Posting anything CZF-related on social media?

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Well, we want to see it, too!!! Just add a #chicagozinefest tag to any of your posts or tweet or pictures* so that we can check them out and other CZF-loving folkd can, too. We want to know what you think and what you’re finding awesome/interesting.

*Make sure you have someone’s permission before taking pictures. We sure you know that, but we wanted to mention it.

It’s almost here!

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screen printed poster - web We’re talking about this year’s Chicago Zine Fest, of course!

There will be a ton to see and do this Friday, March 8th and Saturday March 9th and we can’t wait to see you there! Here’s a rough outline of what will be happening:

Friday, March 8th

1:00pm – 3:00 pm
Writing about Health, Disability, and Accessibility in Zines: A Panel with Kerri Radley, Maranda Elizabeth, and Dave Roche, hosted by Jami Sailor
Columbia College, 1104 S. Wabash, Chicago (fully accessible)

6:00pm – 7:00pm
Youth Reading
826CHI/The Boring Store, 1331 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago (this space has obstructions. special arrangements available for those with accessibility needs)

7:00pm – 9:00pm
Exhibitor Reading
826CHI/The Boring Store, 1331 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago (this space has obstructions. special arrangements available for those with accessibility needs)

9:30pm – 12:00am
Zine, Lose, or Draw! (AKA ZLorD):  A game show hosted by Neil Brideau
Quimby’s, 1854 W North Ave, Chicago (not fully accessible)

Saturday, March 9th

11:00am – 6:00pm
Exhibition (tabling) day!!! Bring your love of zines and small bills!
Art Room
Children’s Area
Columbia College, 1104 S. Wabash, Chicago (fully accessible)

We have more detailed information on locations, times, and accessibility on our CZF 2013 info page, so that should have everything you need to know.

We’ve been working very hard on this for a long time, so we really hope everyone has the best time at all the events they are able to attend!

Still haven’t figured out how to get here or where to stay?

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Well, I guess you’d better check out the housing/rideshare post. Just add a comment and see if anyone can help you out…or maybe help someone else out.

(Posts must be approved, so there can be up to a 24-hour lag time for comments to be posted.)

Have a question?

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Well, if it’s about this year’s zine fest, odds are the answer can be found on our updated info page. We have the skinny on parking, driving, and basically any transportation option to each of this year’s events. We didn’t include anything about private jets, but we figured if you were that rich, you probably have someone to figure this sort of thing out for you.

Let’s make some signs!

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It’s a CZF tradition to meet up a few weeks before the zine fest to make some informational / directional posters to hang at the fest. Want to help us make some signs? There’s no artistic requirements! We’ll supply the materials — all you have to do is show up! Join us on Sunday, February 24th from 2-4pm at Read/Write Library (914 N. California).

Facebook event here!

Get pumped about our fabulous readers and workshops!

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Chicago Zine Fest 2013 is only a few short weeks away, and we’re so excited to announce our Friday night readers and Saturday workshops!!

Friday’s Exhibitor Reading will feature readings from:

Aus Bahadur
Cathy Hannah
Dave Roche
Emily Alden Foster
Jenna Brager
Kate Larson
Kerri Radley
Neely Bat Chestnut
Osa Atoe
Sarah Frank Reichard
Suzy X

Saturday’s exhibition will feature these workshops. For detailed descriptions and times, go here:

  • POC Zine Project presents: Lessons from the first ‘Race Riot!’ tour with Daniela Capistrano, Osa Atoe, Suzy X & more
  • Anthologizing Your Zine with Mend My Dress Press & more
  • Bookbinding 101 with Rar Rar Press
  • Simple Printing for Book Covers and More with Spudnik Press
  • Postcard Printing Demo with Columbia’s Center for Book and Paper Arts
  • Self Preservation: DIY Archiving for Zinesters with Read/Write Library
  • Beyond Zine Fests: Building A Year-Long Local Zine Scene with SPOC and Dan Copulsky
  • From Fests to Living Rooms: Organize Your Own Zine Event! with marlee grace and ZOE
  • Arts Inclusion with Jamie Walsh
  • Hit The Road: Touring Your Zine with Nicole J. Georges and Cassie J. Sneider
  • In The Gutter: A Super-Quick Intro To Writing/Drawing Comics with Jenna Brager
  • How Your Library Can Help You Make Your Zines with Kelly McElroy and Kalmia Strong

Queer up your Valentine’s Day with CZF

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We know some of you don’t need it, but here’s your chance to queer up your Valentine’s Day AND help out CZF. We’re having a great reading, featuring:

Mar Curran
Jail Flanagan
Jamie Royce
Jacob Sabolo
Clare Stuber
Talie Zrihen
Ellie Navidson

Plus, you can bring your own little piece to win the hearts of the crowd! We’ll give you 3 minutes to spill your guts – read a poem, sing a quick song, stage an impromptu 3-minute play. (We retain the right to deny you your 3 minutes as well.)

$3 – $5 suggested donation
5847 N. Kenmore, #3
Chicago, IL

(The venue is an apartment and we regret to inform you that there are stairs that may make the event inaccessible to someone who has trouble with stairs.)

Have something you want to work on?

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Well, do we have the deal for you! Here’s some info from one of our wonderful sponsors, Spudnik Press Cooperative!

spudnik01Spudnik Press is pleased to be a sponsor of this year’s Zine Fest. The goals of our new studio space, The Annex, align perfectly with Zine Fest’s mission to create an outlet for small press and independent publishers to showcase their work, swap skills, sell books, and build a wholesome community.

The Annex has been accruing tools and resources to help artists and small publishers since last fall. We’ve got a photocopier, long-range staplers, sewing machine, stamps, craft supplies, and more. We even have a hot foil press and a typewriter that types in cursive!

From February 15 to March 8, anyone participating in Zine Fest can use Open Studio at a reduced rate – just $5 per session!

Here’s all the info!

  • The $12 Base Fee for Open Studio will be reduced to $5 for all Zine Fest Participants.
  • Artists new to Spudnik should first come to Orientation (Mondays at 6pm; Fridays at 12pm).
  • Annex Open Studio Hours are Mondays 6:30-11pm and Fridays 12:30-5pm.
  • Anyone who also wants to use The Printshop (for screenprinting, letterpress, etc.) can do so. There is a $10 material fee for use of presses and printmaking materials.
  • Don’t want to use plain old copy paper? We have Paper Resale stocked with a variety of weights, colors, and sizes, plus a large selection of swatch books.
  • B&W Photocopies are $0.05; Color Copies are $0.50.
  • Much more information about utilizing our studio can be found at

Thank you thank you thank you!

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To everyone who donated to our Indiegogo campaign, we just wanted to say thanks once again. So our eternal gratitude goes out to…

Ramsey Beyer
Jamie Welsh
Brian Steinberg
Jolie Noggle
Chloe Kenning
Cindy Waldeck
Jon Mastantuono
Linda Wienke
Kathleen Wienke
Jim Joyce
Sarah G. Wenzel
Marlee Cook-Parrott
Lisa Quintero
Genevieve Radosti
Tim Pigott
Synthia Nicole
Jeffrey Zwirek
Maranda Elizabeth
Billy White
Marisa Overton
Lily Pepper
Robert Hendricks
Noreen Cook
Portland Button Works
Angela Kott
Melody Twigg
Michael O’Brien
Gillian Reagan
Elisa Arespacochaga
Marnie Galloway
Timothy Gange
Emilja Frances
Jennifer Wozniak
Jill Sommers
Jill Hives
Dalice Malice
Rebecca Nagle
Andrea Perez
Zachary Baiel
Brian Solem
Neil Brideau
Greg Means
Nancy Perrine

…and our six wonderful anonymous donors!

…AND Michele Fila! So sorry we forgot you the first time around!

Need a ride? How about a place to stay?

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Or do you want some company on your drive or want to offer a couch to crash on?

Well, here is the place to set that up. Reply to this post with what you’re looking for and folks can reply to it. Good luck!