A list of the fabulous exhibitors and invited guests who were scheduled to table at the 2016 Chicago Zine Fest.

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Table #Exhibitor NameZine or Distro TitleBioURL
A01NicholePieces, A Visitor in MyselfNichole is a writer, dreamer, and one heck of a listener. It's why she has so many stories to tell. Nichole's perzines have been around since 2010 and have included tales of friendship, mental health, travel, snail mail, pen friends, lucid dreaming, the desexualization of touch, and a 50 mile commute. collectingwords.etsy.com
A02Gas Mask HorseStart YOUR OWN Haunted HouseGas Mask Horse is a multi-media artist conglomerate based on "legitimately haunted" Archer avenue. Responsible for curation of free independent haunted houses for over 10 years. gasmaskhorse.tumblr.com
A02Irene SetchfieldLeft handed drawings by right handed peopleLeft handed drawings by right handed people is about seeing things from a different perspective. Finding humor and beauty in everyday objects.
A03Adrienne BazirIt's Almost HalloweenAdrienne Bazir is pretty cool gal living in Chicago who makes comics about monsters and the end of the world and stuff.
A04Phil GerigscottWhen Life Hands You Lemons, Check For LymesPhil Gerigscott is an elementary art teacher living with his rockstar wife and rockstar dog in Goshen, Indiana. philgerigscott.tumblr.com
A05Dave DuganZencomixDave Dugan from Iowa City makes comics and puts them on the internet at Zencomixzencomix.blogspot.com
A06Jakob StreiffZomb KnottsA dumb rookie's first table garbage.zombknotts.tumblr.com
A07Nicole Cwiklinskinicole is a very tall, angry child from chicago. she makes comics as well as many mistakes. botanicolegarden.tumblr.com
A07Yewon Kwonlitlslaywonalthough originally from virginia, yewon currently haunts chicago. when not making zines or writing comics, yewon spends her time watching chopped, playing video games, and whispering secrets into the folds of dogs' necks.litlslaywon.tumblr.com
A08Brian BossBrian BossBrian does comics and smaller comics that are autobiographical and fictional. He's been working on comics… uh… for a while…
A09Downfall artsdownfall artsa pack sheep dogs historically documenting the future though comics. downfallarts.com
A10Nicky MartinMECHANICAL YAMMERINGMECHANICAL YAMMERING is the siren song of internet garbage text. It is a humor zine made from cut-up text (come visit and see!).electrograph.net
A10Steve SchabergWeak ChinSteve is from Urbana, IL and makes comics and sequential art. He writes jokes at @extranapkins.
A11Ryan BurnsRUN ComicsMaking a zine a month as a form of concentration and adjustment in the hope of reaching a catharsis. run-comics.tumblr.com
A12Lydia FuGood Bad Sister SisterLydia is a local Chicago artist and makes comic zines dealing with issues like culture, family, identity, sexuality, race, and gender.lydiafu.com/comics
A13Emmy Midnightingale ColonMidnightingArtEmmy Midnightingale Colon of the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago brings the heat, fire, and dark mini comics desire. At this point in her life, both her comics are about mortality.midnightingart.com
A14Eli AdamsNo Nukes!| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
| MY                      |
| NAME               |
| IS                          |
| ELI                       |
(\__/)    ||
(•ㅅ•) ||
/   づ
A15Gabi cracraftdungeon fungeon Gabi is cartoonist living in chicago with an interest in spooky things,fantasy and adventure gooeyghoul.tumblr.com
A15Henry Guerra Im henry guerra. I am a cartoonist, animator, illustrator and camp/sci-fi/horror/power puff girls enthusiast. I live in Chicago, lets be friends.primeslime.tumblr.com
A16Amelia HrubyLady Parts ZineAmelia is a feminist, philosopher, and music lover who hails from the South but lives in Chicago. In Lady Parts Zine, she writes (and prints contributions) about lady parts, whatever that might mean.ladypartszine.com
A17Lindsey FaloonaCutPasteHereLindsey Faloona, a Chicago based zinester, has been cutting and pasting her images since her more youthful years. She has created a visual zine that show her creative and conceptual thinking skills through paper based materials, largely magazine images. Lindsey's collages want to show daydreamy, odd narratives with themes of windows, hands, or plants.cutpastehere.tumblr.com
A18Anneli HenrikssonTelepathic Love PressTelepathic Love is a nano-press headquartered in Chicago. annelihenriksson.com
A19ed.Black Metal of the Americas/Holy Demon Army Distroed. is from chicago, and writes zines about black metal, professional wrestling, and taylor swift. holydemonarmy.storenvy.com
A19Emily HillerenMost Private Thing I'm Willing to AdmitEmily Hilleren is a North Dakota expat and former mathlete living in Chicago. She is a founding member in The Emilies, Chicago’s newest, nicest girl gang. She co-edits the music blog Store Brand Soda. She has a new zine about the weird feelings you leave out of dating profiles.
A20Crucial Changes Printing PressCrucial ChangesLong running Omaha punk and hardcore zine packed with interviews, photos, rants and raves.crucialchangesprintingpress.blogspot.com
A21Maxwell J. SingletaryLive in DreamsMaxwell J. Singletary was born and raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin but resides in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. His work covers an underground viewpoint into social/political subjects of Americana, cartooning and autobiography.maxwelljsingletary.blogspot.com
A22Brian BaynesRichmond Zine FestBrian lives in Richmond Virginia and makes zines about punk and vhs. Also audio zines of live punk shows he records. Sometimes when he's not shy, he'll make a personal zine. He is also a co-organizer of Richmond Zine Fest who are in their 10th year now!itwastoofartoolate.tumblr.com
A22Celina NicoleRichmond Zine FestCelina Nicole makes zines that are a mishmash of the personal and the pop cultural as a means to keep hold of her sanity/share her insanity. She also is a co-organizer of Richmond Zine Fest.
A23Leda ZawackiCup of StarsLeda Zawacki hales from many places including North Carolina, Chicago, Portland OR, and most recently Minneapolis. She is a comics artist, illustrator, and creator of cute stuff.cupofstars.com
A24Daimon HamptonHold Me DownDaimon is from Chicago, where he draws comics and dreams of one day making everyone feel comfortable. hmdcomic.tumblr.com
B01Andrew LarkinLittle Alien DudeAndrew lives and works in the Chicago area. He alternates between writing about little alien explorers and aspiring goddesses.andrewlarkin.net
B02Let's Make Comics!LMC! comics collectiveLet's Make Comics! is a Chicago-based comics collective who make cool anthologies and also cool individual comics and zines.meetup.com/Lets-Make-Comics
B03Kitty CurranGirls and the Ghosts, Taylor Swift: Girl DetectiveKitty Curran and Larissa Zageris are Chicago zinesters with an eye for narratively engaging visuals, an ear for dialogue, and several other strong storytelling body parts between the two of them. They are obsessed with comedy and cinematic scope in comics, and puns. thegirlsandtheghosts.tumblr.com
B03Larissa ZagerisGirls and the Ghosts, Taylor Swift: Girl DetectiveKitty Curran and Larissa Zageris are Chicago zinesters with an eye for narratively engaging visuals, an ear for dialogue, and several other strong storytelling body parts between the two of them. They are obsessed with comedy and cinematic scope in comics, and puns. taylorswiftgirldetective.tumblr.com
B04Michael Ridge36lbs of ProductMichael Ridge aka John DiDomenico aka Johnny Deeper aka MC Macaroni lives in Chicago. When he isn't writing and drawing comics he enjoys long walks on the beach and dreams of time travel. 36lbsofproduct.tumblr.com
B05Paul ReillyYour Horrible FamilyPaul Reilly is the sole writer, publisher, and operator of the Your Horrible Family zine micro-imprint. Based in Chicago, he writes about the extremely personal, the sad and bizarre, and all of the above. Talk to him about soup.horripaul.tumblr.com
B06Katie Ashaubade zineKatie lives in Portland, OR and writes about trying to make the world a better place, technology, meditation, traveling, and the importance of community. Katie is enmeshed in the zine community, writing and drawing numerous zines under various titles and most notably helping organize the Portland Zine Symposium for the past seven years. katiepdx.tumblr.com
B07Anna Tararova & Jacqueline BeasMeowvilleWe strongly relate to the spiritual significance of femininity in relation to nature, the earth and the environment. We believe that a mutually beneficial community of all living things can be created through gaining respect for the world in which we live.meowville.storenvy.com
B07Jacob KoestlerSkidmark IngrainCurrently located in Cleveland, Ohio, Jacob Koestler is an artist and musician from Johnstown, Pennsylvania and holds an MFA from Ohio University's Photography and Integrated Media program. With photography, video and multimedia installations, he creates loose stream of conscious narratives set in rural Appalachia, the Rust Belt and other post-industrial settings.jacobkoestler.com
B08Ryan DurkinGrindcoretirementRetired failed grindcore singer dedicating a full year to one topic and writing about experiences with it.grindcoretirement.tumblr.com
B09Chicago ABCChicago Anarchist Black CrossChicago ABC is a collective dedicated to supporting prisoners and, ultimately, the abolition of the prison system.
B10Carolina Hicks / SBTL CLNGSubtle CeilingSBTL CLNG is artist, self-publishing zine maker, and 1st generation colombian Carolina Hicks. Currently existing in Los Angeles, CA and creating work out of their bedroom studio + office, thinking about how beautiful and sad it is to live on Earth. subtleceiling.tumblr.com
B11Marcus ColemanBlack Bear CollectiveBlack Bear Collective are a collection of friends from the Midwest that aren't really bears. But they do enjoy creating stuff together.blackbearcollective.tumblr.com
B12Kelsey ChooKelsey ChooKelsey Choo is a Hawaii girl who has been making comics in Chicago since 2012. She currently has 5 comics self-published, and is working on completing a few more in the next year.kelseychoo.com
B12Yeon Kyung (Charlotte) ChaChaCha ComicsYeon Kyung Cha (preferably Charlotte) came from the mysterious lands of Chicago Suburbia, where she grew up on Calvin & Hobbes at the back of the children's section in the local library. She is an avid fan of queer romance and rambling about things that shouldn't be discussed during a public dinner.ykccha.com
B13J. BragerSassyfrass CircusJ Brager makes zines and draws comics about monsters, ghosts, queer jewish anti-zionist politics, deep anxiety, hanger, and the violence endemic to modernity. They live in Philadelphia but also used to organize the D.C. Zinefest and continues to be really proud of that. sinewthatshrinks.wordpress.com
B14Sarah Jane Quillinfieldsfields is a print publication designed to spotlight writers, musicians, poets, painters, illustrators, and creative types of all stripes, with an emphasis on the up and coming and the unsung. We are interested in the everyday people who create and write and make and express themselves in multitudinous ways. fields is about the idiosyncratic pursuits that occupy our time and enrich our lives. Our articles, interviews, and essays are an exploration and celebration of the myriad means by which the human spirit manifests itself.fieldsmagazine.com
B15Jami SailorYour SecretaryJami Sailor is a librarian living and working in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a horror movie aficionado and roller coaster enthusiast who writes about grief, family, friendship, ghosts and the concept of home.yoursecretary.tumblr.com
B16Lynne MonsoonButch nor FemmeLynne Monsoon is a white, poly queer who knits, spins, reads tarot, plays the ukulele, and makes zines in Chicago. They cannot be found on Facebook.butchnorfemme.com
B17Ariel ChanLittle Monkii's Comic AdventureAriel is an aspiring comics artist in a suburb of Chicago, trying to get all the right thoughts out of her head and onto the page. Her stories are often introspective, meaningful, and can cause people to say, "Awww".behance.net/ariellionchan
B18Karla BetancourtKarla ArteKarla Betancourt: animator, artist and graphic designer. I play around with different mediums to achieve unspoken bonds first taught through childhood language barriers as a Mexican immigrant.karlab-art.tumblr.com
B18Nigel JacksonSome guy that was told he was funny in second grade and now blames that person for all the lame jokes he says. Nigel also makes bleep bloop sounds under the music persona HarmonicSapien.
B19Claudia RangelYoung artists trying to re-imagine the world around them in city Chicago with Mexican, American, and pop-culture influences. claudianimation.weebly.com
B20Daejuan JacobsFractalWriter and creator of the new comic book mini-series Fractal. A dark science fiction thriller from Chicago native Daejuan Jacobs. fractalcomic.com
B21Amber Huffdon't worry, i promise youAmber is a graphic designer and illustrator from Chicago. She likes to draw and stuff.berhuff.com
B22ashly powleywe wake up like thisDoodler of dogs, pizza, and other things that bring even the slightest happiness.ashlypowley.tumblr.com
B22Lizzy TiritilliAm I doing this rightAwkward and a person? Learning how to be a person and writing about it. Also navigating my anxiety and writing about that too!lizzytiritilli.tumblr.com
B23Katie Lichtcinnamon toast zineKatie Licht is a mother, artist, and cheerio-sweeper living in the suburbs of Chicago. Her zines are full of colorful collages, personal musings, and things that hopefully other people besides herself find funny. katielicht.tumblr.com
B24Mike FreiheitMonkey ChefMike Freiheit is a cartoonist, illustrator and teacher living in Albany Park with his amazing wife and two weirdo cats. He's currently working on Monkey Chef, an ongoing, self published comic about his time spent in South Africa cooking food for monkeys at a primate sanctuary. His comics are mostly about the absurdity of life, and how we relate to one another and the planet where we live. mikefreiheit.com
C01Chris EscobarWorser BeingsWorser Beings is a small press based mostly out of a backpack and a makeshift studio in a backroom. Both of which, located in Saint Louis, Missouri currently. This tiny, but ambitious press attempts to combine printmaking and the products of daydreaming into it’s work. It’s ran by a grody, cloying, sometimes cyclops who insists on sharing his work with you anyway. In summary, if you have the vaguest interest in seeing some stuff that may creep you out, you’ve come to the right place.worserbeings.tumblr.com
C02Adam Jason CohenLOW-KEYAdam Jason Cohen (b. New Jersey, 1986) is a photographer currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois documenting the social landscape and human condition with a focus specifically on the South and West Sides of Chicago. After attending the BFA-Photography program at AIB-Lesley University he soon found himself at home in Chicago, where he has lived the past five years. His work has been showcased in print and online in local and international publications. He also produces his own small-run limited edition books documenting his work in Chicago and is currently working on a number of larger scale bodies of work soon to be published. instagram.com/adamjasoncohen
C02Justin Xavier SotoLOW-KEYJustin Xavier Soto, born and raised in the West Side of Chicago, makes books about the social landscape and human condition of his surroundings.
C03Jess CadwellMarmalade PalaceJess has no tattoos but would like one soon. If anybody wants practice she'll give you an orange.jcadwellart.tumblr.com
C04Griffin MillerSWRDSDUAL ME, FIGHT ME, LOVE ME, SEDUCE ME (Griffin Miller is literally a stalk of broccoli screaming out of the west side of Chicago into your heart). griffinmiller.tumblr.com
C05Melissa Mariko KieselburgArt by MarikoComic artist and illustrator from the Chicagoland area. Currently co-creating a comic called Collision Course, which is about roller derby.marikodraws.tumblr.com
C06Robert KelseyAcknowledgementsRob is a big giant dork, and writes comics about classic authors, monsters, and food. cookingwithfriendscomic.tumblr.com
C07Amanda Bennett & Polly FaustPenises are ConfusingCo-authors Polly and Amanda made their first preliminary Penises are Confusing as a drawing on a napkin at Belly Shack after a strange night, and started the collage zine earnest on Valentine's Day 2014. They spend their time volunteering for, giving all their money to, and yelling about reproductive justice organizations. They trade off semi-anonymous zine authorship as they mail issues back and forth to one another across the country and across the world.
C08Feral PublicationFeral PublicationFeral Publication; comics that hate you! The aim is to disrupt and confront the status quo.feralpublication.com
C09Andi SantagataSorry Mom ComixAndi is a mixed-race cartoonist who makes comics about the American dream, the transgender dude experience, and misplaced self-hatred, disguised as brightly colored action comedies about ghostbusting.andisantagata.com
C10Robin WhatleyWhen we were smallRobin is a paleontologist, educator and artist who chronicles the evolution of mammals (mostly) to increase awareness about our past, present and future on Earth.
C11Grime TimeGrime Time MagazineChicago's Grime Time documents graffiti throughout
the U.S. and beyond.
C12Cameron del RosarioManuel ComicsDuring the day I dream of leaving my corporate job to pursue a full time career in funny books until later that night, where I find myself staring at a blank piece of paper. I do manage to get things on paper sometimes. manuelcomics.bigcartel.com
C12Javier SuárezLobo HeightsLobo Heights is the intersection between pop culture, music, and comics from PoC. Lo-Hi is part distribution and part body of work from illustrator Javier Suárez.loboheights.com
C13Pranas T. NaujokaitisGhost Car PressPranas T. Naujokaitis is a Chicago-based cartoonist who specializes in self-published, handcrafted minicomics including titles such as Laffy Meal, Ghost, and the Monster Town series. He also makes a living writing and drawing for such publishers as BOOM! Studios and Blue Apple Books. He's living the dream.ghostcarpress.com
C14David AlvaradoLife is BeautifulDavid Alvarado is an illustrator and cartoonist. Growing up in the Chicago land suburbs he was always drawn to cartoon imagery, Chicago Imagists and hand painted signs. He regularly self publishes mini comics and zines along with other paper ephemera. tuffasaurus.com
C15Sean MacSean MacSean Mac haunts Bridgeport at night, stealing cats. Sometimes he draws comics.
C16Ariadne humpalLimboAriadne is a longtime resident of chicago and graduate of Columbia college chicago where she was tricked into pursuing comics instead of something lucrative like graphic design or advertising. Her parents are still proud of her.ariadnehumpal.com
C17Oscar ArriolaFotoflow PressChicago born and bred, Oscar Arriola publishes photo-based zines documenting street art, people, and city life.fotoflowpress.com
C18Eric Von HaynesFlatlands Press / Is PressRaw Fury IS a local scene ‘zine, and a ridiculously fancy annual book with professional editorial standards, that focuses on contemporary urban art from Chicago and Denver.ispress.bigcartel.com
C19Amalia DegirolamoVagabond Amalia is a wacky, sweater-loving comic artist based in Cleveland OH. She creates beautifully drawn stories about hot dogs and hobo's. notamalia.blogspot.com
C19Sequoia BostickVagabond ComicsSequoia is a huge nerd /illustrator and designer based in Cleveland ohio. She creates fun adorable comics for readers of all ages. sequoiabostick.blogspot.com
C20Jessi ZabarskyWitchlightJessi Zabarsky is a cartoonist living in the uncool suburbs of Chicago. She makes comics about food, friendship, and cool girls. hugbox.tumblr.com
C21Nicole HarringPoor KittyCurrently living, making zines and exploring cemeteries in NYC. I make an intimate perzine, "Chipped Teeth" that discusses my experiences surviving abuse & my mental health as well as a crafty/D.I.Y focused zine full of tutorials and interviews with incredible female artists.poorkitty.etsy.com
C22Deborah Langcrutonia.comDeborah Lang is a scientist at the University of Chicago and has spent many, many years developing the world of Crutonia with her friend Robert Christie. Where Ya Goin' Arkark is their first published mini comic.crutonia.com
C22Robert Christiecrutonia.comRobert is an artist and illustrator from Jersey City, New Jersey and has been collaborating with comics and mincomics with his lifelong friend Deborah Lang for many years. With "Where Ya Goin' Arkark" he has at last delved into the world of self publishing.crutonia.com
C23Lindsey RichterHoneycraftLindsey Richter is a Chicago based cartoonist, illustrator, and comics writer with an interest in folklore, fiber arts, and natural phenomena. She graduated from SVA's cartooning program in 2013. lindseyerichter.tumblr.com
C24Jessica OlesonChoral Reefr jess Oleson is a Minneapolis native who brings her unique perspective to both a comic about an alien teen called Teal & small illustrated poem zines.
D01John PorcellinoKing-Cat Comics/Spit and a Half DistroChicago-native John Porcellino has been self-publishing his zine King-Cat Comics since 1989, and running the Spit and a Half zine distro since 1992.spitandahalf.com
D02Veronika BoundlessReclaiming Resilience: The Memoirs of the First Trans Woman to Become a Member of the Chicago Dyke March CollectiveVeronika Boundless is an artist and an educator who has been an activist in Chicago since 2004. Her zine, Reclaiming Resilience, focuses on her first four years out as a woman, especially her experiences as a trans woman during and after the time she served as a member of the collective that organizes the Chicago Dyke March.faithfulimage.tumblr.com
D03Dawn GrahamIma Eat You!I am passionate about social justice and have devoted a good chunk of my life to working with youth, queer communities, and people who have experienced violence. Ima Eat You! talks about these things sometimes, but is mostly a chronicle of my day-to-day life and thoughts.staykind.com
D04Sage CoffeySmall but PresentSage Coffey is a SCAD Alumni who recently moved to Chicago on a whim. They dig bugs a whole lot and make comics about dealing with anxiety, cats, and bean people!sagecoffey.tumblr.com
D05Chloe GrahamSub/VerseChloe, a bored homeschooled teenager, writes about her imaginary musical romances in the form of "sophisticated" music writing and illustrations, along with submissions from fellow music lovers. criticallycouture.blogspot.com
D06Elliott JunkyardAdventures of Vampire Kitty & Space BatElliott Junkyard is a Chicago artist who has been making zines and comics since 2010. By day he works at a tea shop in the suburbs and by night he makes art and watches too much Netflix.facebook.com/elliotttjunkyard.art
D07Leigh New Rad Feminist BibleLeigh is a decently well-adjusted human who is continually endeavoring to write society's wrongs.
She is passionate about design, literature, and liberty and justice for all. She particularly enjoys writing zines (and, when possible, school assignments as well) in the new genre she has invented of 'Feminist Rage Snark.'
D08zachBunny Project InternationalCreator of fine zines and somewhat less fine zines.
D09VigaVoluntary ConfinementViga was an east coaster until the midwest sucked her up and made her say "pop." She writes and draws comics and they're about various fun and depressing topics.vigasartroom.tumblr.com
D10Maira & KristenQueer Anxiety Babiez DistroMaira & Kristen are two queer, anxious dudes, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. They mostly write about gender, mental health, queerness, and the way the three intersect in their lives.queeranxietybabiezdistro.tumblr.com
D11Pamela NunezPamCakesPamela is a Chicago based artist and professional nap taker. She writes and draws short comics about food and dreams that serve as metaphors to explore the inner conflicts that we as individuals experience, such as; stress, depression, identity crisis, love-sickness, and lack of self-acceptance.nunezpam.com
D12China MartensFuture GenerationChina Martens is a 50 year old zinester born in Baltimore Maryland. She makes very small run zines since 1990; and also is a published author in small press where a lot of the anthology projects has their roots in zines. Co-editor of Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines, along with Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Mai'a Williams - they plan on having all ages intergenerational crayon events as well as zine making workshops as well as book readings and touring.pmpress.org/content/article.php/chinamartens
D13Jim Donaldson PeeholeJim is a Chicago-based sludge metal guitarist, banjo player, and comic jerk responsible for the minicomic "Peehole", as well as the silly webcomics "Danziggy" and "Hetfield the Cat".jimmytwohands.tumblr.com
D14mae Wild Womyn are WitchesMae Bear is a weirdo feminist witch on a quest. Her zines range from perzines about perrrrsonal stories to excavations of mythology through a queer and feminist lens to etymological nerd-word-dom.
D15Alexander CullerComplete Beautifully BanalAlexander Culler is a scholar of irony, architecture, and cartoon residing in Chicago Illinois. His work aims to combine the technical rigor of architectural drawing with the story-telling whimsy of comic books. All of this while investigating the mundane as an artistic force and trying not to get lost in the process.theculleralexander.com
D15Danny TravisComplete Beautifully Banaldannytravis.com
D17Matthew David CrowtherHalfmoon ProjectsHalfmoon Projects is a Chicago based publisher of art and photography books and zines.halfmoonprojects.com
D18Nathan PearceSame Coin PressNathan Pearce (born 1986) is a photographer based in Southern Illinois. He also works in an auto body repair shop.

Same Coin Press is a publishing project by Claire Cushing and Nathan Pearce. We make zines and photobooks.
D19Emily MorozMoreohs Small PressEmily Moroz is a writer, cartoonist and artist currently living and working in Portland, Oregon. She is the human behind the self-publishing outfit Moreohs Small Press. moreohs.com
D19Juli Jump RopeZine Prompt!Juli Jump Rope is an archivist and zine maker living in Salt Lake City. She makes silly, ramshackle zines about water parks, summer, internet feelings, long-distance BFFs, teenage nostalgia and zine archiving. bearandsnake.tumblr.com
D20Family Failing ForwardEFFF!Four children (aged 5-10) and their father (age 37) making a mini-comic/art/compilation zine from western Illinois.instagram.com/familyfallingoforward
D21Anything That Can Go Wrong ComicsAnything That Can Go Wrong Zine Anything That Can Go Wrong is an ongoing zine/comics memoir and travelogue published by Chicago based painter/illustrator Mia Cruz. Mia (Maria) hates her name, has no pets, no future, and is a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago (B.A. Art and Design). At 23, she remains clueless about her life in general. anythingthatcangowrong.weebly.com
D22Casey LinCasey LinCasey Lin is an interdisciplinary artist living in Chicago, IL. She loves to draw and make ceramics. Her zines and mini-comics are primarily about her life as an Asian American lady artist and other fun stuff.caseylinart.com
D23Daniel WykeFrenemy PressDaniel Wyke sometimes goes by Wykery, and draws comics for the internet & print out of Pittsburgh, PA. In 2015, he co-founded Frenemy Press to help distribute his friend’s (and frenemy’s) zines and comics. wykery.com
D24Issue PressIssue PressIssue Press is an independent publisher of artist publications, comics, multiples, and other printed matter based in Grand Rapids, MI.issue.press
E01Sean DempseyS M Dempsey ComicsSean Dempsey graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art. He currently lives in Chicago, where he creates comics with diverse, relatable characters that the audience can witness their inner growth, discovery, and individuality.smdempseycomics.com
E02Anna Jo BeckBiff Boff Bam SockAnna Jo Beck is an illustrator, designer, and zinester in Chicago. Her zine series Biff Boff Bam Sock is a series of How Tos with the latest ones being about Personal Finance and Spanish Language that are distilled to their most simple, well organized explanations, while still being ~*pretty*~. She'll also have some illustrated riso minis!annajobeck.com
E03Vicky LimAbstract DoorRe: Vicky Lim : "she is a grid, a spreadsheet, a sieve, catching every detail with unilateral judgment, free from hierarchy, pulsating with logic", "she wants to die in motion, in some kind of spiral, bringing her into another dimension"abstract-door-zine.tumblr.com
E04Jim JoyceLet It SinkLet It Sink is written in Chicago by Jim, a part-time high school English teacher, has mini-essays about things that quicken the heart. dearmagicdiary.blogspot.com
E05Nia KingArt Activist NiaNia King is a queer mixed-race artist and activist from Boston, MA living in Oakland, CA. She interviews queer and trans artists of color about their lives and their work for her books/podcast and writes zines about trying to make a living as an artist.artactivistnia.com
E06Brown and Proud PressOn StrugglingBrown & Proud Press is a collective of people of color with the intent of sharing personal narratives of struggle through the medium of zines as a catalyst for collective healing and movement. We believe in the necessity of self-preservation and creating visibility around our struggles and histories through the medium of zines. Our main project, the "On Struggling" zine series, brings together personal narratives on topics such as identity, assimilation, racism, mental health, modes of self-care and more from people of color across the country. onstruggling.tumblr.com
E07Ray MartinezNo FriendsNo Friends is an all-volunteer run quarterly publication based out of Chicago. The goal of the zine is to add another voice to the conversation of DIY/independent music and arts. Influenced and inspired by the countless great music "prozines" of the past (i.e., HeartattaCk, Punk Planet, Hit List, Flipside, Profane Existence, Slug and Lettuce, Suburban Voice, Forced Exposure, Give Me Back, etc.) we document the huge, vast, nuanced, and ever changing, landscape of DIY/indie culture. Featuring interview with not just bands and musicians, but also comedians, activists, small businesses, archivists, we hope to give space for the people involved in the community who don't just sing and have a guitar.nofriendszine.com
E08Jess DiazPages Per ContentPages Per Content exists to inspire. We provide angsty ventilation and infinite questions with the hope of opening mindsfacebook.com/PagesPerContent
E09Emily Ornberg & friendsUNSUNG FemmesUnsung Femmes aims to break the barriers of underground art & culture by showcasing the artists & ideas often overlooked by society & expose their deeper function.unsungfemmes.com
E10Andru OkunNo Place For A VacationAndru Okun is a writer living in New Orleans, LA. He's tabling "No Place for a Vacation," a zine detailing the complex weirdness of Birthright, the reality of everyday life in Palestine's West Bank, and the absurdity of tourism in post-revolution Egypt. andruokun.com
E11Amanda WillsFree Ass. Mag. Amanda is an agitated architecture student who started a baby anti-architecture architecture magazine, birthed in response to the insular nature of the architecture discipline. The quarterly (maga)zine is a collection of work from people around the world who were called upon to respond to a particular, charged theme, in order to view the built environment through lenses of varying media and ideas.freeassmag.com
E12Kaitlin KostusLow Maintenance PublicationsLow Maintenance Publications is the new imprint from Chicago artist, illustrator, and self publisher, Kaitlin Kostus. Kaitlin makes zines about curious topics at arm's length: her Eastern European background, self-care, feminism, etc.lowmaintenancepublications.tumblr.com
E13Alex Kostiwsmall editionsAlex loves paper. You should see her apartment. Paper, everywhere.alexkostiw.com
E14Anna CampomanesPatron Saints of Space ExplorationKfzines.org
E15Chris DayFull Of BricksChris had a brief run doing zines in the early 90s, with a music zine in college and an online comics review zine in the early days of the internet. Now a librarian at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago he is making full-on comics zines about his life, libraries, and fainting.chrisday71.tumblr.com
E16Carla de Jesus JerezWe Love Every SignCarla de Jesus Jerez is a freelance writer and zinester from the bone-dry highways of The Everglades. She's a Photoshop Dadaist, letterpress novice, and storytelling hopeful. whatisblue.org
E16Elisabeth Sclawy-AdelmanWe Love Every SignElisabeth spends most of her days thinking of art projects but never completing any of them. She has star potential but average features, and can barely whistle. Her zines are a melding of neurosis and anxiety, tied together into a tight fist, but not as tight as her butthole.
E17Steve KeiserLarch Spinney ComicsSteve Keiser is a comic artist from Chicago that draws Ghosts, Superheroes , and the results of tasty recipes. sdkeiser.wix.com/portfolio
E18CRIMINAL PEOPLEThreats On My LifeBased in Chicago, CRIMINAL PEOPLE is the artist duo of Rachael Gressley and Jon Keown. criminal-people.com
E18Robert YoungWorld of Occult WrestlingRobert Young is an illustrator and professional drawer of wrestling comics.robertyoungillustration.com
E19Alex KarrFairy GodmotherAlex Karr is currently studying at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction Vermont. She is currently working on dark modern adaptations of fairy tales in comic form.alexartist.tumblr.com
E20Erin HookanaCheetah EyesErin Hookana is an illustrator and graphic designer who tells stories of cheap glamour, falling in love with rock stars and the world of beer promotional modeling. cheetaheyes.tumblr.com
F01Leila AbdelrazaqPalestinian StoriesLeila Abdelrazaq is a Chicago-based, Palestinian artist, author, and organizer. She write comic zines about the struggle for justice in Palestine, the struggle against Israeli Apartheid, and also about her struggle with migraines.lalaleila.com
F02Nicole JakusHome BodyNicole Jakus' diary comics feature shenanigans with the family cat Frank, her never ending struggle with indoor plants and her cheesy, loving best friend. Fittingly named, “Home Body” follows the life of a twenty year old that finds herself at home more often than not. The journey begins in her small hometown of Muskegon and chases her elusive whims to Chicago, Illinois. DarlingCarbs.etsy.com
F03Dave RocheAbout My DisappearanceI'm not sure what the endgame of all this is.sites.google.com/site/ifnothingelsethesky
F04Erik RodriguezE. N. Rodriguez is an artist and graphic designer for the Chicago Tribune and has directed the art in various city publications, including Columbia College’s R_Wurd, a youth journalism magazine. Erik has been drawing, literally, longer than he can remember. Erik Rodriguez is the creator of the Chicago Zine Fest 2016 artwork.illuspress.com

F05JonasCheer the Eff UpJonas is a zinester from Chicago and writes zines about washed up punks, depression, parenthood and cake.
F06Brian ColemanRip Roast Shred GnarRip Roast Shred Gnar is a bmx zine written by Brian, who lives & rides in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
F06Taryn HippLady TeethTaryn Hipp lives in the wilds of Pennsylvania where she writes about sobriety, addiction & mental health. ladyteeth.com
F07Keiler RobertsPowdered MilkKeiler Roberts’ autobiographical comic, Powdered Milk has received three Ignatz Award nominations and was included in The Best American Comics 2014 and 2015 Notables List. Her work has been published in The Chicago Reader, Mutha Magazine, Darling Sleeper and Newcity. She was a special guest at CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Festival) in 2015, and at Chicago Zine Fest 2013. Her newest book, Miseryland has been reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly, the Comics Journal, Broken Frontier, and more. She teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and DePaul University. keilerroberts.com
F08Scott RobertsUbutopia PressScott Roberts makes experimental art Risograph comics and animates. He is also the chair of the Animation program at DePaul University in Chicago.ubutopia.com
F09JB RoeMort Crimp Jr. ProductionsJB Roe is an artist, illustrator, and writer from Lakeland, FL. He now resides in Chicago, IL. Tranquilo.jbroe.com
F10Amber Solemn Burgerf.e.m.m.e. zinesNot great at many things / I still make a lot of zines. / And I love pigeons.thefemmezine.weebly.com
F10Ellen Klad Keyf.e.m.m.e. zinesEllen is a voracious intellect who keeps things organizes and lets her devoted girlfriend write her bios. thefemmezine.weebly.com
F11Andrea BellAndrea BellAndrea Bell is an illustrator and comic artist living in Chicago with her work reflecting adventure, honesty, and strong relate-able characters combined with an intriguing palette.andreabelldraws.com
F12Liz ElstonLiz is originally from Michigan but calls Chicago her home now. She makes cute and spooky comics for all ages. briggsycartoons.tumblr.com
F13Alex NallTeaching ComicsAlex Nall is a cartoonist and teaching artist. His comic strip series ’Teaching Comics’ has been a feature on Chicago Literati since 2013. A forthcoming collection of ’Teaching Comics’ will be published in May 2016.alexnall.tumblr.com
F13Johnny MisfitJohnny Misfit don't need no introduction. He writes fiction zines such as The Muse, the News & the Noose, and Field Manual for the Human Body. You can catch him rockin the mic making announcements during zine fest. Yes he used to have a mustache, it was star studded.
F13SavaySavay is an international phenomenon who makes zines.
F14juliekyayjuliekyay writes the self split perzine fuck small talk//both/and/always/never about death and coping with loss.
F14Stranger Danger DistroStranger Danger is a zine distro based out of Chicago that carries feminist zines, queer zines, trans zines, POC zines, & more — zines about identity, home, disabilities, friendship, survival, etc. etc.strangerdangerzines.com
F15Al RosenbergSick PervertzSickPerverts is a micro press run by Al Rosenberg, of WomenWriteAboutComics.com, that publishes zines about living with chronic illness and terminal diagnoses while being gay.
F16Melody Chang SnyderMausoleaMelody Chang Snyder writes obscurely about textural lived and dreamt memories. She enjoys skin melting showers and slurping cold dragonfruit.
F17Eric BartholomewJunk DrawerEric grew up in the Chicago area going to garage sales and finding odds and ends. He collects various things, and tries not to save too much, but writes about it instead.junkdrawer.wix.com
F18Self Publishers of ChicagoSelf Publishers of ChicagoA creative laboratory, the preliminary testing ground for new projects and evolving genres. No topic is too boring, no subject too taboo.selfpublishersofchicago.wordpress.com
F19Max BareSour MilkMax Bare is a Chicago artist. He makes comics about drunken bigfoots, sad cereal vampires, and hobbits (with Melissa Sue Stanley). He sometimes wears a beard and glasses.maxbareart.com
F19Melissa Sue StanleyThisMapIsBullshitMelissa is a Chicago artist and co-creator of the Draw Until You Puke social group. Silly pictures and beer-fueled ideas resulting from this, and other Drink & Draw events, are collected in minis and zines that she produces with Max Bare.thismapisbullshit.tumblr.com
F20Kevin BudnikKevin Budnik ComicsKevin Budnik is from Chicago, he has been making autobiographical comics since 2010. He's just happy to be here.Kevin-Budnik.tumblr.com
F21Eryca My Little Friend Zine Eryca was born and raised in Los Angeles, spent some quality time in Chicago, but then moved back to Los Angeles where she co-founded the LA Zine Fest. She likes cats, crafts, and children's books. mylittlefriendshop.etsy.com
F22amy leightwelveohtwo zine distrotwelveohtwo is a tabling-mostly distro that started in 2004 and is currently based out of Canada's most Northern metropolitan city; Edmonton. facebook.com/twelveohtwo
F23Leslie PerrineCreatures of LoveLeslie Perrine is a Midwesterner currently displaced in Philadelphia where she spends her days writing, drawing and searching for clues of the next National Treasure.leslieperrine.blogspot.com
F24Neil BrideauRadiator ComicsRadiator Comics distributes hand-made and self-published minicomics, graphic novels and zines that focus on storytelling and self-expression.radiatorcomics.com
G01Michelle LaPlanteWooden NickelsMichelle LaPlante is a comics artist and an aficionado of urban fantasy and pulp fiction.malaplante.com
G02Sheika LugtuSheika Lugtu is a Chicago-based cartoonist and illustrator. Her work is mainly about being sad, beign happy sometimes, and her love of food. She teaches comics and drawing, privately and at Lillstreet Art Center. Her work can be seen on SheikaLugtu.com and found at Quimby's.SheikaLugtu.com
G03Isabella RotmanIsabella Rotman is a cartoonist and illustrator from Maine living and drawing in Chicago. Her art is usually about the ocean, mermaids, crushing loneliness, people in the woods, or sex.IsabellaRotman.com
G04Marnie GallowayIn the Sounds and SeasMarnie Galloway is a cartoonist working with inky enthusiasm in Chicago. monkeyropepress.com
G05Nicholas BurrusTerrariumNicholas Burrus is an illustrator from Indianapolis. He makes zines about nature, psychedelic wanderings, and the macabre.www.nicholasburrusart.com
G06Sprout DistroSprout DistroAnarchist zine distro from Grand Rapids, MI w/political and DIY zines.sproutdistro.com
G07Ben BertinCollecticonBen Bertin makes weird and whimsical comics and things out of broken
lines and ill-conceived ideas for your Ben Bertin collection.
G07Olive PanterEgoistOlive Panter pits wood against knives and odd phrase against ether to disassemble her frustration and horror at human interaction, and build.olivepanter.com
G08Mathew DevendorfWalking Mouth BirdMathew Devendorf thinks that there is a lot of unexplored ground when it comes to comics. He hopes to find some of this ground, dig it up, and exploit the heck out of it. He is from Chicago and is also an object designer.mathew-comics.tumblr.com
G09Michelle AielloIndigo ZineHailing from Chicago, Michelle started Indigo zine in 1995 and organized the first Ephemera Festival (now called the Kentucky Fried Zine Fest) in 2005. Michelle is currently an independent writer and journalist. She lives with her husband Scott, her dog Levi and cat Ava in downtown Lexington, KY.
G10Nicole RodriguesNicole RodriguesNicole Rodrigues is an alien from NJ who landed in Philly. She makes empanadas and teaches art in juvenile and placement centers with a Restorative Justice Youth Program through Mural Arts. Her comics, prints, and animations revolves around urban landscapes and social justice.nikkirodrigues.com
G11Krystal DiFronzoGood Hodgkins, Saint's LoveKrystal DiFronzo is a Midwestern cartoonist dreamboat based in Chicago. Her work has appeared in publications such as The Lifted Brow, Happiness Comix and Believed Behavior along with self-published minis.krystaldifronzo.com
G12Mary ShyneMary ShyneMary Shyne writes comics about unlikely tenant / landlord bromances, subsisting off office cake, and religious monuments that transform into mecha. She lives in Brooklyn, but was born and raised in the Chicago suburb nestled in O'Hare's armpit, Des Plaines. citygrump.tumblr.com
G13Lainey WaughMirror StageLainey Waugh is an artist who manipulates drawn, found, and conjured images into multi-layered zines and prints. She is currently based in Urbana, Illinois. flightcage.tumblr.com
G14Felecia SheldonFelecia SheldonFelecia Sheldon grew up in a small cow town in Michigan. She moved to Chicago to pursue her passion for illustration and has two mini comics about dealing with invisible illnesses. feleciasheldon.com
G15Tim PetersGood Old WallaceTim Peters is a writer and graphic designer based in Urbana, IL.timsletters.com
G16Back to Printthe deadline.BACK TO PRINT is a publishing apartment of storytellers broadening the world of bookmaking with an offline community of creatives where stories can be crafted, published, and told.
G17Fiona AvocadoSpinster ForeverFiona Avocado is an artist, writer, zinester, and agitator. Fiona’s work is multifaceted and explores many subjects, including everyday life, current events, alternate universes, and glittery daydreams. She resides in Minneapolis.fionavocado.com
G18cathy hannahradiator comicsCathy Hannah lives in Chicago with her cats. She draws introspective, black and white, sad bastard, what does it all mean comics.sayrabbitrabbit.com
G19Gabi MendezPizza RollsGabi is from the mysterious fabled comics department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She does comics about a lot of things, like pirate kids and space travel.
G20Celina BarajasCelina Barajas is an Animator/Illustrator who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and has been living in Chicago for over a decade. She began exhibiting her art at Comic Conventions in early 2014 and this will be her first time ever writing & illustrating her very own comic.celinabarajas.tumblr.com
G21Synthia NicoleDamaged MentalitySynthia writes a perzine from the stance of having gone through 3 brain surgeries. Her attitude is so what it wasn't before. From putting their foot down "yes, i'm disabled" & being an introvert with low endurance, then having emotional/ mental health issues- you get it all.zinewiki.com/Damaged_Mentality
G22Melanie AnselmoHello
G22nova kavaTeaNovakava resides in Chicago and makes zines about her grandma lifestyle.novakava.tumblr.com
G23Hero Paul Seeheropaulsee.tumblr.com
G23Josh MillerWandJosh enjoys long walks along the beach and staring people down on the train as he sketches them in his notebook.joshmillerhere.com
G24Beth HetlandHooray for Comics!Beth Hetland is an SAIC ('09) and CCS ('11) alumna. Current faculty at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.beth-hetland.com
H01Chloë PerkisChloë PerkisChloë Perkis is a Chicago based artist and printmaker that makes comics, art books, and lithographs. chloeperkis.com
H02Brad RohloffBred PressBred Press is an artist books, comics, and zine publishing house located in Chicago. Started by Brad Rohloff in 2014, it provides a platform by which to support contemporary artists working within the medium of printed and published matter. Brohloff.me
H03Rachel CoulterFemme FêteFemme Fête is a collaboration between S&M and RC. We are a writer and illustrator duo located in Chicago.rachelcoulter.com
H03Shannon MurphyFemme FêteChicago
H04Jessica EarhartMedia LunaJessica Earhart is a collage artist/zine maker living in Pittsburgh, PA with her cats. Armed with glue, scissors, and an X-acto knife she creates surreal narratives. themedialuna.com

Bring Your Own Barf Bag, people.
H06robbie robertunproductiverobbie robert is an independent comic artist currently living in montreal. their work is mostly dark humor about the absurdity of mundane everyday life.
H07WXYZ WXYZAn arts and literary magazine based in Whitney M. Young High School.facebook.com/wxyzine
H08LUMPS StudioLUMPS StudioLUMPS is an artist collective aiming to share feminist narratives through illustration, writing and comics.lumpszine.com
H09JCCollide, TributariesJC works as a librarian and writes about living with a physical disability. She also puts together "Collide," a compilation zine on the intersection of physical and mental illness.jennyandthelibrarians@gmail.com
H10LizaCreative Evolution ZineLiza has been writing zines since eighth grade and tabling at zine fest since she was fourteen. She loves to run, write, sing and tell stories. Her zines contain a variety of collages, poetry, comics and personal essays.
H11Brad GottschalkSilent Theater ComicsBrad Gottschalk started out his creative life in the theater, but since theater is dead in America, he moved on to comics. He writes and draws short stories in a number of different genres.silenttheatercomics.com
H12James FordAndy AdvenureAndy Adventure is one part Jonny Quest, one part wacky and pure awesome! Join AA as he gets his badges by completing quests and helping the creatures of the forest!thewombmates.com
H12Jason FordServantWe are The Womb Mates and after hyping up indie creators on our podcast we decided to try creating our own comics! We have a successful Kickstarter under our belts with The Servant which is Conan meets the X-men in a high fantasy adventure. We also have The Gifted, Free Reign and Andy Adventure to buy too!thewombmates.com
H13R. HendricksStranger Two Stranger ComicsR. Hendricks is a Michigan-based visual storyteller captivated by comics about the bizarre, eccentric and troubled lives of human beings.strangertwostranger.tumblr.com
H14Lindsay MathersElsewhereArtist/ Illustrator From Chicago, and everywhere else in between.
Creating a surreal fantasy in black and white inkwork.
H15Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP)The Queer Zine Archive Project is an archive of past and present queer zines. A curated selection appears on our website.qzap.org
H16Northside Comic ArtistsNorthside Comic ArtistsNorthside Comic Artists is a group of Chicago area comic and cartoon artists who meet regularly around the city to work on their art as well as collaborate on group projects.northsidecomics.org
H17sari & rachel Hoax Zine Hoax is a US bi-annual queer feminist compilation zine that aims to create a space to share our own truths.hoaxzine.tumblr.com
H18Molly BerksonHealer, HuntressMolly Berkson is an artist and maker from Chicago, IL.mollyberkson.com
H19Nicole JennellePeople Make PlansI live in New Orleans and write a per-zine about education inequity through the lens of a teacher's experience, my experience in a teaching corps program and, navigating life with PTSD, grief and mental illness.peoplemakeplans.tumblr.com
¿SERIO? ZineOxnard Plains Press¿SERIO? is a social justice zine based out of Chicago. We publish personal narratives, reviews, poetry, photography and illustrations submitted by a variety of social justice activists. Each printed issue focuses on different themes surrounding issues that affect marginalized people (POC, Queer/Two Spirited).facebook.com/seriozine
invited orgBlack and Brown Punk ShowBlack and Brown Punk ShowBlack and Brown Punk Show is an annual DIY festival that highlights QTIPOC within radical and alternative subcultural scenes. Black and Brown Punk Show is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.facebook.com/blkandbrwncollective
invited orgBlack and Brown Punk Show CollectiveThe Black and Brown Punk Show Collective is a place for POC / Queer / Trans punx to network and keep the Chicago punk scene diverse and safe. The collective will have a series of radical literature available to support our last festival this year. bnbpunkshowcollective.com
invited orgCAKEChicago Alternaitve Comics ExpoThe Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) is a weekend-long celebration of independent comics, inspired by Chicago’s rich legacy as home to many of underground and alternative comics’ most talented artists– past, present and future. Featuring comics for sale, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and more, CAKE is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue amongst independent artists, small presses, publishers and readers. CAKE is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.cakechicago.com
invited orgChicago Books to Women in PrisonChicago Books to Women in PrisonChicago Books to Women in Prison is a volunteer collective that distributes paperback books free of charge to people incarcerated in women’s prisons nationwide. Chicago Books to Women in Prison is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.chicagobwp.org
invited orgCurbside Splendor PublishingCurbside Splendor PublishingWe publish fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry that celebrates extraordinary voices and work that is deeply rooted in the Midwest. Curbside Splendor is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.curbsidesplendor.com
invited orgLadydrawers Comics CollectiveLadydrawers Comics CollectiveThe Ladydrawers Comics Collective (AKA “The Ladydrawers”) is an unofficially affiliated group that researches, performs, and publishes comics and texts about how economics, race, sexuality, and gender impact the comics industry, other media, and our culture at large. Our data comes from original research conducted in the public realm by students, interns, volunteers, and supporters around the globe. Our content—including comic books, online strips, posters, postcards, games, apparel—is created by a range of folks interested in, and with a range of experiences in, the comics industry, including professionals and newcomers. Ladydrawers is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.ladydrawers.wordpress.com
invited orgshe crewshe crew{she crew} is a 100% accessible writing and performance empowerment program for middle school girls in Chicago. All zines were created by participants of the {she crew} Summer Intensive. {she crew} is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.shecrew.org
invited orgYOUmedia at the Chicago Public LibraryYOUmedia ChicagoYOUmedia is a library and studio space at Chicago Public Library designed specifically for teens. You can hang out, mess around and geek out on projects to create your own music, video, 2D and 3D design, photos and podcasts with help from skilled mentors. YOUmedia is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.chipublib.org/youmedia-teens
J02alicia obermeyerVenus Tourism BureauAlicia is a representative from the Venus Tourism Board. Her zines are memoirs of a life building an interplanetary corporate spa empire on the second planet from the sun.aliciaobermeyer.tumblr.com
J02whitney allencreamy nougatWhitney Allen is an artist and musician from Chicago. Her work explores bodily functions and their effect on the psychological state.couteau--sang.tumblr.com
J03Will ArnoldWork Press & PublicationWork Press & Publication in St. Louis, Missouri was established to provide a physical and virtual genesis, storehouse, and marketplace for artistic publications and images.

The idea of work and work ethic is what drives our company. Our investments are time and energy, and our product is not just a singular object, but a practical example of the doctrine that hard work gives way to good ideas and that those good ideas, in turn, manifest into hard work.
J04MaebhLast Friendly HouseMaebh was born and bred in Pennsylvania, and the zines featured are all about environmentally aware clay use, how to find natural clay deposits, and easy ways to get access to local minerals.
J05Caitlin RosbergLadies' Night AnthologyLadies Night at Graham Crackers Comics in downtown Chicago was founded by Hannah K Chapman in January 2012. The first Wednesday of every month you can find a bevvy of ladies discussing comic books, video games, movies, fantasy, science fiction, zines...a little bit of everything. To date we've published 3 annual volumes of our anthology, with work from over 50 different creators from around the world, with a total of 30 comics as well as prose, pin-up illustrations, and more. With the launch of Volume 3: How to Magic, we've also published our first zine "Witchsona" collecting the pin-ups from dozens of artists who submitted to participate in Volume 3.ladiesnightanthology.com
J06Julia ArredondoVice Versa PressVice Versa Press is a traveling print and publishing entity that specializes in show flyers, zines and paper goods. Vice Versa Press promotes communication and expression through printed matter, published dialogue and public events. viceversapress.com
J07Erik SchneiderEasy PressEasy Press focuses on limited-edition Risograph zines, comics, and prints made at just above material cost in hopes of fostering an affordable and collaborative environment for Chicago artists. We want artists to play an active role in the printing process, working together with us to produce a quality finished product.easy-press.co
J08JOHNBAILEYWAGE SLAVESJohn Bailey is a writer and illustrator living in Chicago his work has been in Vice, Rolling Stone and Juxtapoz.johnclarkbaileyjr.com
J09Eleanor McQueeny & Grace CoudalLane Collaborative ZineThis zine is created by the awesome students of Lane Tech, issuing everything from teenage gossip to worn out shoes.
J10Temporary Services / Half Letter PressArtist and DistributorHalf Letter Press is a publishing imprint and online store initiated by Temporary Services (Brett Bloom & Marc Fischer). We have published booklets as an element of our collaborative work since 1998. halfletterpress.com
J11Alexa CulioliLes Trois SauvagesFrom the elegance of Paris to the harshness of New York and now in the easy breeze of Chicago, Alexa brings together lavish aesthetics with thought-provoking concepts.alexaculioli.com
J11Paul WalkerLes Trois SauvagesPaul Walker. Raised by wolves. Not the actor. Son of the devil.pwalka.squarespace.com
J12KillmonkiesKillmonkiesKatherine Montalto is an artist, writer, and weirdo. A long time ago she was a chef. Now she spends most of her time with Killmonkies, a group of revolutionary monkey soldiers on an artistic rampage. Killmonkies like to create pop art using the opposable thumbs on both their hands and feet. Join the revolution at killmonkies.comkillmonkies.com
J13Kitty SelenPlatitudeKitty is an Urbana native existing in Chicago. She draws on inspiration from existential strife and apocalyptic pop culture in any medium that seems fun at the time. kittyselen.tumblr.com
J14Claudia E BergerClaudia E BergerClaudia E Berger was born and raised in NYC, where she spends way too much time thinking about space and drawing stories inspired by her life and mythology. She has made it her life's mission to find the perfect babka. claudiaeberger.com
J15Bandit ZineBandit ZineThe Bandit Zine is a submission-based, social justice-focused comp zine, located in Grand Rapids, MI. Founded in 2009, the core group has grown to include a group of diverse creatives and activists within our community. We strive to be as anti-oppressive and inclusive as possible and are committed to fighting: sizeism, ableism, cis-sexism and transphobia, sexism, heteronormativity and homophobia/biphobia, classism and racism.thebanditzine.com
J16AREA ChicagoAREA ChicagoAREA Chicago supports the work of people and organizations building a socially just city by actively gathing, producing, and sharing knowledge about local culture and politics. Its newspaper, website, and events create relationships and sustain community through art, research, education, and activism.areachicago.org
K01Old Man Mean DogOld Man Mean Dog is an independent publisher based out of Indianapolis, IN that provides you with great literary, photography, and illustration zines. oldmanmeandog.bigcartel.com
K02Antiquated FutureAntiquated FutureAntiquated Future (formerly the Ms Valerie Park Distro) began in 2008 in Olympia, Washington and now calls Portland, Oregon home. We carry zines (among other things) and try to get creations we love further into the world.antiquatedfuture.com
K03Kelly Leigh MillerRose Moon Lake Chapter 1, The Monster Zine, Clawboy Chapter 1, Mass ExodusI am Kelly Leigh Miller, a Chicago illustrator and comic artist. I am the creator of a webcomic called Rose Moon Lake and I have a soft spot for bad movies, scifi/fantasy stories, coffee and dogs!kellyleighmiller.com
K04James PayneMuseums Tell Me They Hate Me, Things Just Aren't They, etcJames Payne is a writer living in Bloomington, Indiana. monsterhousepress.com
K05Molly CostelloLight LanguageMolly is an illustrator and activist from Chicago. Her work focuses of themes of connectedness, sustainability, healing, justice and community. mollycostello.com
K06Guy ThomasSpiral King Comics / This City PressGuy Thomas is the creator of Spiral King Comics and the founder of This City Press. He lives in Milwaukee where he makes comics about whatever he happens to think is worth talking about today.spiralkingcomics.tumblr.com
K07MaliziaCreepy SomethingverseBorn in south Chicagoland, Alexander Malizia, illustrates his stories about multiverses, black holes, and futuristic ways to eat shit and die. alexmalizia - instagramalexandermalizia.daportfolio.com
K08Rachel BardSweet BloopRachel Bard makes comics and art about imaginary worlds and the strange creatures that live inside them.rachelbard.com
K09APROPOSAPROPOSTim Conley draws, writes, collages, records and assembles APROPOS, an ongoing audio/visual research project expressed primarily in limited runs of zines, tapes, ephemera, and handmade books. Topics covered include nourishment, energy cycles, regeneration, memory, and built environments.aproposzine.tumblr.com
K10Mat CalvertCalvert ComicsMat Calvert is a writer/illustrator from Columbus, OH. His work is a sort of dialectic combining literary art books and lurid sex and violence comics, which is a difficult sell to audiences who tend to prefer one or the other.calvertcomics.com
K11Katrina Kubeczkotips and tricks, KAEPMKKatrina is from Minneapolis and loves visiting Chicago. Tips and Tricks is a series of mini zines where Katrina attempts to help folks like Heloise does (but a little more DIY and with illustrations). Killer Apes Eat People More Kindly (KAEPMK) is a new perzine that will be making its Chicago debut in 2016. Other zines by Mpls friends will be featured as well. pendingmending.blogspot.com
K12Rivven SwansonChicagoartnerdRivven Swanson is a comics and fiber artist based in Chicago. Their work focuses on Queer history/relationships, feminism, and cats.landofallart.tumblr.com
K13Lauren JordanComfort Food ZineLauren Jordan is a Chicago-based artist, preoccupied with foods that look good and sounds that feel good. Her work ranges from comics and papercraft illustrations to jewelry and textile design.laurenjordan.net
K14Danielle & Joseph WilcoxLDOCLDOC is a free photography and creative writing publication distributed every first and third Monday at the following Red Line stops: Loyola Ave, Belmont Ave, Lake St, 69th St, and 95th St. LDOC features a new local artist and writer each month, creating an accessible installment-based art experience for the Chicago commuter.l-doc.org
K14Joseph WilcoxPhoto/Art ZinesJoseph Wilcox is an artist and educator from Chicago who likes to make zines, organize public engagement projects, and create institutional interventions.joseph-wilcox.com
sponsorChicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP)CHIRPCHIRP is a volunteer-driven, online community radio station that focuses on music, arts, and culture. We are live and local every day of the year from 6am-midnight from our studios in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood, and the city we live in is a key part of everything we do. CHIRP Radio plays a wide mix of local, independent, lesser-heard, and just generally good music from a variety of genres and eras. CHIRP DJs are true music fans who love to share their discoveries, new and old, with listeners. The station also features conversations with artists, activists, and other people doing interesting work, and our features department produces pieces highlighting Chicago’s diverse voices and stories. CHIRP is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.chirpradio.org
sponsorChicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC)CHIPRCChicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC) is a non-profit that strives to build community and foster creativity by providing access to the space, education, and resources necessary to create and self-publish literary and visual work. CHIPRC is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.chiprc.org
sponsorLumpen Radio (WLPN 105.5)LumpenLumpen Radio (WLPN 105.5) is a non commercial radical radio station from Chicago (on 105.5 FM) that showcases innovative ideas, plays highly curated music, and broadcasts commentary on the issues of our day. WLPN spotlights the hidden parts of the city we love, amplifying its voices and sounds. We are a station for the people that live and work in the city, people everywhere that love Chicago's underground cultures, and people who love the idea of freeform radio wherever they are. Lumpen is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.lumpenradio.com
sponsorPerfectly Acceptable PressPerfectly Acceptable PressPerfectly Acceptable Press is a small Risograph print shop in Chicago, IL. We publish comics and art books by the best & brightest in contemporary cartooning and illustration, as well as offer full-service Risograph print services. Perfectly Acceptable is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.perfectly-acceptable.com
sponsorQuimby's BookstoreQuimby's BookstoreQuimby's Bookstore is an independently owned bookstore that sells independently-published and small press books, comics, zines and ephemera. Quimby's favors the unusual, the aberrant, the saucy and the lowbrow. Quimby's is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.quimbys.com
sponsorUniversity of Chicago LibraryUniversity of Chicago LibraryOur collections focus on zines created in Chicago, by or about people who have a relationship with the city. We’ve been collecting since 2010 and are excited about adding more! The University of Chicago Library is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest 2016.lib.uchicago.edu