Statement about increased tabling fees

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We’ve gotten some questions about the increased cost of tabling this year and wanted to explain some of the factors involved.

In previous years, we were lucky enough to have an exhibition venue that we didn’t have to pay for. That’s changed this year, and we’ll need to pay for venue space for both our Friday evening events and the Saturday exhibition. We’re very excited about our move to Plumbers Union Hall, as it will allow us to host more tablers for an even bigger and better zine fest!

Some of our other costs include security, insurance, printing promotional materials, small stipends for invited guests, and CART captioning services for the deaf & hard of hearing. Our total costs for this year’s fest will be more than $10,000.

The CZF organizers didn’t take the decision to increase to registration fees lightly–we recognize that any increase in fees is not ideal. We’re constantly working on raising funds for this year’s fest with a variety of events, but increasing exhibitor fees has become a reality to close the gap.

We feel strongly about the need to keep CZF free to the public. We greatly appreciate your understanding and commitment to ensuring CZF’s longevity and success!

Posting anything CZF-related on social media?

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Well, we want to see it, too!!! Just add a #chicagozinefest tag to any of your posts or tweet or pictures* so that we can check them out and other CZF-loving folkd can, too. We want to know what you think and what you’re finding awesome/interesting.

*Make sure you have someone’s permission before taking pictures. We sure you know that, but we wanted to mention it.

Start 2013 right! Support self publishing!

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screen printed poster - webHave you thought about how you would like 2013 to be different for 2012? CZF has. We are working to make this year’s fest better than ever. Now, here’s where you come in…
We are still looking for donations to support Chicago Zine Fest 2013. Any amount helps and you can just toss $5 our way and we’ll be incredibly grateful. Plus, you’ll be supporting self publishing and CZF, not to mention all the folks we’ve asked to participate.

We only have 4 days left in our campaign, so the time to hesitate is through. Be a CZF BFF! And tell your friends!