Listing of the  super talented exhibitors, sponsors, and invited guests who were scheduled to table at the 2017 Chicago Zine Fest on Saturday May 6.

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Table #Exhibitor nameZine or distro titleBioWebsite
B10Aaron PoliwodaLow Blow comicsAaron Poliwoda has self-published 140 issues of Low Blow comics mainly about autism, and creating awareness and tolerance about
K02Adam FotosBeyond Paper WallsChicago based artist Adam Fotos has been self-publishing comics for over a decade. He teaches art, comics and zine-making at Chicago State University and the College of
J02Adam Jason CohenLow-KeyAdam Jason Cohen (b. New Jersey, 1986) is a photographer currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois documenting the social landscape and human condition with a focus specifically on the South and West Sides of Chicago. His work has been showcased in print and online in local and international publications. He also produces his own small-run limited edition books documenting his work in Chicago and is currently working on a number of larger scale bodies of work soon to be published.
A21Aim RenCATHARTICFreelance illustrator who traded the Great North for the Windy City. Graphic design is my day job. Zines are my catharsis.
D21Alex KostiwSigils of Trouble Sleeping; OREOS; Endless DistancesAlex loves paper. You should see her apartment. Paper,
J12Alex NorelliBlue Pear ProjectsWhether its an art, poetry or photobook that asks the viewer to question their assumptions of the world, or an enamel pin that makes them feel more at peace with their vulnerability, Blue Pear represents the magical and meaningful things we create and dream into existence that encourage wonder within our lives. Blue Pear fiercely values equality among people, reverence for ritual, process, shameless existence, experimentation and human
E17Alexander Furrh, Nic RoseDumpster, Shitty OrdinanceZines about dirt, zines about slime, grime and the sublime. drawings, images and
G10Alexandra TerryBy the Bye, TripartiteAlexandra is a budding Chicago artist and aspiring storyteller who looks to explore the human condition through her comics, creating both personal stories and fantastical worlds.
H04Alexis Cooke Anxious InkAnxious Ink produces moody young adult comics with a magical realist twist.
D03Ali CantarellaHasty PastryAli Cantarella is a full time freelance artist, wielding her pen for indie comics, corporate clients, and private commissions alike. When not sketching, she enjoys creating food as colorful as it is tasty, biking around her beautiful city, and leaving half-drank cups of tea on various surfaces around her
D20Alicia Rose, couteau sangPubes & 'tudesPubes and Tudes is a loose collective of femmes unified by their disgusting attitudes and disgust for the sterile, hegemonic status quo. some of us have shared the pleasure of exhibiting and hanging out together at recent small press events.
E10Allison CatuiraBias ListAllison Catuira is a designer, art director and illustrator, born and raised in Chicago with a stint in NYC. She forgot she was an illustrator for a while, so now she's making illustrated zines that capture her love of food and pop culture from all around the
E08Amber HuffBad BloodAmber is a graphic designer and illustrator from Chicago. She likes to draw and
E14Amelia HrubyLady Parts ZineAmelia is a feminist, philosopher, and music lover who hails from the South but lives in Chicago. In Lady Parts Zine, she writes (and prints contributions) about lady parts, whatever that might
E16Amy MaddenYou Must Always Have A Secret Plan, Tricycle Red Guides Little Tricycle Red Guides are fun size, art-filled, vaguely inspirational booklets, made in Chicago with real Xerox since at least 2013. Always with art-filled centers for eyeball stimulation.
F17Amy PeltzHousesAmy Peltz is an artist, editor, and writer living in Chicago. When not working at the Art Institute of Chicago, she makes, reads, and thinks about
D04Andrea BellFair Voyage, Rose from the Dead, Big Answers from Little Dog, Tracks Zine 2016, Tracks Zine 2017 (new!)Andrea is an illustrator and comic artist living in Chicago through the best and worse seasons. Her work reflects honesty, adventure, and strong relatable characters combined with an interesting palette.
B17Andrea PearsonNo Pants RevolutionAndrea Pearson is comics artist from Chicago, IL. She likes long walks on the beach, sunsets and
Andrew LarkinGoddess of the WoodAndrew Larkin hails from Evanston and works with other amazing artists as part of the Let's Make Comics collective. Andrew loves to create collections of short, punny strips. He is also working on a new ongoing book entitled Goddess of the
K18Andrew MisiscoSolaceAndrew is a California transplant who has found a home in Chicago where he can pursue his dream of storytelling. His zines delve into the fantastical world of Aclion where magic is rare and wonderful and heroic deeds are remembering for all
C12Andy HoodYoung AmericanAndy Hood is a self-published cartoonist. His stories tackle emotional trauma with a dark and sometimes humorous
F13Anna Jo BeckAnna Jo BeckAnna Jo Beck is an illustrator, designer, and zinester residing in Chicago, IL. She is a layout queen: she works by day as the editorial art director for a few trade magazines, and by night helps organize Chicago Zine Fest. Her own zines are detailed and informative, with ranging topics from personal finance, to city hall weddings, to Spanish grammar. She's devastated she'll have to miss CZF 2017, but you'll be able to find her work at the CZF table, as well as online at
C24Anna Lisa SchneiderInward Bound ComicAnna Lisa lives and works in Holland, Michigan which is an okay place if you can tolerate tulips. She creates a weekly surreal webcomic, Inward Bound, that focuses on friendship, inner demons and
D18Anna Tararova, Jack Beas, Jacob KoestlerMeowvilleMeowville is an artist collective from Cleveland and all over the US.
K13Anni KozachokStrange EventsAnni writes sad and funny zines about strange events in life.
J17Ariel ChanHoloAriel is a comic artist from the sleepy suburbs of Chicagoland, making funny auto-bio comics or comics with original stories and more fantastical
G09Aus & Lauren MelissaWheelhouseThe Wheelhouse serves as a Toronto-based supporting resource for those facing barriers of accessibility, and takes an intersectional approach to social justice. The art created by its members challenges not only gender-based oppression, but also the racist and classist structures that limit us as individuals and as a community.
E13Bandit ZineBandit ZineThe Bandit Zine is a comp zine from Grand Rapids, Michigan, focused on social-justice issues. We aim for an intersectional look at important topics in a non-academic way. We pull from a wide net of writers and artists from all different backgrounds, across the globe, to make our zine as inclusive as
C16Beth HetlandHooray for ComicsBeth Hetland is a faculty at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and alumna of The Center for Cartoon Studies.
B13Bianca XuniseBianca XuniseBianca Xunise is an illustrator based out of Chicago, Il. When she's not doodling her feelings, she's probably somewhere eating donuts or dancing to
A19Blake JonesFunny to MeGoofy illustrator from Houston, loving to draw everything from 80's wrestlers to Godzilla guys to bad king of the hill
G18Brad RohloffBred PressBred Press is an artist books, comics, and zine publishing house located in Chicago. Started by Brad Rohloff in 2014, it provides a platform by which to support contemporary artists working within the medium of printed and published matter. I love
G13Brown and Proud PressOn StrugglingBrown & Proud Press is a collective of people of color with the intent of sharing personal narratives of struggle through the medium of zines as a catalyst for collective healing and
E12brown recluse zine distrobrown recluse zine distroBrown Recluse Zine Distro, based in the Pacific Northwest, is a zine distro for people of color, by people of color. Created to support and center zines written by POC; BRZD was born out of passion for zines and frustration at the lack of representation and meaningful zine material for
K19Burn BlackBurn BlackChicago based zine distro with a
J03Carlos MoralesInferiority ComplexLeaving behind his ghosts in Miami, Carlos Moved to Chicago in search of Tabula Rasa, which he has found the all inclusive culture of zines.
D07Caroline CashSWEATYCaroline Cash enjoys long walks on the beach and writing comics about her daily existential crisis.
C13Cathy HannahChicago in FallCathy Hannah lives and draws in Chicago. She draws maudlin comics about life’s many disappointments, some of which are political or historical. Originally from Michigan, she graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a fancy degree in comics makin’ in 2003. Determined to drive up her debt and accumulate even more impractical credentials she graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an even fancier graduate degree in Art History, Theory, and Criticism in 2007. This means she is exceptionally qualified to draw a comic about how comics are great!
C07Celina BarajasColor Me WhimsyCelina Barajas is an animator/illustrator who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and has been living in Chicago for over a decade. She began exhibiting her art at comic conventions in early 2014 and premiered her very first self-made comic, "Color Me Whimsy" last year at CZF 2016. This year she will be a part of an anthology with the "Let's Make Comics" group and will have a sequel to "Color Me Whimsy"
K16Chad Rutter & Emily RoehlMystery Spot BooksMystery Spot Books produces small-run artist books, zines, and other publications that trace the contours of place-based experience in the human-altered landscape. Mystery Spot Is a collaboration between Minneapolis, MN based artist Chad Rutter and Austin, TX based writer Emily
G14CHema Skandal!Little Thoughts, Essays from The Book of Cannibals, Sybil Press Mix-Tape Collection of Zine excerptsCHema Skandal! is a graphic artist living in Chicago. His art is influenced by music and sociopolitical current events as well as human
S06Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE)CAKEChicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) is a weekend-long celebration of independent comics, inspired by Chicago’s rich legacy as home to many of underground and alternative comics’ most talented artists– past, present and future. Featuring comics for sale, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and more, CAKE is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue among independent artists, small presses, publishers and readers. CAKE is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest
downstairsChicago Books to Women in PrisonChicago Books to Women in PrisonChicago Books to Women in Prison is an all-volunteer group that distributes paperback books free of charge to incarcerated women, including transwomen, nationwide. We are dedicated to offering the opportunity for self-empowerment, education, and entertainment that reading
S03Chicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC)CHIPRCChicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC) is a non-profit that strives to build community and foster creativity by providing access to the space, education, and resources necessary to create and self-publish literary and visual work. CHIPRC is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest
G16Chloë PerkisUglyChloë Perkis is a cartoonist, illustrator and ceramicist living in Chicago. They address elements of queer sexuality, violence, and body image through playful comics and
D15Claudia and ActionArtist seriesArtist Action and Claudia, born and raised in Chicago have found the city as its canvas. Action wheatpastes his love of pugs and more on Chicago walls while Claudia illustrates designs and story invoking the artist
D16Claudia E BergerReflections, The Bear And The Moon, Finding Home, Cultivated, Parallax, Tiny Landscape ProjectClaudia is a New York City based cartoonist, illustrator and zine maker. She primarily makes autobiographic comics about mental health, but also makes comics inspired by mythology and houseplants.
G08Craig John Barr & Heather ElaineBabaloo Zines English Illustrator exploring the Midwest and drawing my new experiences. Venturing into children's zines with my partner and our new family obsession with trains. Heather provides Quirky DIY instructional
J15Cristi LópezLoop, La VueltaI am Cristi López, an emerging artist from Gainesville, Florida. I am a recent graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, where I received a BFA in Illustration in 2016. My passion for illustration stems from my desire to make work that is universally accessible. My visuals are personal and allegorical, inviting viewer
D13Crucial Changes Printing PressCrucial Changes Printing PressLong running punk zine out of Omaha, NE.
D11Daejuan JacobsFractalWriter and creator of the new comic book mini-series Fractal. A dark science fiction thriller from Chicago native Daejuan Jacobs.
C06Daimon HamptonNeon, become, hold me downDaimon is a person, who draws silly little pictures. He can't seem to think of anything better he could be
E05Dan NelsonHot TagDan Nelson is a hot dog fanatic who has been watching wrestling since he was a small boy. Hot Tag, rather than about hot dogs, is about his complex relationship with sports entertainment, from his obsession as a youth to his own wrestling
A22Daniel KittakaHello My Name IsCartoonist, training to run a sub 2:30
B04Daniel WykeWykeryDaniel Wyke (Wykery) is a cartoonist/illustrator living in Pittsburgh, PA. He loves comics and in his spare time likes to go for long walks, eat tacos, and listen to
B15Dave DuganZencomixDave Dugan has been drawing comics since before the internet
G04David alvaradoLife is beautiful David alvarado is a cartoonist and illustrator. He has created illustrations for various publications including cicada, Newcity, Narrativly and Lumpen. He is an avid self publisher of mini comics, zines and other paper ephemera.
G06Dawn GrahamStay Kind! DistroStay Kind! publishes and distributes creative works, with a focus on social justice and personal narratives. A portion of all sales are donated to initiatives supporting our
E11Debbie WongBeetlebobDebbie grew up on the tropical island of Taiwan and immigrated to the United States at the tender age of 10. She loves to draw and screenprint. She is working on collaborating on zines with other poets and provide beautiful words with illustrations to
S10DePaul University Library Special Collections and ArchivesDePaul University LibraryDePaul University Special Collections and Archives maintains a variety of zine collections primarily dating from the 1990s through the 2010s, with a strong emphasis on materials produced in Chicago and the Midwest region. DePaul's collections represent diverse topics and formats, including political action, arts, music, and personal histories, with a focus on providing accessibility to inmate populations. DePaul seeks to preserve and provide access to zines as an alternative print format often representing lesser heard voices. DePaul University Library is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest
H02downfall artsdownfall artsdownfall arts is a artist books publisher with a focus on telling the history of the future and distributing stuff about pizza
E03Dylan White & Trisha RemetirZinesboroZinesboro is a roving zine library and smalltime publisher based out of Carrboro, NC. Our goal is to promote and share DIY arts through pop-up events around the Triangle and publish original artzines and
E06ed.Holy Demon Army Distro/Black Metal of the AmericasHoly Demon Army Distro is the only zine distro devoted entirely to the sport of kings, professional wrestling. Black Metal of the Americas is a zine devoted to covering non-bigoted black metal from North and South
C11Edward WittNorthside Comic ArtistsEd Witt is a comic artist and writer living in Chicago. He is also the founder of Northside Comic Artists, a Chicago-based collective of comic artists from hobbyists to professionals who hold drawing events and workshops on the north side of Chicago. At Zinefest he will be selling three different anthologies created by the members of the collective and promoting the
B07Eli AdamsStonerquotes, Skull Pals, Craigslist Haiku Hotel, BunsI'm inspired by cult classics, strange science, kitschy shit, cultural undergrounds, twitchy bass guitar solos, and every weirdo I've ever met.
J13Eli HalpernPony Pony Pony PonyEli Halpern is merely the mortal vessel for the ravenous and profane appetites of A Pony Named Princess. He is a Chicago-based artist and game designer whose non-equine projects include the party game Cards Against
B12Elliott Junkyard#bestfriend comicsElliott Junkyard is an artist of many media. He is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and currently resides in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. He started making zines in 2010 and has not looked back
E02Endless BummerPermanence Mythology, Dress, Good vibrations, Part Time PunkStories real and imagined by a queer southern punk from durham, north carolina
F18Eric BartholomewJunk DrawerEric Bartholomew grew up going to garage sales, finding stuff in alleys, and collecting odds and ends of various sorts. He tries not to save too much, and writes about it instead, in his zine series called “Junk Drawer.”
K09Eric Von HaynesFlatlands Press / IS PressBuilding and Breaking since 2007, Out of Pilsen
H08Erin HookanaCheetah EyesErin Hookana aka Cheetah Eyes is an artist who uses the awkwardness of flat 80's inspired illustration and crude collage to explore ideas of femininity, glamour and status.
F08Eryca My Little Friend Zine Eryca was born and raised in Los Angeles, but breifly lived in Chicago and misses it dearly. She is a co-founder and former co-organizer of the LA Zine Fest. she has a bunch of zines, new and old.
H07Eva DawsonFree SilenceEva Dawson writes in Albany Park, Chicago.
G11Fiona AvocadoEntwined, Nothing Compares 2 U, Dancing In THe Dark, Thalassic Sanctuary, What is Up With Your Fruity Name?, JadeFiona Avocado is an artist, writer, media maker, educator, and agitator. Fiona’s work is multifaceted and explores many subjects, including everyday life, current events, alternate universes, and glittery daydreams. She resides in Minneapolis,
C22Free Ass. Mag.Free Ass. Mag.Free Association Magazine (Free Ass. Mag.) is an anti-architecture/architecture [maga]zine, responding in agitation to the isolated nature of architecture by viewing the built environment through the lenses of varying media and ideas. Free Ass. Mag. will discuss topics of the inhabitable realm triggered by a single theme for each published
D08Gabe HowellCowboy, Flirting With Death?, Bathroom BFGabe Howell is a transgender cartoonist and painter currently in living Chicago, Illinois and studying at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He enjoys digging through garbage and drawing sad comics about peeing in alleys.
C01GPGrime Time Chicago graffiti!
K17Grant LewandowskiPainkiller, Untitled Grant Lewandowski is a Chicago based photographer that produces publications that capture the people around him. His documentary style photography looks into the lives of all kinds of people from every walk of
F24Hannah Jablonski How to get lost, beditations Hannah Jablonski is a Philly transplant studying art in the great city of Chicago where she makes zines about surreal experiences in the everyday and writes really long sentences
A12Hannah MathisHannahHannah tells the heartbreaking, yet hope-inspiring story of a depressed misanthrope in love.
A07Harry HillmanWahlburgh ProstheticHarry Hillman is a Chicagoland cartoonist and a terrible karaoke performer. His comics have appeared in Fresh Veggie Press's Trap House. He's got one of those
F10Heather CStranger Danger Zine DistroStranger Danger is a zine distro based out of Chicago that carries feminist zines, queer zines, trans zines, POC zines, & more — zines about identity, home, disabilities, friendship, survival, etc
H03Hedwig VinsonHedwig VinsonArtist type based in Minneapolis, MN. I've been sucked up into the void of classical music, will I ever emerge again? Prepare yourself for some polyrhythmic layers in these
F03Henry Guerra, gabi cracraftWWVHenry Guerra and gabi cracraft are cartoonists based out of Chicago IL. both make work that is driven by imagination and fantasy.
A16HMGKSPORTS SPORTSSHMGK hails from the great city of Chicago and hates zines but loves SPORTS!
H18Hue the HuemanEmotion ExitHue the Hueman from Chicago makes magical zines and comics with full of
K20Ill Will EditionsIll Will EditionsIll Will Editions is a multilingual zine-making project based in Berlin & Chicago. Our focus is on anarchy, anti-politics, proletarian insurrection, trans-feminism, afropessimism, anti-prison / anti-cop
H10invited ghostsinvited ghostsInvited Ghosts is a zine distro and blog. We share treasures hidden in dark corners of archives and new loves from the
F23Isabel Ann Castro, Natasha I HernandezSt. SuciaSt. Sucia is a submission based, all Latina feminist zine. Started in San Antonio with a an unattended copy machine, we are now international and on University syllibi, our goal is to elevate our community's art and lit!
C15Isabella RotmanNot On My WatchIsabella Rotman is a cartoonist and snake-person from Maine living and drawing in Chicago. Her art is usually about the ocean, mermaids, crushing loneliness, people in the woods, or sex. She is Artist in Residence at
H20J. WuLiving SouthernersLiving Southerners is a document of J. Wu's efforts to understand the complex and ever-changing American South, two years after she left
F20Jahnny VommitHellBitchesJahnny Vommit is a visual artist born and raised in New York City. Her work is heavily inspired by the fashion and rock and roll history of the 1980s. She is also the curator of the all female alternative art zine
B22Jakob Streiff ZombknottsA dumb rookie's second time distributing garbage in the Chicago area.
B21Jamie KadasEmbrace Your BeautyJamie Kadas is an artist from Chicago whose work focuses on zines and comics that inspire body positivity in all
K12Jamie PrimackBinary StarJamie Primack is a comic artist, writer, illustrator, and self-proclaimed "space goth." Inspired by her love of sci fi and horror, Jamie's artistic style combines elements of both gothic subcultures and futuristic
J20jan descartes and roxyheartland comicJan is the illustrator, story teller and co-creator of heartland comic. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. Roxy is the co-creator and story teller of heartland comic. She lives in Chicago, IL.
F19Javier Suárez & Cameron del RosarioLobo HeightsJavier Suárez is a Chicano artist from Chicago. He's founder of Lobo Heights, a unique collaboration between pop culture, comics and music.

Cameron del Rosario makes comic books, has a dog and likes club sandwiches. He resides in Louisville, Kentucky.
D05JB Roe Brainbuster 2019 JB Roe is a Chicago based writer and artist from Lakeland, FL. He makes zines and comics exploring genre tropes, pro wrestling, and Showa era tokusatsu shows and movies.
J01JCTributaries, CollideJC is a librarian and writes on her experience living with rheumatoid arthritis. She also compiles the zine Collide, on the intersection of physical and mental
A18JC SparksPsychotronic Alterna-PressJC Sparks is a poetry/scifi/microfiction/experimental/nonfiction writer from Kansas City, MO. Psychotronic Alterna-Press is a nexus of mind-altering writing and zines including titles such as No True Sleep and Colossal Poetry
A13Jeff SchwartzbauerBonus StageZine and comics maker from the Twin Cities. Focusing on the wide world of variety!
B03Jessi ZabarskyCzap Books
Jessi Zabarsky lives in Chicago, drawing comics, growing vegetables, and spotting bunnies. Her comics are about very small spaces and moments in very big
H11Jessica EarhartKhlorisJessica Earhart is a visual artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. Her mediums of focus are collage and zines. She loves working with collage because she only has partial control of the outcome, much like life. Her art inspired by feminism, environmentalism, and existential crisis. She adores cats and often eats ice cream for dinner.
C20Jessickaahhh! RaygunCombcatJessickaahhh! Raygun is a rock and roll space monster living in Chicago IL. You know, just rock n roll and cats.
A01Jim DonaldsonPeeholeJim is a Chicago based sludge metal guitarist and comic drawing guy responsible for the silly-book called Peehole, as well as the metal web comics Danziggy and Hetfield The
F05Jim JoyceLet It SinkPerzine of lo-fi gunk, Chicago jetsam, flotsam, drawings of rats, essays on spooky irrelevant
K07JoeGutter Brew DistributionGutter Brew Distribution is a small press and zine distro with a literary
J14Joe DeLucaLIFE SUX LOLIllustrator from Chicago, Illinois. So bummed, I'm
K14John Bailey JrWage Slaves, Beef Jams, Metal HeadsReal life Dragonball Z super fan living in Chicago.
G15John PorcellinoKing-Cat Comix/Spit and a Half DistroJohn Porcellino has been self-publishing his comic-zine King-Cat since 1989 and running the Spit and a Half Comix Distro since
F11JonasCheer the Eff UpI make zines about aging punks, fatherhood, depression and whatever else.
G01Jonathan Jardin, Blake JonesInterlopers ClubZinesters from Houston, TX create work about various people, places and things (nouns).
J06Jordan KnechtAdult PunkAdult Punk is a small publishing house from Denver, Colorado and focuses on representing artists who don't fit neatly into any
G22Joseph WilcoxArt ZinesJoseph Wilcox is an artist and educator living in Chicago. He makes zines that explore how institutional control and social power structures undermine the autonomy of the
K11JT WilkinsTTRX CrewJason Wilkins (JTW) has been creating mini comics since his pre-teens but started doing comics seriously in 2004, when he self-published his first comic zine Lunchbox. Since then, he was part of the Local DC Conspiracy comic scene in which his work can be seen in the Magic Bullet Comic Newspaper. He has labeled his technique in coloring and effects as "Hi-Octane".
G12Juli HuddlestonMousetrap, The Upper Berth, Murder for ChristmasJuli makes spooky comix and zines in Salt Lake City. She is also an organizer of Grid Zine
B20Julian C.M.PatozA bilingual climate-change-fiction comic about talking ducks.
G19Kaitlin KostusLow Maintenance PublicationsLow Maintenance Publications offers easy, breezy, beautiful zines created in Chicago,
E19Karl Noyes, Guy Wagner, Cat Raia, Joe Cunningham, Kevin Hagen, Jaira Donery, Emily Hayes, Vince MichelRoosterhouseRoosterhouse is a collective from Minneapolis. Their zines focus on the art and experiences of outsiderom, identity, and the cirrosis of
E01Katherine GottsegenHoly DataKatherine Gottsegen is queer a visual artist and illustrator currently living in Durham NC. She is interested in exploring the relationships between lines, digital experimentation, and radical politics through her illustrations.
B24Katie ArmentroutCelebrate the PeopleKatie Armentrout is a lifelong cartoonist and beauty champion who lives and works in the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. "Celebrate the People" is Katie's autobiographical comic series she hopes you will find a wee bit funny. It is her heartfelt attempt to thrill and celebrate, you, the people.
K06Katrina Ann KubeczkoKAEPMKKatrina Kubeczko is an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is a lover of zines and an organizer of Twin Cities Zine Fest (MN).
In addition to zines by Katrina, collaborative projects will also be featured (and a few zines by friends who couldn't make the trip themselves)
J10Kayla LaneAnkle BootsKayla Lane writes words and makes things in Chicago by way of Austin. She often performs the things she writes and makes at variety, comedy and art shows. A show she co-wrote and performed in "Ankle Boots: Absurd Miniature Memoirs" won Best of Fest at the 2014 Chicago Fringe Fest, and was featured at the 2015 Festival. She took 2016 off. Rest is
G24Keiler RobertsPowdered MilkKeiler Roberts teaches comics at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and lives in Evanston, Illinois with her husband, daughter and dog. The Comics Journal said of her recently published third book, Miseryland, that she “captures human nature in all its quirky contradiction.” Her Ignatz-winning autobiographical comic Powdered Milk can be seen at Her work was included in The Best American Comics
C03Kelly Miller and Alexander SlovesClawboy by Alexander Sloves and Kelly MillerKelly Leigh Miller is a Chicago illustrator, comic artist, painter and all around sketchbook enthusiast! Alexander Sloves is a Chicago based designer and art director, and lover of all things comics and zines.
D12Kelsey ChooFluffy, Wallflower, Windows, Third Sight, Spooks, Polaris, MuseKelsey Choo is a Hawaii girl making comics about ghosties, demons, and floaty experiences, in Chicago since
B01Kevin Budnik & Meredith ParkIt's OKay To Be SadKevin Budnik is a cartoonist from chicago. He makes journal comics about mental health. Meredith is a cartoonist and illustrator currently living in Hamilton, Ontario. She likes working on her bike and making comics about
C08Kitty and LarissaTaylor Swift: Girl DetectiveKitty and Larissa are a writing and creative team with an eye for engaging visuals, an ear for dialogue, and several other strong storytelling body parts between the two of
J19KpollyFake A$$ RappersKristopher Pollard (Kpolly) is an artist/illustrator from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His book Fake A$$ Rappers is collection of fictional hip hop icons and their work. His new zine Kpolly's Guide to Your Whole Stupid Life is a collections of short form comics from the past two
G03Krystal DiFronzoMurder MoonKrystal DiFronzo is a cartoonist and educator based in Chicago. She has a chipped tooth, a sharp laugh, and cries over
A06Kyle HarterKyle Harter ArtKyle Harter resides in San Jose California where he draws
G07La Liga ZineLa Liga ZineLa Liga Zine is an online and print publication that showcases the work of Latinx
D14Ladies' Night AnthologyLadies' Night AnthologyLadies' Night provides a safe space for women to discuss and create comics. Since 2012, we have annually published Ladies' Night Anthology, featuring comics by women identifying individuals from around the
G21Lane Tech Zine ClubLane Tech Zine Tech Lane Tech Zine Club is a mash of all different interests and explorations from us Chicago teenagers still in high school!
K10Laura Bruhn, Janet BruhnZine sistersZine sisters hail from the great city of Milwaukee where they illustrate and share zines focused on art, community and female empowerment.
D19Lauren JordanLauren JordanLauren Jordan is an artist and designer currently living in Chicago, IL. her body of work focuses on positive relationships with food and the
D10Lawrence Lindell StudiosLawrence Lindell StudiosLawrence Lindell Studios is an independent art studio specializing in Illustrated art books, comics and cartoons.
E09Leigh Kaulbach & Bracelet PressLoKK & Bracelet PressZinester LoKK makes coming of age zines and graphic poems, and also publishes the work of others with her Lawrence, KS based risograph, Bracelet
J09Leigh Morrison and Savannah ManningSame Earth ProductionsLeigh and Sav are snarky feminist midwesterners and partners in crime. They like koalas far more than you
F07Leila AbdelrazaqBigmouth ComixLeila Abdelrazaq is a Palestinian artist from Chicago. She is the author of the graphic novel Baddawi, as well as a variety of short comics and zines. Her distro project, Bigmouth Comix, lifts up the work of female and non-binary artists from the Middle East, North Africa, and South
F09Leslie PerrineCreatures of LoveBio coming via email!
C05Let's Make Comics!Let's Make Comics!Let's Make Comics! is a Chicago-based collective dedicated to supporting creators and helping them make cool
H01Lindsay Mathers ArtElsewhereChicagoland artist creating ongoing surreal, otherworldly zine series that focuses on the heroine's journey.
H17Lindsey FaloonaLightHeavyChicago collage zine that explores color and shapes with paper based pieces and explores creating visuals of small living
A11Lindsey RichterNothing Spinning Lindsey is a chicago native and graduate of SVA's cartooning program with an interest in folklore, fiber arts, and natural phenomena.
D01Liz ElstonOctober the WitchLiz Elston is a Chicago based comic artist for all ages. She spends her free time writing and binge watching everything on
B08Liz WalkerEverybody Likes LizLiz Walker is an artist based in Minneapolis, MN. She creates autobiographical comics and other silly things.
F22Lizzy and Ashly Make StuffMenagerie PartyTwo Chicago ladies who love comics, dogs and pizza trying their best to combine their love into some radical zines!
B19Logan KruidenierToo Much Fun Too, Excerpts, TVDEEPFRY, The Blob DirectoryLogan Kruidenier is from California and makes a lot of great art and sweet comics.
D02Luke SchulerBoss Nostalgic 64Cartoonist, writer, artist, and Pokemon master Luke Schuler makes comics about the adventure of video games and the difficulties of growing up (or leveling up)
S07Lumpen Radio (WLPN 105.5)LumpenLumpen Radio (WLPN 105.5) is a non commercial radical radio station from Chicago (on 105.5 FM) that showcases innovative ideas, plays highly curated music, and broadcasts commentary on the issues of our day. WLPN spotlights the hidden parts of the city we love, amplifying its voices and sounds. We are a station for the people that live and work in the city, people everywhere that love Chicago's underground cultures, and people who love the idea of freeform radio wherever they are. Lumpen is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest
K05Magda BoreyszaFox & CometMagda Boreysza draws animals with human faces, feral children and other strange creatures. She is based in New Orleans.
B16Mara SternbergSteeltoedbluesMara Sternberg is a drawer and writer and comic book maker from Toronto, Canada. Her work focuses on travel, queer femme identity, sexuality, mental illness, trauma, and also
B23Marcus MullerMarcus MullerChicago based comic artist and creator of the comic "King of the Unknown". Has created artwork for DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW, and Locust Moon Press, as well as concept art for video games.

Has the insomnia, loves pizza and donuts.
G02Margaret GonzalezVVD BLKVVD BLK is a zine about chance, serendipity and the exploration of making art and
A10Marissa Luna, Alex Araiza, April KasulisPlus Dog CollectivePlus Dog Collective is composed of cartoonists, writers, and illustrators based in the Minneapolis area. Formed in 2014, we are dedicated to creating and showcasing self-published work from a diverse range of artists with varying styles and
H16Marnie GallowayIn the Sounds and SeasMarnie Galloway is a Chicago-based cartoonist who makes literary/poetic comics, including "In the Sounds and Seas," "Burrow," and "Particle/Wave."
G17Matt DavisPerfectly AcceptableSTOREPRINT top for sale faq view cart
A small publishing house and Risograph printing studio in Chicago.
A20Matt PhillipsUnity Guy, MangurtMatt Phillips is the creator of dark and humorous things. You just might like his
K03Matthew CrowtherHalfmoon ProjectsHalfmoon Projects is a Chicago based publisher of art and photography zines, books, and editioned objects.
J16Matthew schneemanEpi.ClimateEpi.Climate is a surreal absurdist comic strip that occasionally destroys paradigms.
E20Mechanical YammeringMechanical YammeringWeird, obscene writing from text bots on the internet
A14Megan Rose GedrisRosalarianRosalarian is a queer comic artist, burlesque dancer, former cheesemonger, and feminist mermaid glitter queen making comics about all of the
C19Melody Chang SnyderMelody Chang SnyderMelody Chang Snyder most likely sprouted from a potato. She writes mostly about her experiences beneath her
D17Mia CruzAnything That Can Go Wrong Comics and Illustrations Anything That Can Go Wrong is an ongoing zine/diary-comic published by Chicago based painter/illustrator Mia Cruz. A mix of poetry, memoir, illustration, and a slight obsession with food, Anything That Can Go Wrong returns this year with Zine 2(3)4, the third of the series, chronicling the moment our writer hits mental puberty and owns up to her age, also known as "Adulting."
C09Michael Ridge36lbs of ProductMichael Ridge aka John DiDomenico aka Johnny Deeper aka MC Macaroni lives in Chicago. When he isn't writing and drawing comics he enjoys long walks on the beach and dreams of time
B06Milena Deneno Inklings, Witchy Inklings, Pokedex Milena Deneno, a student at the International School of Comics, draws zines about Mori girls, witches and Pokémon.
H12Milo and ChrisQZAP (Queer Zine Archive Project)The Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) was first launched in November 2003 in an effort to preserve queer zines and make them available to other queers, researchers, historians, punks, and anyone else who has an interest DIY publishing and underground queer
A17Monica LongCrushing EverythingCat stuff. Stefan Coisson's stuff (you'll like it). Loneliness forever.
E07Nathan G. O'BrienHotDogDayzSoda Killers is the best punk, rap, and graffiti magazine on the planet. HotDogDayz Assemblage of Junk Fanzine is comprised of basically anything the can be glued to a piece of paper and
K04Nathan PearceSame Coin PressSame Coin Press is a publishing project by Claire Cushing and Nathan Pearce. We make zines and
B02Nessie GraceNature ZineNessie Grace is a bat researcher that compiles her and others' stories, essays, recipes, and more into The Nature Zine. People share their fears, passions, and thoughts on exploring, connecting with and studying nature - and disconnecting with the urban world. Tips are also included on identifying flora and fauna. Some issues also include cassettes so readers can experience sounds altered and looped forest
F01Nia KingArt Activist NiaNia King is a queer mixed-race artist and activist from Boston, MA living in Oakland, CA. She is the author of Queer & Trans Artists of Color, Volumes 1 & 2, and the host/producer of We Want the Airwaves
E15NicholePieces, A Visitor in MyselfNichole writes perzines of the mental health and slice-of-life variety, and have run the gamut of topics: friendship, acne scars, lucid dreaming, depression, medication, and so much more. Go check out her zines! She's also up for
J05Nick GarciaNighted LifeNIGHTED (est. 2012) is a film photography collective and an independent publishing house with members around the world. We aim to showcase the unseen sides of
A24Noah Jones, Natalia Rios, Jolene Whatevr, Sasha TyckoSick MuseThe Sick Muse is a zine about, by & for DIY CHI music: its words, theories, and poetry; its politics, art, and eros; its midnight lamp; its muse. Our mission and content is not music, its musicking. Beyond the music you hear at shows, there are the communities, words, theories, spaces, and passions that form it. That's what we want to get
F12Norma KrautmeyerBile & Syntax, Airport TravelogueNorma is a frequent traveler now located in the twin cities who writes perzines, draws comics, and makes art
H13Oliv RoeBreeds of Kitty Ladies, Drawings by Oliv Roe, SSSpitOliv Roe is a Queer Illustrator in Chicago whose work focuses mainly on womyns issues, LGBTQ+ topics, inner monologue and intersectional
C02Oscar ArriolaFotoflow PressFotoflow Press is dedicated to sharing art, photo, and graffiti zines from Chicago and
J18Other FormsCounter Signals, Scapegoat, House MagicOther Forms is a mobile research and design collective working in multiple intersections of architecture, graphic design, and publishing. Other Forms considers how design reflects and critiques, in semi-autonomous marginal spaces, the material and social conditions of its practice. Other Forms produces exhibitions, publications, writing, and typography, and anticipates the possibility of architecture. Other Forms is Jack Henrie Fisher, Jonathan Krohn, and Alan Smart. We/they are based in Chicago and
C10Patrick ChengCatTriggerPatrick Cheng is a Chicago artist and animator that has worked on films, games, commercials, cartoons and more!
J07Peregrine AngthiusPeregrine AngthiusPeregrine was born near the end of the eighties to a pair of weirdos who decided to move to the woods; she is the eldest of three witches. She currently resides in Chicago with her animal
G05Pioneers PressPioneers PressCountry punx who run a distro off an animal rescue farm!
D24Pranas T NaujokaitisGhost Car PressPranas T. Naujokaitis is a Chicago based cartoonist who specializes in hand-crafted minicomics with a focus on design and packaging. His minicomic Laffy Meal was nominated for an Ignatz award in
H14Pulp, Ink, Thread (PIT)Pulp, Ink, Thread (PIT)Pulp, Ink, Thread (PIT) is an organization of grad students in the Book & Paper and Interdisciplinary Arts & Media MFA programs at Columbia College Chicago. We collectively and individual make zines, prints, and books that investigate a wide range of
S01Quimby's BookstoreQuimby's BookstoreQuimby's Bookstore is an independently owned bookstore that sells independently-published and small press books, comics, zines and ephemera. Quimby's favors the unusual, the aberrant, the saucy and the lowbrow. Quimby's is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest
B14R. HendricksStranger Two StrangerMichigan-based visual storyteller captivated by the bizarre, eccentric and troubled lives of human
F02Rachel BardGoblin PrintsRachel Bard is a cartoonist and illustrator who loves monsters, sad stories, and small press publishing. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016, where she drew a lot of cute things trying to not get eaten. Now she spends her time making comics, inventing strange new animals, and assembling an endless amount of tiny
H06Rachel Lin, Brittany Arnold, Geoniya Acuna, Sophie Orner-ThompsonAnimated Art Studios A collection of Chicago animators with big dreams and small zines. Collect us all!
S05Read/Write LibraryRead/Write LibraryRead/Write Library collects, preserves, and provides access to community media in order to inspire and promote diverse modes of cultural production and civic engagement. Through our public programs and free browsing hours, growing collection of over 5,000 publications, and open source catalog, the library strives to raise the visibility of work produced by Chicagoans of all backgrounds and to encourage inquiry into and ownership of the historical record. Started in 2006 as Chicago Underground Library, Read/Write Library is based in Humboldt Park and collaborates with other organizations to produce Pop Up Libraries throughout the Chicago area. Read/Write is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest
J08Rivven SwansonNo Spoons Food, AlienS, Badass Ladies in History Volume 2Rivven Swanson is a Queer comics and fiber artist based in Chicago. Their work switches from educational to punny and back again. Some of their favorite topics are Queer/trans love, weather patterns and landscapes, and monster movies.
A09Robert KelseyRobert Kelsey IllustrationRobert Kelsey is a traveling zine nomad who likes to draw giant monsters, and Shakespeare crying.
D23Rosamund Lannin, Megan KirbyGood RiddanceRosamund Lannin runs lady live lit show Miss Spoken, occasionally makes zines, and is pleasantly surprised to have lived in Chicago for over a decade. Megan Kirby lives and writes in Chicago, and had paid her rent freelancing for alumni magazines, walking rich people’s dogs, working a comic shop counter, and selling the occasional short story.
E18Ryan BurnsBloody Mary Fairy, Terms of EndearmentRyan Burns, (born September 30, 1983, Manchester, Connecticut) American painter, short-story zinester, and drawer whose dense works provide a dark, often satirical analysis of American
A04Sacha LuskSacha LuskSacha is a goblin that likes to watch Real Housewives, make comics, and stir up some trouble
E04Sage CoffeySmall but PresentSage Coffey is a SCAD Alumni who recently moved to Chicago on a whim. They dig bugs a whole lot and make comics about dealing with anxiety, cats, and bean people!
C14Sam SzaboBrain Booger IndustriesSam Szabo is a recent Chicago transplant, originally hailing from coastal Massachusetts. Sam draws comics very, very
A02Samuel NigroshTrash City ComixTrash City Comix is Chicago based apocalypse focused publishing destination of creeps and back alley creepers and the men, woman and bugs that love
B18SanJoMazJelly JarSanJoMaz is a self-taught illustrator and comic artist. Her work is mainly done in fine-point markers, India ink, and colored pencils.
H09Sarah Rose NelsonAnxietzineSarah makes mental health zines based off of her own surveys and uses respondent's intimate traumas and glories to reach to her peers. She resides in southeastern
S11School of Life DesignSchool of Life DesignFounded in 2010 by graphic designers Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen, School of Life Design (SoLD) aims to provide a formal education in spirituality. Employing the principles of design—harmony, balance, hierarchy, scale, focus, and contrast—SoLD pragmatically fills the spiritual void left by public education. Offering conscious creation resources from positive thinking worksheets to guided meditations to Monthly Manifestation Manuals, SoLD has everything you need to deliberately create and enjoy your reality on a daily basis. School of Life Design is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest
G23Scott RobertsHappy TrailsScott Roberts makes experimental comics. His animations, sculptures, and video installations have been shown in galleries and museums. He lives in Evanston with his wife, daughter, and dog and is the chair of the Animation program at DePaul University in
A15Sean DempseySean DempseyI graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art. My independent comics focus on curiosity and adventure through traveling or misfit characters. Whether in a comic, illustration, or cartoon, my stories embrace a balance of innocent and cynical protagonists. I hopes to create diverse, relatable characters that the audience can witness their inner growth, discovery, and
A08Shannon ShreibakPulp CultShannon Shreibak is a publicist for music venues across Chicago. She is also a writer, poet, painter, and clumsy cyclist.
B11Sheika LugtuMetal sky, Theodore & Friends, SFOT, MouthSheika wanted to be an elephant when she grew up but settled for making comics instead. Her work with The Ladydrawers focuses on economic, race, gender and cultural issues impacting marginalized
S12Slutwalk ChicagoSlutwalk ChicagoSlutWalk is an international movement that was born in 2011 as a response to an all-too common expression of institutional rape culture: a police officer’s public statement to a group of college students: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” SlutWalks all over the world have been organized since. That police officer vocalized what survivors of rape, sexual assault, and street harassment know all too well: in our society, survivors of sexual abuse and rape are often blamed and shamed for the abuse inflicted upon them, while perpetrators are rarely held accountable. Slutwalk is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest
C23SmeyerSmeyer Trying HQSarah Meyer (smeyer) lives in Chicago and writes about
S09Spudnik Press CooperativeSpudnik Press CooperativeSpudnik Press Cooperative is a community-based art center located in a warehouse-turned-arts hub in West Town, Chicago. Founded on the premise that art should be a democratic and empowering medium, Spudnik Press Cooperative is committed to being an approachable and affordable print shop; a space where professional printmakers merge with aspiring students; a space that encourages collaboration and the sharing of ideas. At Zine Fest, the Spudnik Press "Saturday Morning Zine Club" will debut new work, with many of the artists involved tabling for the first time! Spudnik Press is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest
H19Stephanie GageMartian PressMartian Press is a Milwaukee-based Risograph press dedicated to creating and publishing original content as well as producing zines and prints created by other local and national artists and writers. Martian Press collects the outlandish, the otherworldly, the extraordinary and the ordinary and produces something meaningful from them.
D22Steve KeiserSteve Keiser ComicsSteve Keiser is a comic artist, graphic designer, and IT professional from Chicago. He makes comics about magic, fonts, ghosts, balloons, and
D09Studio ErboStudio ErboStudio Erbo is a publishing conglomerate, creating anything from books and comic books, to illustration and video
D06Sun Bros StudiosEISEGESIS: Kings & Queens, Chinatown, Monkey Fist, Apocalypse ManSun Bros Studios has been making and publishing comics since it's founding in 2012 by brother Wesley and Brad Sun. Their newest book, EISEGESIS, is their first ever collaboration with Chicago artist Ali
S12Support Ho(s)eSupport Ho(s)eBuilding radical community for sex workers in Chicago. Support Ho(s)e is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest
F21SYBIL PRESSLittle Thoughts, Essays from The Book of Cannibals, Sybil Press Mix-Tape Collection of Zine excerptsEstablished in 2013, Sybil Press is a small print press specializing in hand made print product: artist books, zines, theory, philosophy, and other experimental subject
C17Taryn HippLady Teeth Taryn Hipp writes the perzine Lady Teeth about sobriety, BMX & living life to the fullest.
G20Temporary Services / Half Letter PressTemporary Services / Half Letter PressTemporary Services and Half Letter Press will bring booklets that we've been making since 1998, as well as materials from our friends and other projects like Public Collectors and Breakdown Break Down
C21Tim Nicholas & Annie SogaSTUDIUM/punctum PressTim and Annie make zines both together and separately under the name STUDIUM/punctum Press. They write about film, food, radical politics, books, art, the internet, and more, and usually combine heavily researched nerdiness with personal reflection, humor, and visual art. They also distro zines from friends and comrades from around the
F16Tim O'HanlonLow LevelLow Level is a Philadelphia based zine influenced by heartache, punk rock and roll, United States cities, 1950s and 60s counterculture, brutal honesty and truth. Forever black and white copy machine
A23TylerAIRPLANE FOODTyler makes lots of weird stuff with paper, light, bits of string, and words. Desperately excited to fade into
H05Tyron Perryman, Richard RossCasa de LowreyCasa de Lowrey is based in Harlem, NY and seeks to publish works that push the boundaries of what rap music and hip hop culture can
A03UChicomicsUchicomicsUchicomics is the comics appreciation and drawing club at the University of
S04University of Chicago LibraryUniversity of Chicago LibraryOur collections focus on zines created in Chicago, by or about people who have a relationship with the city. We’ve been collecting since 2010 and are excited about adding more! The University of Chicago Library is a sponsor of Chicago Zine Fest
K08Veronica Letoevey in orbitEvey is Veronica Leto: an artist and zine maker based in Nashville, Tn. Just another queer, fat positive, half haired feminist trying to make a positive impact on this life
B05Vesteban ComicsHelock ComicsVesteban Comics is a local Chicago comic artist and is quite excited to be at the Chicago Zine Fest! His book Second Wind takes place in the city of Chicago, and the books of Wexler's Follies (a 1920's theater themed drama) will be available as well. We can't wait to see you at the show!
F06Vicky LimAbstract DoorVicky Lim, a Virgo rising Leo with moon in Sagittarius, survived her first Saturn Return in
H15Will Arnold and Tate FoleyWork Press & PublicationThe idea of work and work ethic is what drives us. Our investments are time and energy, and our product is not just a singular object, but a practical example of the doctrine that hard work gives way to good ideas and that those good ideas, in turn, manifest into hard
F04Yewon Kwon & Rohan McDonaldPallor PinkYewon Kwon is originally from Virginia but has been working in the Chicago area for the past 4 years. Yewon is currently pursuing a BFA at SAIC for printmedia and sculpture, runs a collective publication called Pallor Pink, and runs an instagram of dog paraphernalia. Rohan Patrick McDonald is an artist, illustrator, and designer working in Chicago, IL. He also make comics and experiments with hand drawn and stop motion
S08YOUmedia at the Chicago Public LibraryYOUmedia ChicagoYOUmedia is a library and studio space at Chicago Public Library designed specifically for teens. Teens can hang out, mess around and geek out on projects to create their own music, video, 2D and 3D design, photos and podcasts with help from skilled mentors. YOUmedia is an invited organization of Chicago Zine Fest
J11Yumi YamaguchiQuietlyYumi Yamaguchi is a school librarian that likes to