Need a ride? How about a place to stay?

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Or do you want some company on your drive or want to offer a couch to crash on?

Well, here is the place to set that up. Reply to this post with what you’re looking for and folks can reply to it. Good luck!

(Benefit) show time!

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CZF Benefit Show 2013One of the best things about Chicago Zine Fest is all the help folks want to give. This time, it’s  by giving a benefit show.

Come to Swerp Mansion (email for details) and bring $8 and you can enjoy:

Paul Baribeau
Jackson Anderson
Acidic Tree
…and Teen Jaws!

The show takes place on February 8th at 8pm!

Who’s gonna be at CZF 2013?

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4432664977_cf3fc36ac7_bLook! It’s the list of folks who will be exhibiting at CZF 2013. WOO HOO!!!

Check out if your favorite zinester is there, read their bios, and check out some websites. We can’t wait to see you!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

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Wocka wocka wocka.

Seriously, though…from the bottom of CZF’s  gluesticked heart – THANK YOU!

We were able to exceed our goal by $240! That’s a lotta zines! Our grand total was $1750 and we will definitely be putting that money to good use.

The prizes (totes, buttons, comp zine) will be shipping out to you as soon as they are printed and ready to go. Stay tuned to this blog for any updates on that.

And once again, from each and every one of us CZF 2013 organizers: thank you. We cannot believe we have so many new BFFs!


One 1 day left!

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CZF IndiegogoWell, it’s been a long road, but we only have one day left on our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. While that’s unbelievable, the fact that our CZF Artist Pack is still available is even more unbelievable. In case you haven’t had a chance to check it out, here is what you would receive:

Signed goodies from each of the artists who have created our iconic CZF artwork including a signed print by Sara Drake (2010), a signed copy of Gaylord Phoenix by Edie Fake (2011), a signed copy of Heads or Tails by Lilli Carré (2012), and a signed 2013 calendar from Laura Berger (2013). You will also receive a thank you on our website, a CZF BFF button, a copy of the comp zine, and a CZF tote bag filled with 5 zines lovingly chosen just for you by Chicago Zine Fest.

How great is that?! We’re so lucky to have worked with such great artists. Definitely check out their work even if you are not able to get your hands on the artist pack.

Didn’t get a table?

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Button-Zinester-150There’s only one surefire way left to get yourself a half table: donate to CZF. We have one half table up for grabs. Plus, you’ll receive a star by your name in our printed program (and on our website), a CZF BFF button, a copy of our Zine Feast comp zine, and a Chicago Zine Fest tote bag filled with 5 zines hand-picked by your best friends over at Chicago Zine Fest. Not too shabby!

If you have the funds to spare and would like to secure your table, this is your chance! Only 2 days left until the end of our campaign.

(Upon end of campaign, donor must fill out an application and agree to CZF’s Safer Spaces Policy and have a table consisting of at least 75% zines.)

Thank you!

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Thanks to everyone who donated and forwarded info about our Indiegogo campaign. We were worried, but we’ve exceeded our goal with two days to spare!!!

We still have some awesome stuff up, so check it out and donate if you can. We want to be busy packing up everyone’s prizes!


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CZF bingo 2013It’s that time again – CZF Bingo Time!!!

Bingo is one of CZF’s favorite fundraisers, and we’re hoping you can join us this time around. On Friday, January 18th, $5 gets you one bingo card. There may be more available for an additional donation.

Jim Joyce will be hosting the event, although Dave Roche’s performance last year will be a hard act to follow. We’ll have a bunch of local prizes, so bring your game face…or some blind luck.

We’ll be hanging out at 826CHI, 1331 N. Milwaukee Ave., from 7pm – 9pm.

Want a rad zine?

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Zine Feast comp zineWell, it’ll cost you.


Only $20, though. AND you get a special CZF BFF button. Pretty sweet, eh?

We only have 3 days left until our Indiegogo campaign ends and we could sure use your help to get to our goal. Support self publishing and CZF if you can!

Start 2013 right! Support self publishing!

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screen printed poster - webHave you thought about how you would like 2013 to be different for 2012? CZF has. We are working to make this year’s fest better than ever. Now, here’s where you come in…
We are still looking for donations to support Chicago Zine Fest 2013. Any amount helps and you can just toss $5 our way and we’ll be incredibly grateful. Plus, you’ll be supporting self publishing and CZF, not to mention all the folks we’ve asked to participate.

We only have 4 days left in our campaign, so the time to hesitate is through. Be a CZF BFF! And tell your friends!