Registration for Chicago Zine Fest 2017 will return to the FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE method and will open at on Sunday November 13th at 11 am Central.


  • Registration will fill up quickly—please mark your calendar now! Note that we do eventually move people from the wait list as well, so if registration fills up don’t despair, just fill out the wait list form as soon as possible.
  • Payment will be due immediately upon registration. If you need to pay us through a form other than PayPal please email us once you have submitted the registration form.
  • Registration fees are now a sliding scale, from $30 to $50. We aim to keep our costs as low as possible for our exhibitors in order to keep CZF accessible to everyone—if everyone pays $30 we will just barely break even to cover our costs for the exhibit hall. We’re grateful to those who can add pay more towards registration to help us keep CZF running. Anyone who pays $40 or more for registration will receive a poster of the 2017 art and a high-five from us at the fest!
  • Full refunds will be available upon cancellation until one month before the fest (Thursday April 6th). We will refund 50% of your registration fee up to two weeks before the fest (cancellations on or before Saturday April 22nd). After that, no further refunds will be available.
  • Registration is for a half table, approximately 36 inches wide by 30 inches deep. Due to high demand, full tables will not be available.
  • We will not be selling extra chairs for second exhibitors at this year’s fest. We’ve heard your feedback that too many people were trying to squeeze into a small space. There will be banks of 3 connected chairs in the middle of each exhibitor pod, we ask that if you need to sit or store extra materials that you use these chairs. Bringing your own chair(s) is not permitted by our contract with Plumbers Hall. We encourage everyone to register for their own half table and to consider the comfort of themselves and their neighbors by not having more than two people at their half table at one time.
  • Lunch may be available for a fee to exhibitors. We will send out details as the fest approaches about options and you can opt in if you would like. We will also have food options, at a cost, such as coffee and food trucks as we have had in years past.
  • Please note that while we love crafts and artwork, we ask that exhibitors focus their tables towards zines. At least 75% of your table should be zines or directly related to self-publishing.

Have questions? Please email us!