan DurkinGrindcore Retirement33 year old failed grindcore musician attempting rejuvenation through bad poetry. grindcoreretirement.tumblr.com
G09Ryan EhresmanRyan Ehresman - Auto Biographical"I wouldn't want to be in a club that would have anyone like me as a member." -Annie Hallbackedupcomics.tumblr.com
D19Ryan TarrFevered Press, Fevered Certaintywe were raised with impermanence, Longing
F06Sam RolfesJoin The StudioSam Rolfes is an artist, designer, experimental electronic music producer, turntablist, writer, and head of the Chicago and Austin based collective, Join The Studiosamrolfes.com
J02Sarah BernsteinWitchy Dream ZinesAs a theatermaker, sex-educator, and community organizer, I collaboratively create and facilitate spaces where we can push back against what we've been told is truth, engage curiosity, and build community for action and social change. mythandresistance.com
E11sariHoax Zinehoaxzine.tumblr.com
F01Scott RobertsSUPERMODELScott Roberts makes experimental art Risograph comics. His animations, sculptures, and video installations have been shown in galleries and museums. He is also the chair of the Animation program at DePaul University in Chicago.ubutopia.tumblr.com
B02Sean DempseySMDempsey ComicsSean Dempsey graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art. His independent comics focus on curiosity and adventure through traveling or misfit characters. Whether in a comic, illustration, or cartoon, his stories embrace a balance of innocent and cynical protagonists. Sean hopes to create diverse, relatable characters that the audience can witness their inner growth, discovery, and individuality.smdempseycomics.com
A01Sema GrahamOriginBike Tuff Barista Babeoriginzine.tumblr.com
A16Shannon DurbinSKD ProductionsGraphic novels featuring skinny-dipping forest animals and vicious pirates.shannondurbin.com
B09Sheika LugtuPopcorn Graveyard, Writerman, Happy Birthday TheodorePopcorn Graveyard, Writerman, Happy Birthday Theodoresheikalugtu.com
C04Shellie LewisSurviving WinterLocal artist working in both physical and digital mediashellielewis.wordpress.com
F23Shira MarioPoop Matters
C22Sloane PassmoreFlower Mage, Strange SailorsI'm an illustration major and I write and illustrate short stories and comics. I'm especially fond of writing about faeries, dryads, and mermaids. sloanespages.com
H23South Side ARASouth Side Chicago Anti-Racist ActionWe disrupt fascist and far right organizing and activity. Find out more at southsideantifa.blogspot.comsouthsideantifa.blogspot.com
A21Sprout DistroSprout DistroSprout Distro is an anarchist zine distro and publisher based in the occupied territory currently known as Grand Rapids, Michigan. sproutdistro.com
H12Steve KeiserLarch Spinney ComicsSteve Keiser is a Chicago based comic illustrator, graphic artist, and coffee maker. He makes zines about fonts, vegan cooking, ghosts, and hot air balloons. sdkeiser.wix.com
C16Steve RogersAstronomiconartist, writer, poet, rapper, wizard ninja
B08Steve SchabergDope MouthfeelAmerica's Funniest Home Comic Stripsbrokenpants.com
F19Stranger Danger Zine DistroDoris, Malcriada, PALS, Pansy, Sinvergüenza, etc., etc.Stranger Danger is a zine distro based out of Chicago that carries feminist zines, queer zines, POC zines, & more.strangerdangerzines.com
A07Sylvia Kimhalfling zinehalfling zine is an annual photography zine curated by Sylvia Kim, who also is a Boston Zine Fest collective member. halfling zine seeks to expand access to printed photography affordably and extend camaraderie through the zine.halflingzine.tumblr.com
G08Synthia NicoleDamaged MentalitySynthia Nicole writes, creates & self-publishes the zine Damaged Mentality. Which has a personal look into invisible disabling brain -injury & how her mental health is/has been as a result.
B19Taryn HippLady Teeth zinea zine about falling down & getting back up, again & again.ladyteeth.com
H22Temporary Services / Half Letter PressPublishing in the Realm of Plant Fibers and ElectronsHalf Letter Press is a publishing imprint and online store initiated by Temporary Services. Temporary Services is now two people—Brett Bloom & Marc Fischer. We have published booklets as an element of our collaborative work since 1998. We created Half Letter Press to publish and distribute book and booklet length works by ourselves and others. We are interested in using this endeavor to build long-term support and expanded audiences for people that work creatively in experimental ways.halfletterpress.com
F10Tif HarrisonSunday Home PressSunday Home Press is a micro-publisher based in Chicago.sundayhomepress.com
F10Tif HarrisonNeo-Futurists: Body, Bottom of the Stack, Best of 2014Although originally created as an ensemble to perform a specific show, The Neo-Futurists have grown to become one of the most highly regarded experimental theater companies in America. From humble beginnings as the first late-night theater production in Chicago, we have expanded into a company that mounts full seasons of adventurous, smart, interactive theater while still pursuing the ideas that inspired our creation.neofuturists.org
H24Tony KinnardDrannik & LizzepI have been interested in cartooning since I was a very young age, inspired by the likes of “Calvin and Hobbes” and “Peanuts” and wanting to follow in their footsteps. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Parkside in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration, and from 2005 to 2008, I created comics for the student newspaper The Ranger News. tkcartoonist.com
H20Trans Oral History ProjectTrans Oral History ProjectThe Transgender Oral History Project is a community-driven effort to collect and share a diverse range of stories from within the transgender and gender variant communities. We accomplish this by promoting grassroots media projects, documenting trans people’s experiences, maintaining a publicly accessible digital archive, and teaching media production skills.transoralhistory.com
K06Two Tone ComixEsoteric DialogueWeird stories about shape-shifting aliens and economic alchemy by illustrator Matthew Salazar and writer Scott Bufis.twotonecomix.com
J04Tyne LoweFaces I Have Kissed Tyne Lowe is a comic artist and illustrator currently living in the Chicago area. She enjoys making little memoirs, drawing ugly faces, and making rubber stamps.tynelowedraws.tumblr.com
G16Tyrell CannonTyrell Cannon ComicsTyrell is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Art. As a comics artist, he's created work in many genres and formats; true crime (Gary, based on the Green River Killer), experimental mini comics (Simon), and most recently, science fiction (Victus).tyrellcannon.com
B09TzeQingPapyrus KitchenI make books about everything, and I make my own paper.artcompostables.tumblr.com
G11University of Chicago LibraryUniversity of Chicago LibraryOur collections focus on zines created in Chicago, by or about people who have a relationship with the city; we’ve been collecting since 2010 and constantly add more. In addition to Chicago authors & artists, our collections of mini-comics & comics include items in all shapes & sizes, languages & cultures from pole to pole (Alaska to Argentina) and around the globe. Information about using the zine & comic collections can be found at lib.uchicago.edu.

The University of Chicago Library is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

E08Vicky LimAbstract Door"Neither death nor the doorkeepers are enough to open the door. We must have the courage, the desire, to approach, to go to the door." —Hélène Cixousvickylim.com
J11Victoria Perez-Segovia & Zelda VidalLUMPS ZineLUMPS Zine is first and foremost a feminist publication. Our mission is to exhibit and share the work of female illustrators hoping to find a voice in the field. Through our publication we hope to contribute to the broader dialogue of feminist topics in regard to the field of illustration and other closely related fields.lumpszine.tumblr.com
E15Wesley SunSun Bros StudiosThe Sun Bros are Wesley and Brad Sun. They grew up in Orlando, FL reading comic books and playing Sega Genesis. The Sun Bros released "Chinatown" (2012), "Apocalypse Man" (2013), and "Monkey Fist" (2014) after a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaigns. They now speak at comic conventions, bookstores, and universities throughout the Midwest about crowdfunding and self-publishing comics.sunbrosstudios.com
C23Yeon Kyung (Charlotte) ChaCharlotte's ComicsChicago based artist, connoisseur of romance stories. ykccha.com
K03Yes PressHive JiveYes Press is a collaborative project between illustrator Rachel Coulter and writer Shannon Murphy. rachelcoulter.com
D07Yewon KwonYewon Kwonalthough originally from the virginia/dc area, yewon currently haunts the chicago suburbs. when not making zines or writing comics, yewon spends her time watching chopped, playing video games, and whispering secrets into the folds of dog's necks.slaywon.tumblr.com
K05Yollocalli Arts ReachTil Your Fingers Bleed Coloring BookYollocalli Arts Reach is a youth initiative of the National Museum of Mexican Art. We offer art programming and youth development to teens and young adults, plus community events, workshops, video screenings, and exhibitions in a safe, constructive, supervised atmosphere. In addition, we serve as an open community center with studio space, computer labs, a large art library, and a crazy, supportive staff full of artists who are always around to help, encourage, and inspire. The best part is: YOLLOCALLI is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY FREE!yollocalli.org
S04YOUmedia @ the Chicago Public LibraryYOUmediaYOUmedia is a library and studio space at Chicago Public Library designed specifically for teens.

YOUmedia is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2015.

E17Zachary LehnerRollover comicsA collection of minicomics wed to rollover buttons. Confused? Come check it out!zlehner.com
C17Zoe KellerZoe KellerZoe Keller is an illustrator and designer exploring the intersection of art making, activism and the natural sciences. She uses graphite and ink to create highly detailed images that blend hints of narrative with images from the natural world.zoekeller.com